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Jinxx's wild day out

Ccchapter 5: Jinxx meets everyone at the Luxor Hotel and Casino

A few hours later, Jinxx pulls his Trans-Am to the side parking lot of the Luxor Hotel, seeing Eddie, Uncle Jessie and their friend, Cassadee Pope, waiting for them, along with a huge crane off to the side as they were wearing white jumpsuit and day-glow vests, like a road maintenance crews....Uncle Jessie bumps fists with Jinxx from the window, laughing loudly

"Loook who fucking tagged along, Jinxx....'Spazz-Cass!!!' " Jessie cackled, watching the mall get out of the car as Mark approaches Cass and Uncle Jessie, bumping fists with Eddie along the way

"Alas, we are at full-strength to carry out the ceremonial beheading of this vile, repugnant beast right next to us!!" Mark snarls like a demented Viking, pointing his battle axe at the Sphinx in menacing fashion, taking another hit from his bong

"Damn-straight this is gonna happen!!" Jinxx chuckled, eyeing the Sphinx, " soon you will be mine, all mine....on stage left as my new freaking stage prop!!!!" he grins maniacally

"Dude....hate to be a buzz-kill ...but can you do that before the gig??" Eddie chimed in, scratching the back of his head, looking at Jinxx quizzically

"I don't care how long it takes, just as long as I get to use my tazer gun on someone!!" Cass giggled, waving her tazer gun around

"All right Jinxx, this is what I got planned," Jessie said to Jinxx, grinning slyly, " I managed to get a permit from the City of Las Vegas, telling them it's for renovating the Sphinx....all we have to do is run it by Luxor Security and Management Staff, we're in, since I fucking got it notarized.....plus a I got a fucking huge tent from a pest control company to keep it 'under wraps' while we use all of our gear to yank it off, how 'bout that??" he laughs out loud

"Bad-ass, Uncle Jessie...that's why you're my favorite Uncle," Jinxx hi-fives Jessie

"Of course, man.....leave everything to me...you can take the first cut, like a fucking wedding cake!!!" Jessie joked, patting Jinxx's back, " you guys have to wear these suits so we can impersonate the renovation crew, got enough for everyone!!" he opens the back of his van, tossing out suits and vests to everyone

"Egad, such fashionable and appropriate wear for our event!!" Mark grins, putting it on and taking another hit from his bong

"Well, fuck, Jinxx, just as long as you're treating all of us tonight to strippers and booze, I'm down!!" CC laughs, putting it on as well

"Count me in, I wanna challenge CC to a twerking contest later on at the club!!" Ash laughed, grabbing a suit and vest and putting it on

"All in due time, my friends, let's get this going!!!" Jinxx puts on the suit and vest and a hat, entering the Hotel with them and making their way to the Security and Management Office upstairs as Jessie yanks out the permit

"TAZER TIME!!!" Cass giggles, firing her tazer gun to hear the sizzle of the electrical current



That's just the tip of the iceberg, LOL!!! Jinxx has several other ideas in his head, soon to be featured in a future story


SchecterUser SchecterUser

This is like the best idea ever, we must destroy the sphinx haahhaah XD

ChelBvBarmy ChelBvBarmy

um... wow...

ZalheraSakurayu ZalheraSakurayu


the best is yet to come, LOL!


SchecterUser SchecterUser


ZalheraSakurayu ZalheraSakurayu