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With A Studded Star And Bunny Ink


Outlaw Purdy has no memories of her childhood. She knows not her mother's face, or what her house looked like. She knows nothing past the age of 13. Well, that is except for one memory, one she clings to as dearly as the studded necklace that belonged to her father. Years of abandonment and fame has changed her though, whatever girl she used to be she sure she's not the same one. She drinks more alcohol than any stable person should, has very whoreish tendencies, a lack of regard for other people (Unless their fans), and deep trust issues. In fact, the only thing she clings to, is a promise she made years ago, a promise sealed by the giving of the necklace.

When Ashley tried to step up and be a dad, she keeps pushing him away.
Why would she want a dad who was never there?
Why would a dad want a daughter as fucked up as her?
After all, when she was in hospital all those years ago, not even her mother appeared to take her home...

Blaze Biersack is the daughter of Scout. An ex-girlfriend of Andy's who apparently cheated on him. She's always wanted to be a singer, ever since Scout first told her about her dad. She wanted to make it big, wanted her band to be the best, hoping that if she tried hard enough, she would hear her father tell her how proud he was of her. Just once, she wanted to feel like her father wanted her. Many fans know her as Black Bunny, due to a tattoo on her arm. She ran away from home, never getting along with her mum, because apparently fact she was too much like her father, if that's so why does Andy keep saying their nothing alike? A girl without parents though, does not know limits. How far will she push herself in order to earn her father acceptance?

Andy wouldn't have a daughter though. This must of been the child of one of the guys Scout cheated on Andy with. He had Juliet now, he could move on.
Can he really step back though, and watch this child destroy her self? Can he really claim this girl is not his.

When Black Veil Brides go on tour with Against All Hope joined by Ben Bruce and Danny Worsnop, Britain doesn't know what bomb just hit them. Secrets hidden long ago, finally begin to surface, and masks long since made, become cracked. This tour is not for those of faint heart, as Black Veil Brides take on the biggest challenge yet.

Can they come out a bigger family, stronger than ever before, or will the walls of many come crumbling down?


  1. A Young Child


  2. Purdy Or Not Purdy

    Andy's POV


@Ah Uchiha
Holy cheez-it's!!!!!! I'm so excited
SavedByCarolyn SavedByCarolyn
Hello, this is my new account

I will be continuing this story soon on my new account so keep an eye out there.

Sixx Killer Xxx


Ah Uchiha Ah Uchiha
Please finish this. I need to know what happens. I'm dying
SavedByCarolyn SavedByCarolyn
I'm loving this so far. Great plot, can't wait for more!
TikkiPurdy TikkiPurdy
Please update soon!! I love it xxx
angelthatfell angelthatfell