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We'll Get Through This Together-Andy Biersack

Chapter 3- Knives And Pens

Chapter 3- Knives And Pens
15 minutes later we finish the lasagne that Andy’s mom made and continue to watch Batman. Our eyes are glued to the TV but then I remember that Andy was about to say something before his mom walked in.
“What were you going to ask before your mom walked in?” I ask looking at Andy trying not to get lost in those sexy blue eyes of his.
“What was that about my eyes?” Andy smirks.
“Did I say that out loud? I’m so sorry, you’ve probably got a girlfriend and holy shit I’ve made things awkward,” I blurt out, blush and then shut my mouth.
“Don’t worry about it,” Andy chuckles, “What makes you think that I have a girlfriend? Apart from my ‘sexy eyes’” Andy laughs placing emphasis on ‘sexy eyes’.
“Well, you’re a really lovely person and I don’t see why people wouldn’t like you,” I smile genuinely.
“Well, none of them give me a chance based on my looks. I don’t talk to anyone at school and I’m always getting beat up and shoved into lockers because of the way I look. I wish that they would give me a chance. The only people who I trust are the two people in my band, Sandra and Chris (A/N: I did some research and I’m pretty sure that’s what his name is), but they go to and different school so I only see them on weekends,” Andy sighs.
“You’re in a band? What do you do it in?” I ask looking at Andy’s eyes, he looks like he’s about to start crying.
My phone buzzes in my pocket. I quickly pull it out a see the text I got from mom: ‘Your father and I went home, Chris and Amy went out for the night and they said that you’re more than welcome to stay the night there. We didn’t want to bother you. Sweet dreams xx-mom’
“Sorry, apparently your parents went out and mine went home,” I say putting my phone away.
“Are you aloud to stay the night?” Andy asks sounding excited. “Sorry.”
“I’m aloud to,” I giggle.
“Okay good, you’re the first person I’ve trusted in a while,” Andy smiles.
“Yeah so are you, I don’t trust easy,” I smile.
“Oh yeah, the band thing I almost forgot. Let me find my book,” Andy says getting up from the floor. “I’ll go and get from beanbags from downstairs so we have something to sit on.”
Andy leaves the room and returns quickly holding two beanbags. He puts them down and then rummages throughout stuff on his desk. “Found it.”
We each sit on a beanbag and Andy hands me a book that reads ‘Property of Andy Sixx’. “These are all the songs that I’ve written, choose one and I’ll sing it to you.”
I smile and then look through all the songs. One catches my eye. It’s called ‘Knives and Pens’. “Could you sing this one?” I ask.
“Sure,” Andy smiles.
“Alone at last, we can sit and fight.
And I've lost all faith in this blurring light,
{Stay right here we can change our plight.
Storming through this despite what's right.}

One final fight, for this tonight.
With Knives and Pens we made our plight.

Lay your heart down, the end's in sight.
Conscience begs for you to do what's right.
{Everyday it's still the same dull knife,
Stab it through and justify your pride.}

One final fight, for this tonight.
With Knives and Pens we made our plight.

Well I can't go on without your love, you lost, you never held on.
{We tried our best, turn out the light,
Turn out the light!}

One final fight, for this tonight.
With Knives and Pens we made our plight.
Well I can't go on without your love, you lost, you never held on.
{We tried our best, turn out the light,
Turn out the light!}”
He screams all the parts perfectly and sings the rest like an angel.
“That was amazing,” I say almost in tears. “It was so perfect.”
“Thank you,” Andy smiles.
“Is there a meaning behind the song?” I ask Andy. He nods his head. “Could you tell me? Please?”
“Well it’s the choice between harming yourself and writing your problems out on paper when times get rough,” Andy says, his voice becoming slightly chocked up.
I felt my heart fall into the pit of my stomach. “Y-you never told me what you were going to ask me.” I was getting really worried.
“Well, I was going to ask you what’s under all your bracelets, since we were being honest and stuff you don’t have to,” Andy says sympathetically.
I feel tears forming. “Hey, it’s okay. Don’t worry about it.” Andy says placing his hands on my shoulders.
“Promise me that you won’t tell anyone.” I sigh as I wipe my tears only to see black tainted water on my hands.
“Of course, I’d never tell anyone anything. Who would I tell?” Andy sighs trying to lighten up the mood.
“Well, okay then,” I sigh. I take off all bracelets to reveal my scarred left wrist. “I’m sorry,” I sulk.
“Stop being sorry, you’ve got nothing to be sorry for,” Andy croaks brushing some hair off of my face. “Beautiful green eyes.”
I blush and giggle a little. “Did I say that out loud?” Andy asks. I nod my head.
There’s an awkward silence for a couple of seconds.
“Can I hug you?” Andy asks. I nod my head, completely speechless. I’ve never really gotten a hug from anyone before but it’s an amazing feeling. I feel tears on the shoulder of my top and then feel Andy pulls away. I never wanted that hug to end.
“I’m sorry, your tops white and I got eye make up all over it,” Andy says wiping his eyes.
“Don’t worry about it. Wanna come over to my house quickly? I just gotta pick up a change of clothes,” I smile at Andy.
“Sure,” He replies with his voice, it was like heaven.
“What’s that about my heavenly voice?” Andy chuckles.
“I have got to stop doing that,” I say to myself.
Andy fixes his make-up and then we go over to my house. It’s 11pm so my parents are sleeping. “Don’t worry Andy, they’re sleeping.”
I turn the light on and then walk up the stairs with Andy.
“I like the colour of your room,” Andy smiles.
“Thanks,” I walk into my wardrobe and grab a black Green Day top, a pair of plain black skinny jeans and put them in a bag along with all the other stuff that I’m going to need.
“I’ve got this Batman top that I’ve only worn once if you want it,” I say handing Andy a top.
“What happened to it?” Andy asks.
“Boobs, that’s what happened. It’s all yours; I went and got another one. I got that about 4 years ago and I’ve been too lazy to throw it out.”
We both have a laugh and then raid my DVD collection. After grabbing several CDs and DVDs we head back to Andy’s house. He grabs some snacks from the kitchen and we head back up to his room.
“It’s Sunday today and we’ve got the day off on Monday so we’ve got a day at home before hell begins,” Andy sighs.
“Can I hang out with you at school?” I ask Andy.
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah, I’m going to get picked on either way. Let’s face it, we’re different and we’re proud. They’re just jealous.” I explain to Andy.
“You’re right, now let’s watch some movies,” Andy giggles.


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