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Nobody's Hero

Nobody's Hero

Nobody's Hero

Bonjour! Hola! Hi! Hello! My name's Vanessa, call me Nessa! My favorite color is Purple (but I dislike Justin bieber), I like BVB, BOTDF, FIR, AA, PTV, SWS, etc, I like pandas and wolves and I like you!
MKAY!!! BYE!!!!

lol Jk! My BFF is kiara, she's on here but I forgot her username XD, I think it's Devils Choir... Ahhh whatever.
Read my story if you please, but just keep in mind that there are very slow updates :). I love you all and I will try to update whenever I can, just message me and MAYBe, if I'm online, I will! Hehe anyways, I live in The Hades Cabin in panem, I love next to Peeta And Katniss on one side, and Percy and Annabeth on the other. I'm married to Nico Di Angelo, and I'm a daughter of Poseidon and my mommy <3. I have one normal human brother, and Percy, and no sisters other than Annabeth and Bianca XD.

lol Kay, byeee


Enemies [Andy Biersack LS]

Enemies [Andy Biersack LS]

PG-13 Romance Comedy Teen

Jayy Von Monroe's older twin sister comes back and falls in love with someone she's not supposed to.


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