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Enemies [Andy Biersack LS]


Jayy Von Monroe's older twin sister, Alyssa Mia Monroe, comes back from university and runs into, or should I say... Falls in love with someone she's not supposed to.

[Very Slow Updates!]


Alyssa Mia Monroe

Alyssa Mia Monroe

Bonjour, Aloha, Hola, Hi! I'm Alyssa, call me Lyssa, I'm 21 and I have one baby brother that I love with all my heart.... JK! I love him butttt he can be well, him sometimes. Aha anyways I have a best friend named Elizabeth but we call her Beth or Lizzie. We as in me and her boyfriend. Her boyfriend is like my brother, he's awesome! But I would never steal my best friends boyfriend. Anyways, I have a crush on someone else :/. I have a puppy husky named Killer, and I spoil him to bits and pieces. I gotta go! Peacekies!

Elizabeth Amber Fallen

Elizabeth Amber Fallen

It's me, Elizabeth, just DONT call me that or else i will climb into your bed at night and murder you.Ahhh anyways, I have a sister named Kristie (Kristin) and she is awesome! (She's 10). I have a wonderful boyfriend named Nico, and he's hot. My best friend is Alyssa Monroe (Lyssa) and I love her to bits and pieces! Anywhore, that's it!

Nico Di Angelo

Nico Di Angelo

[i know, original right? Lol Jk, this story has nothing to do with Percy Jackson] Hey, I'm Nico, I'm 20 and I have a girlfriend named Lizzie. I love her, we've been together for more than a year and I'm thinking of proposing to her later on this month. I know Lizzie from Lyssa because Lyssa and I are best friends and she played matchmaker with me and Lizzie. I love her like my little sister (even though she's older by a month) and she's fun to be around. About me I have a little brother named Jason and a older sister named Bianca [sorry, I couldn't resist]. I love them really much and they are my world. That's it, bye.



Thank you! I promise to update soon, thank you so much for liking it @angelicfanficlover and @Mrs.AshleyPurdy
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@Fallen devil14
Aw thank you so much!
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Loving this please update soon!