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Jinxx's wild day out

Jinxx rounds up Mark and Uncle Jessie, en-route to 'Vegas

As the car roars down the I-15, he phones Mark

"Dude, whatcha doing??" he said, grinning away

"Uhhhhhhh...a whole lotta nuthin'....why do you ask??" Mark asked, rubbing his eyes and trying to wake-up

"Get your ass ready, I'm on my way....we're going to 'Vegas to decapitate the Luxor Sphinx Head, freaking cool, huh??" he laughed-out, hi-fiving Ash and CC

"Start smoking your E-Cigarettes, we need your 'Viking Warrior' mindset, brutha!!" Ash yells, chuckling

"Uhhhhh, all right, I'll see you clowns outside of my place, okay??" Mark's face lights-up as he loads his bong with an E-Cigarette, firing it up and inhaling away as he dresses himself up between hits.....Jinxx then phones Uncle Jessie, who lives at the Stateline in Nevada, right behind Buffalo Bill's Hotel and Casino...the phone picks up as Jessie recognizes the display

"What do ya want, fucker??" Jessie howls, laughing at his favorite nephew

"Remember the last time the 'Brides were in 'Vegas, and I looked at that frigging Sphinx at Luxor......guess what........I wanna decapitate, I want it badly...can you assist us, using all of your resources??" he inquired, snickering

"FUCK, YEAH, I'LL HELP YA OUT!!!" a jubiliant Jessie screamed at the top of his longs, prompting jinx to hold the phone away for CC and Ash to hear, laughing with them

"All right, meet us there later this afternoon....and rent a crane, if you can!!!" Jinxx laughed as he pulls off the freeway, going directly to Mark's place, and pulling up to Mark, sporting a horned Viking Helmet and a furry loincloth around his jeans, holding up a battle axe-shaped electric guitar

"Alas, my Viking Warriors, let us go slay that nefarious, vile and wicked Sphinx!!!!" Mark declared, jumping inside to the back, with bong in hand, puffing away as Jinxx, Ash and CC laughed, hi-fiving and bumping fists with him

"All right, my Viking Brother.....Jessie and Eddie will meet us upfront at Luxor, so LET'S FUCKING DO THIS, YEAHHHHHHHHHHH!!" Jinxx peels out of the street ,shifting gears as he pulls the car up to the freeway on-ramp, laughing maniacally

"This Beast shall suffer at the hands of the Viking Warriors, for we do not fear it....and I want the tongue as my celebratory feast later tonight!!" Mark chimed in, taking another hit from his bong as the car weaves back and forth into traffic



That's just the tip of the iceberg, LOL!!! Jinxx has several other ideas in his head, soon to be featured in a future story


SchecterUser SchecterUser

This is like the best idea ever, we must destroy the sphinx haahhaah XD

ChelBvBarmy ChelBvBarmy

um... wow...

ZalheraSakurayu ZalheraSakurayu


the best is yet to come, LOL!


SchecterUser SchecterUser


ZalheraSakurayu ZalheraSakurayu