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The adventures of Black Veil Brides

Don't Try to Fly Like Me

Ashley: (Making Awkward face) uh, Andy? Watcha doing?

Andy: (Points @ Child) Getting my hair braided. You should join, Ashley.

(Akward Silence)

Andy: Before you ask---

Ashley: Why Andy, just why?

Little girl: (smiles) Please ma'am let us braid your hair. We're donating all the money we make to charity.
Andy: (trying to hide laughter)

Ashley: (eye twitches) M-ma'am? kid, i'm a man. Men don't get their hair braided, now if you'll excuse me, i need to go fix my eyeliner.

Little Girl: (sad face) but Andy is getting his hair braided...

Andy: I'm not a man, I'm a jacklepenguin. C'mon Ashley! When Jinxx and C.C. get here, they're gonna do it!

Ashley: What about Jake?

Andy: He's sick. I told him not to sing in the rain but he insisted.

(Jinxx and C.C. walk over)

Little girl: (waves) I'll be with you when i'm done with Andy.

Jinxx: ok, you're not gonna get your hair did Ashley? (snickers)

Ashley: N-no! ok, look. I have an extremely tender head.

C.C: (makes sarcastic sad face) I'm sure she can give you a nice side braide. (laughs)

Little Girl: please sir? I'm sorry I thought you were a girl. I'll go easy on you. (smiles adorably)

Ashley: (sighs) fine, just do it easily...

C.C.: (Pats on back) That's what she said.

Ashley: yeah yeah yeah...

Little girl: So, most people tell some crazy stories while we do their hair... Anyone got anything?

Jinxx: (points @ Andy) Andy tried to fly!!!

Andy: (laughs) yes, yes I did.

Little Girl: Wow! How did that turn out?!

Andy: I, uh, broke three of my ribs.

Little Girl: Congrazzles...

Andy: yeah, just don't try do fly like me, meaning, don't sit down and try to land on a hard solid peice of marble...

(Group of fangirls run up)

Girl 1: (screams) holy crap are you Black Veil Brides?!

Andy: No, we're the black eyed peas.

Girl 2: ahhhh! What are you guys doing here!!?

Ashley: Getting our hair braided for charity.

Girl 3: Aw! that's soooo sweet! If you want, we can get more of our friends over here and we can all get our hair done too!!

Little girl: (really Happy) aw really?! Thanks! that would really help..

(Girls run off)

Little girl: (finished with bvb's hair) thanks everyone... Now I can pay for my sister's cancer treatment.. This means a lot. thanks to you, I'll get a lot of buisiness. (hugs all of them)

Ashley: No problem. (smiles)

C.C.: yeah! how about we wear our braides on stage tonight at our show and tell all the fans in the crowd about your little problem.

Little girl: (cries) t-thanks a lot.


heheheh taking a more serious note I see? I'm having writers block.... help me!


aw thanks both of you! I don't have much internet access right now, but whenever i do i try to write one or two chapters. It's hard because i try to not make this story too ridiculus and try to keep it real! thanks for all the views and ratings!!!
Please update, this is one of the only funny non romantic stories on here! I love this story cause everytime i read it, it makes me laugh!
IceCoolFashion IceCoolFashion
Oh no do be sad. Don't get sad get glad. Just trying to cheer you up. Update good story