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The adventures of Black Veil Brides

The Mall (Andy goes to britain)

"Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt!!!" Andy said in the next to the wall of Jelly Bellies. Ashley was buying some laffy taffy and trying to ignore a fanboy. Matt yelled, "What?!" Andy drew back a bit. "Well, douche nozzle, I just saw a person wearing an all of my hate goes to my dick shirt and I wanted to tell you about it, but apparently you're on your period today! Jesus!"
Matt laughed and and sarcasticly said sorry. Andy paid for his millions of flavors jelly bellies and they walked into the food court.
Andy sees a group of people in hooded robes and looks around nervously. "uh, I have to piss, I'll be right back." He said and walks toward the bathroom.On his way, he's thinking, "Those guys in the robes looked weird, I wonder why they were starting at me." The people in the robes followed him and when they got to the bathroom, Andy turned around.
"What do you want?" He said leaning on a urinal. The man in the front pulled down his hood. "Andy Six, you have given away our secret. Now you must face the consequences!" He said angrily. Andy looked around the bathroom at the strange people.
"What do you mean? I didn't even know you guys actually existed!!" He said lighting a cigarette (Which he's not supposed to do inside the mall)
"You mentioned us in that interview with Bryan Starzzz! Now people are trying to find our location and it's all your fault!" Now the hooded figures were walkin closer to him. The leader somehow pulls a bat out of his robe and hits Andy in the head with it.
Andy staggers and blood gushes from his head. He pulls out his lighter and lights the man's robe on fire before fainting...

Andy wakes up in a place lit by torches. He's tied to a chair. He looks around and finds himself to be surrounded by hooded figures. "What the fuck do you want with me?!" he growled (Which he does so well) The man with the burned robe stepped forward. "You will pay for letting our presence known to the world. All we wanted to do was be british in secret and you ruined it for us!! All of us! Now you'll get your punishment!" he said and help up a pistol.
Andy looked around and saw everyone gazing at him with their hoods over their faces. "You're all fucking insane!" He yelled and the man pulled the trigger. Andy closed his eyes quickly and felt cold water hit his face. He quickly opened them and the man was standing two feet in front of him holding the pistol five inches from his face. He pulled the trigger again and water squirted out of the end and hit Andy's face again.
Everyone in the room started laughing and pulling their hoods off. Everyone from Black Veil Brides, Asking Alexandria, Drugs, Chance, and Juliet was there. The person with the watergun pulled his hood off and it was Matt. He untied Andy and patted him on the back.
Andy was speechless. "What the hell is all of this?!" He managed to say. Matt looked at Juliet and she walked over to him and kissed his cheek. Matt laughed and said, "Happy Birthday!"
"It's not my fucking birthday!!!!! That's like seven months from now! And anyway, This is how you throw a party? By Hitting me with a damn bat and Acting like You're gonna shoot me?!"
"Well, you set me on fire! Jerk!" Matt said half laughing. Andy stomped his foot. "After you made the plan to bash my skull in!" Juliet laughed and patted him on the back. "No, no, We'll save the skull bashing for Christmas." Andy looked around once more and decided that it was the perfect prank and he can't get pissed over it's greatness. He smiled and looked addressed the entire room.
"Next time Learn my Birthday, You Jackasses"


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aw thanks both of you! I don't have much internet access right now, but whenever i do i try to write one or two chapters. It's hard because i try to not make this story too ridiculus and try to keep it real! thanks for all the views and ratings!!!
Please update, this is one of the only funny non romantic stories on here! I love this story cause everytime i read it, it makes me laugh!
IceCoolFashion IceCoolFashion
Oh no do be sad. Don't get sad get glad. Just trying to cheer you up. Update good story