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With A Studded Star And Bunny Ink

Purdy Or Not Purdy

Andy Biersack

Busying about the tour bus, everyone was exited for the new tour. We were travelling with a band called Against All Hope, and travelling across the world. We were extra happy because we were starting in one of the best places in the world, Hollywood California! If the idea of a new tour wasn’t enough to excite us, also joining us was Ben Bruce and Danny Worsnop.

A- They claimed to be bored,
B- It annoys Jon,
C- We had a couple of songs we recorded with them, and we wanted to perform the onstage with them.

I was sat in the front of the bus, chatting Jon’s ear off about how Batman was like an immortal sock. Poor Jon, I probably talk to him the most on tour, everyone can would of walked away, but when you’re stuck at the front of the bus driving, you cannot escape me.
“So you see, he’ll last forever, which is why he is an Immortal sock, and not just a sock.”
“Andy! You might want to see this.” I heard Jinxx call from the TV area. Sat on the couch Jinxx was staring at the TV. C.C. was playing with the drum sticks, Jake was sniggering, while Ashley had invented a new shade of white.
“What happened?” I asked, sitting on the arm of the chair next to Jinxx.
“Ashley didn’t wrap it up.” Jake smirked trying not to laugh again.
“What?” I was even more confused.
“This is one of those TV special things, it’s about the band we’re meant to be touring with. They had just gotten to talking about the band members.”
“Erm, okay…” pressing play on the TV remote, a group of people appeared on the TV. 5 kids sat on a couch; they all looked pretty young, about my age, maybe younger. I guess this was the band.

“So there’s Shadow.” One spoke, and a kid o the other side of a couch raised his hand, clips started running. The boy was the drummer, and by the looks of things had a very cool atmosphere about him. He had black spiky hair, and green eyes.
“We keep calling him the old man of the band.” Another kid began laughing.
“That’s Riku, our lead guitarist.” More clips began to run, this time of a red haired boy with green eyes. This one seemed more egotistical, and around 20 years of age. I sighed; I really didn’t know what I was meant to be seeing here.
“Then there’s me. Another boy spoke.” Jumping up and down on the couch like some hyperactive child.
“That’s Jacob, or Jace (A/N pronounced, Jay-s), our idiot rhythm.” As the TV showed footage of what appeared to be a ver, very hyperactive, and slightly ADHD 18 year old, with bright blue hair, and brown eyes; I looked over at Jinxx confused.
“Just keep watching it’s coming up now.” He smiled.

“Then we have Outlaw.” Riku spoke. Clips of a girl with black hair and grey eyes flashed on the screen. She jumped about the stage playing bass, another then it showed her wrestling Riku for a bottle. The girl was only 17! Smirking at the camera, she had a slightly hoarse voice.
“Name’s Outlaw Purdy, and I’m called Purdy for a reason.” Jinxx paused the TV.
“Ah. Shit.” I muttered

“Well maybe she’s not yours.” I tried to reassure him, though the girl acted a lot like him.
“There are many people called Purdy.” C.C. tried.
“There’s actually a chance she might be.” Jake sounded more solemn
“I did a quick search on her, and according to their bio she didn’t know her father. She was in a car crash with her mother at the age of 13, apparently she lost all her memories of everything before then.”
“Well who’s her mother then?” I asked, maybe if it was someone Ashley didn’t know.
“Don’t know. No one came to collect her at the hospital.” My heart sunk. I couldn’t help but pity the girl some.
“Well If she doesn’t know her father, then it doesn’t matter if its Ashley.” CC pointed out.
“Yeh but nothing in here says she don’t know her father.” Jake pointed out.
“How could she know her father if she lost all her memory.” I argued CC point since CC got distracted.
“I don’t know. I‘m just saying, while the article points out Outlaw doesn’t know her mother, it never say she doesn’t know her father. Also the name Outlaw, I’m sorry that sounds much like a name Ashley kid would have.”
“She still probably not his.” Jinxx said.

“No, she’s mine.” We heard a small whisper some from Ashley, his eyes staring at the screen.
“What do you mean Ash?” I asked. How could he know?
“The necklace she’s wearing, it’s the one I gave to my X-girlfriend Kina years ago when we were dating. Kina died in a car accident 4 years ago.” Looking at the screen, Ashley was right. Around her neck was a silver star shaped necklace, studs along the odd edge.
“I’m not sure what to say Ash.” I mumbled.
“I just need t think.” Getting up off the couch, he went over the bunk area, the rest of us sat in awkward silence. Pressing play Jinxx started up the show again.
“Then we have Black Bunny.” Outlaw said, pointing to a girl at the far end of the couch.
“Hey my real name’s Blaze Biersack…”



Hey people!!!!!!!!!

SO erm, the next installment on my new story XD

Oh here's the internet puppy ~i promised, hwoever it does have an Andy along with it



@Ah Uchiha
Holy cheez-it's!!!!!! I'm so excited
SavedByCarolyn SavedByCarolyn
Hello, this is my new account

I will be continuing this story soon on my new account so keep an eye out there.

Sixx Killer Xxx


Ah Uchiha Ah Uchiha
Please finish this. I need to know what happens. I'm dying
SavedByCarolyn SavedByCarolyn
I'm loving this so far. Great plot, can't wait for more!
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Please update soon!! I love it xxx
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