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With A Studded Star And Bunny Ink

A Young Child

A young girl wept in the centre of the playground, her black her stuck to her face, as bitter tears fell to the ground. Finally, a young blonde woman, who looked much like a women out of a playboy magazine, arrived at the school. She was late again, she never meant to be, but yet she was always late in getting her child. Many people thought she didn’t care about her daughter, but that wasn’t true she loved her daughter dearly, but that was the problem. O matter how much she may have loved her, she just couldn’t seem to look after her, she was ruining her daughter’s life but she didn’t have the strength to let go.

Upon seeing her small weeping child, stood lonely in the middle of the ground, she ran over, desperate to comfort the poor thing.
“what’s that matter baby? Look Mummy’s here, why are you crying?” She wasn’t the best with emotions, but for the sake of her daughter she tried.
“I hate my name.” The poor girl whispered between each sob.
“What do you mean? Why?”
“Because it’s stupid. It’s not a real name, it’s a silly name, and all the kdis hate it, they say that its funny like me.” The girl then burst into ore tears, as her mother hugged her, rocking the child gently.
“Your name isn’t silly. It’s beautiful.” She hushed the weeping child.
“I picked that name, because it reminds me of your father, just like you do.” She smiled, as the girl looked up with awe in her eyes. The child had never known her father, but from the very day she ever heard about him, she respected and was proud of him.
“Yes. You’re a little Outlaw, just like your father is. That’s why I called you Outlaw.” The girl smile slowly changed into another frown though, as time began to pass.
“But if I’m like daddy, then how come he doesn’t know me?” The women knew this question was coming, and always tried to find ways to avoid it.
“HE will in time. Hey, let’s go home, I have something to give you.”

That was one of the few times, the child mother ever showed love towards the young girl. Yet this would soon be forgotten, as time tick’s on. Another memory replaced, by the sound of screeching tires and ambulance sirens. The gift however, was never replaced.

Little did the girl know, that miles away, another little girl was asking the same question.
“Why doesn’t my daddy know me?”

However this girl didn’t forget her dream. And she clung onto it with her life. A simple dream, which would slowly lead to her own self destruction.

Who would have thought these two girl would meet?

Who would have thought, both girls would meet their fathers?


SO Just a little prologue thing to helps set the scene, start the questions flowing xD


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@Ah Uchiha
Holy cheez-it's!!!!!! I'm so excited
SavedByCarolyn SavedByCarolyn
Hello, this is my new account

I will be continuing this story soon on my new account so keep an eye out there.

Sixx Killer Xxx


Ah Uchiha Ah Uchiha
Please finish this. I need to know what happens. I'm dying
SavedByCarolyn SavedByCarolyn
I'm loving this so far. Great plot, can't wait for more!
TikkiPurdy TikkiPurdy
Please update soon!! I love it xxx
angelthatfell angelthatfell