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Jinxx's wild day out

Chapter 6: time to behead the Sphinx!!!!

After everyone puts on their uniforms, Uncle Jessie gives them last-minute instructions

"Okay, here's the deal: Jinxx and I will go into the Security Office and present the permits.....once we're cleared, I'll call Eddie and you guys can go ahead and shroud the head with the fucking Pest Control Tent in the back of my van," Jessie laughs, wringing his wrists in anticipation

"There's a Generator in Jessie's van as well, plus an extension cord snake.....just plug in the jackhammers, the chainsaws are all gassed-up," Jinxx grins, "and don't forget, I will make the first cut, woohoooo!!!" he whoops it up

"So, once I get the call, we go set-up, right??" Eddie asked, scratching the back of his head, still a little confused

"Yes, Eddie, just wait for our call, all right, 'McFly??' " Jinxx knocks on his forehead jokingly, laughing

"If anyone gets in our way, I won't hesitate to use my Tazer Guns!!" Cassadee giggles, whipping out both of them, " right in the balls!!!!!" she added

"So, once we take off the head, do we have something to cart it off with??" Ash inquired

"Well, Sherlock, see that crane by the side there??" Jinxx points to it, grinning, " Uncle Jessie will remove it with that, then cart it over the Mandalay Bay to the backstage area of the House of Blues, where Jake and Andy and the rest of the road crew will wheel it into my side of the stage, plain and simple!!!" He nods

"What if Andy and Jake refuse to help??" CC smirked, shrugging his shoulders

"Oh, I'll make them by bribing them with scandalous pictures of Ella and Jake in an 'uncompromising position' to be posted-up on all Social Media Sources......same with Andy and Juliet...or Scout!!!!!!" Jinxx laughed out-loud

"Nevertheless, the vile, repulsive creature shall suffer a fate worse than Death itself!!" Mark spoke in his delusional 'Viking Warrior' voice, grinning wildly

"Fucking Jinxx, you do have all the bases covered, boy!!!!" Jessie hi-fives Jinxx, chuckling

"Damn-Straight, Uncle Jessie......now let's do THIS!!!!" Jinxx puts his hand in the center as everyone else does the same, then rises their arms in a cheer

"GO TEAM JINXX!!!" they hooted and hollered as Jinxx and Uncle Jessie walked into the Luxor Hotel, making their way to the Security Office



That's just the tip of the iceberg, LOL!!! Jinxx has several other ideas in his head, soon to be featured in a future story


SchecterUser SchecterUser

This is like the best idea ever, we must destroy the sphinx haahhaah XD

ChelBvBarmy ChelBvBarmy

um... wow...

ZalheraSakurayu ZalheraSakurayu


the best is yet to come, LOL!


SchecterUser SchecterUser


ZalheraSakurayu ZalheraSakurayu