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The adventures of Black Veil Brides

The Butterfly Mission

Andy leaned back in his chair and sighed. The signings were going by so slow today and he was extremely bored. Most of the fans weren't really fans and about twelve of them had to be dragged out of the venue by the security guards. He looked over at Jinxx and Ashley. They seemed as bored as he did.
A girl with bleached white hair and oddly dark blue eyes walked up to the portion of the table where Andy was sitting. Andy sat forward and gave her a smile. Even though the day was really boring, he was always happy to meet a fan.
"Andy, and everyone else.... It's an honor to meet you." the girl said and gave them a strained smile. "My name is Genesis and if you have the time, I want to tell you the story of how much you've changed my life." She had tears brimming in her eyes.
Andy and the others all exchanged glances and nodded and Genesis began her story already trying to hold back her tears.
"I started listening to you guys about three years ago when I was in a very dark and demeanted place in my life.... You see my dad wasn't much of the marrying type and he beat my mom, my sister and I very often throughout our childhood." she said and tears rolled down her face.
Andy nodded his head and seemed to be very interested in Geneses' story
"Well, he he got arrested for robbing a liquor store and is in prison for the next three years, but that's not the only reason.... he's in there."
"May I ask why else he's in prison for?" Ashley said looked up at the teenager. Genesis tried to wipe her tears away, but what she remebered was just too painful.
"He..... beat her too hard! She's dead! He killed my little sister and I had to sit there and watch her die!" Genesis said and sobbed hard. C.C. shot out of his chair and wrapped his arms around her.
"And he's only in prison for three damn years?!" Jake growled. Genesis nodded her head and continued to sob in C.C.'s shoulder.
"Mom said I was way too young to go up to the stand and testify so there was no way they could prove he killed her." Andy and Ashley exchanged looked of sorrow. Andy randomly looked at Genesis' wrist and saw that it was covered in scars.
"Genesis, please tell me you don't cut yourself anymore." He said and C.C. let go of her. Andy grabbed both of her wrists and on one, there were thousands of little scars, but on the other was a tattoo of a black butterfly.
"What's the butterfly for?" Ashley asked curiously. Genesis wiped her eyes once more and gave a faint smile.
"After I discovered you all, I had already tried to commit suicide three times. My home life wasn't good, but school was almost as bad. My mom said I had an odd beauty that radiated from me, and that's why the other girls didn't like me very much. Most of my friends at school were the labeled 'emo' boys, so then i was called a slut."
"Juliet had to go through the same crap when she was highschool...." Andy said still staring at the butterfly.
"After I started listening to more and more of your songs, I started to regain hope about life. I decided to stop putting a razorblade to my wrists, and everday I drew a butterfly on my wrist with a sharpie. I had heard about the butterfly mission before and decided I wanted to be apart of it too."
"So, this is just sharpie?" Jake asked and ran his fingers over it. Genesis shook her head.
"no, on my sixteenth birthday which was last month, My mother said that I could get this permantly tattooed on my wrist so it reminds me to stay strong no matter what happens. After I got the tattoo, I was determined to meet you all and tell you how much you've changed my life, because I started standing up for myself at school too and the girls started leaving me alone.
Andy smiled and him, jake, jinxx, C.C., and Ashley walked around the table and they all gave her hugs. Genesis cried more as they all showed their gratitude. Andy put both of his hands on her shoulders and looked her square in the eyes.
"Genesis, I want you to go out, and take the world by storm. You're one of the strongest people I've met so far and I know you're only going to get stronger. You said You're honored to meet us, well we're honored to meet you and we support you 100%" He said and personally hugged her.
Genesis stayed about ten more minutes and the band cheered her up with their randomness and after that, she said her goodbyes and left the venue.
Andy seemed to be lost in thought. Jinxx patted him on the back. "Watcha thinking about Andy?" He asked and sat down next to him. Andy smiled and gave a sigh of just pure happiness.
"She... had been through so much, and she never lost faith in us. She said we saved her life, and I honestly think we did.... it's just...amazing." Jinxx laughed heartily.
"isn't that what you planned when you started Black Veil Brides?" He asked. Andy nodded his head.
"Yeah, but when I meet someone who tells us that we actually saved their life... it just effects me."
"Well Andy, lets keep doing what we're doing and save more lives." Jinxx said and help up his hand.
Andy grabbed his hand and they gave each other a "Bro" hug.
"Yeah, the black veil brides mission."


I was very depressed when I wrote this... smile and give me a follow on twitter @icryblackblood


aw thanks both of you! I don't have much internet access right now, but whenever i do i try to write one or two chapters. It's hard because i try to not make this story too ridiculus and try to keep it real! thanks for all the views and ratings!!!
Please update, this is one of the only funny non romantic stories on here! I love this story cause everytime i read it, it makes me laugh!
IceCoolFashion IceCoolFashion
Oh no do be sad. Don't get sad get glad. Just trying to cheer you up. Update good story