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We'll Get Through This Together-Andy Biersack

Chapter 4- 5am Walks

Chapter 4- 5am walks

“Oh my fuck, it’s 5am! Andy we need sleep.” I laugh as I look over at Andy; he’s got his eyes glued to the TV.

“Come with me.” Andy smiles.

“That sounds creepy.” I reply.

Andy and I laugh. He walks out of his bedroom so I follow him.

“Andy, where are we going?” I ask.

“For a 5am walk to watch the sunrise, then we can go back home and sleep.” Andy explains.

“You my friend are crazy. But I have no desire in sleeping, I woke up at 2.”

Andy and I smile at each other and then we start walking down numerous streets. I don’t know my way around here since I’ve been here for less than 24 hours so I’m trusting Andy with my life right now. We turn another corner and there’s a secluded spot with green grass, a few drooping trees and a river.

“Wow, it looks amazing.” I smile as Andy and I run over to it.

“It’ll look even better in half an hour.” Andy replies.

“How’d you find it?” I ask.

“It’s just somewhere that I’d come after school. Sometimes I’d write songs here because no one else knows about this place. It’s really calm and peaceful.” Andy explains. “It’s usually very early in the morning when I come here, that and after school.”

I nod my head and we lean our backs against one of the trees. I look at the river, it’s so calming. There are no loud people; the only noise that you can hear is the sound of birds waking up. It’s wonderful.

“Andy I think I’m in love with this place.”

“Yeah, I love it a lot too.” Andy smiles. “The sun’s rising.” Andy says pointing to the sky.


Andy and I begin walking home; it’s not too cold so we take our time. The streets begin to get brighter and we walk through an alley to get back to Andy’s house quicker. The walls are beautifully decorated in what most people would call ‘shitty artwork’.

“Wonderful isn’t it.” Andy says pointing to the wall.

“Yeah, I love it.”

We keep walking home so Andy’s parents don’t get worried.


Andy and I walk up the stairs very quietly and open his door.

“I left the TV on.” Andy laughs.

“These things happen.” I laugh along with him.

“So, it’s 6:30, I’m getting a little tired.” Andy yawns.

“Yeah so am I, let’s call it a night.” I yawn as I stretch out my arms.

“I’ll take the floor and you can take my bed.” Andy says.

“Don’t be silly, we can just share your bed. For the love of Jebus don’t rape me.” I joke. (A/N: Sorry, this is in there for fun, if you are offended by that I’m sorry)

“I didn’t plan on doing that.” Andy chuckles.

We both get into Andy’s bed and face opposite sides. I got the side next to the wall and Andy got the other side. We playfully fight over the doona cover and we both finally give up out of tiredness and share it. After all, it is a double bed.

“Night Andy.”

“Night Imogen.”


“They’re so cute together.” I hear a cheerful voice say.

“Mom! You’re in my room, let me sleep.” Andy whines.

“Okay Andrew, just letting you know that it’s 12pm and lunch is down stairs when you want it.” She says and then I hear the door close.

“Sorry about that.” Andy sighs.

“Don’t worry about it; we had to wake up eventually.” I say trying to lighten up the mood. No one likes being woken up.

We both sit up.

“I’ll bring lunch up here. Then you can go back to your house and get ready or whatever. I don’t know.” Andy laughs.

“We could go shopping or something.” I suggest.

“Sure.” Andy replies.

Andy gets out of bed and walks downstairs. Within minutes Andy walks back through the door with two plates in his hands.

“Mom made pizza.” Andy smiles putting the plates down.

“Cool.” I reply smiling.

Andy turns on the TV to an episode of Family Guy and we start eating ‘lunch’, I’d call it breakfast but you know, it’s midday.


“I should go and get ready, meet at my house in half an hour?” I ask Andy.

“Sure, see you soon.” Andy replies. We hug and then Andy walks me down the stairs.

I go home and get ready.

“Hi Mom, hi Dad.” I say walking through the door.

“Hey sweetie, did you have a good time at Andy’s?” They ask.

“Yeah I did.” I smile, it was the most fun I’ve ever had.

“That’s good to hear.” They smile, dad goes back to reading his newspaper and mom goes back to her laptop.

“Hey mom, Andy and I were going to go shopping, could I please have some money?” I ask.

“Of course.” Mom smiles and gets up to go to her purse. She comes back with $100 and goes back to her laptop.

“Thanks mom.” I say giving her a hug.

I go upstairs and get out some clothes to wear. I go into the bathroom and put my iPod onto its dock. I turn it on and start listening to music with the following playlist:

Suicide Silence- You Only Live Once

Green Day- Jesus Of Suburbia (Short version)

Blink 182- What’s My Age Again?

Falling In Reverse- Pick Up The Phone

Papa Roach- Hollywood Whore

I get into the shower and you know…have a shower.

I get out and get dressed in (photo on the sidebar because I’m too lazy to describe it). http://24.media.tumblr.com/cdfb7480d07cfbfa6e2acc424b7ec907/tumblr_mgbc6kCbC21rd668ko1_500.jpg I flat iron my hair and put on some black eye shadow and black eyeliner. I add a little mascara and then look at my phone to see the time. “Hmm, I’ve got 7 minutes left.” I say to myself.

I go into my room and put up and few of my posters since I haven’t put very many up. I hear a knock at the door and race down the stairs.

“Hey Andy.” I open the door and let him inside.

Andy waves to my parents and says hi. We go upstairs and sit in my lounge room.

“Sorry it doesn’t look all cool yet, I still have a lot of posters to put up. I have to hook up my Xbox and everything still.” I explain.

“I’m sure it’ll look awesome.” Andy smiles.

“Can we play Guitar Hero when we get back? I’ll hook everything up then if you want.” I suggest to Andy.

“Yay! I love Guitar Hero.” Andy cheers.

I laugh and then we head downstairs.

“Bye mom, bye dad.” I wave to them both.

“Bye Imogen and Andrew, have a good time.” They say.


After catching a bus because neither of us drive and we’re too tired from last night we finally arrive at the mall.

“Andy, you’re going to have to show me around because I know nothing.” I laugh. “I feel so awkward, I don’t know anything.”

“You’ll get used to it. There’s a band tee shop over there, we should go there first.” Andy suggests.

“Sure.” I reply.

We walk into the shop and I instantly fall in love with everything in there.


Eee sorry for not updating this sooner :c


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