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The Legacy's Fallen Angels

Meet The Band


Hey, my name is Kaitlyn Quinn. I'm not in any way possible related to Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens. I wish I was though. That would be fun. Anywhore, I use to have a problem with cutting, but my friends helped me out and now I don't cut anymore. Well, most of the time though. Just please, for my own sake, please don't make me sad enough to kill myself. I've been trying to stop turning to knives or razorblades for my escape. Enough of the stupid drama, I love to drum. Sheesh, every time I think of drumming, I think of Christian because he's a drummer. Then, when I think of CC, I think of him saying "Don't bang the drum, bang the drummer". Brings a smile to my face every time. I kind of have a slight crush on him, but, then again, who doesn't? I mean he's so adorable. Anyway, I got to go. TJ is calling for me.


Hi, erm... my name is Cheyanne Couchman. I like, no scratch that, I love to be called CC, but I guess that gets kind of confusing when you talk about Black Veil Brides. That's why our band usually calls me Cheyanne or they usually call CC Christian or they call him the 'real' CC. I am kind of dirty minded and I love the color black. I am usually always wearing a skull ring. It's one of my favorite things on the earth except for Christian. I sort of have a crush on him, but won't tell anyone. Oh, damn, TJ's calling for us to have a meeting or something like that. Bye!


Hey peeps, the name's Grezey Jane and I really don't play games. Unless it's like a grown-up 'game' ;) . I have changing eye colors, but I don't like to talk about that. I love taking pictures of people or animals. I love playing my guitar and listening to music. It's almost my only escape. I don't cut, and I don't like when anybody does, especially any of my friends. I think that's TJ calling for us. I have to go. Sorry, bye ya'll. Whoops! I let my country side out. Oh well, I really don't care. Bye! :D


Hey. My name's Jasmyn Bruce. No, I'm not related to Ben Bruce in anyway possible, but I wish I was. Anyway, I grew up in Virginia unlike the rest of the band. I'm so glad that I ran into TJ at one concert. I believe it was a Black Veil Brides concert, which made it even more awesome. I love listening to them and my other favorite bands. I LOVE singing and writing music with TJ. I LOVE playing my bass even more. Don't tell anyone, especially Juliet Simms, but I have a tiny, tiny, tiny crush on Andy. I wish I could tell you more, but I think TJ's calling for us. I got to go. Bye punkers.


Hey, my name is TJ Angel. I don't like my real name so I go by that name. I LOVE listening to Black Veil Brides, and I LOVE the color black more than any other color there is. I might have the slightest crush on Ash Purdy, but who doesn't? I mean, look at the guy, he's beautiful. I love writing songs and singing them. I have a crazy personality, but I try to hide it. I cut, but I try not to. I cover the scars up with studded bracelets, or any other kind of bracelet. I sometimes cover it up with body paint. I'm going to answer some fan question along with the rest of the band members later on. Bye!


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@JINXXismyHero_Love_Him_Forever LOL! I've been acting really weird lately too. That is really weird.
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