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Hearts Of The Used

So Many Lies Swirling

Alexander Rowan
The murky grime covered building towered over me. Teardrops glistened off the grand structures, shining under the moons light. Trudging through the backstreets, his feet were wet from slipping in every puddle along the path. He didn’t care, he wanted to get home. Sadly, he was never going to make it.

“Alex?” A voice!

“Alex?” What’s it doing here?


“Ahhh!” I came crashing back into reality, now face to face with Officer Carl. His eyes were staring at me with a piercing gaze.

“You alright kid? You zoned out on us for a second there. Had me worried.” I felt intimidated next to him, though he wasn’t the toughest man about, even in all his police gear; he was still rather tall compared to me. I mean, it wasn’t like I was short or anything, just a little below average.

“I’m alright; I guess it’s just nerves.” That wasn’t totally a lie. I was rather shy by nature, that I can’t deny, and in an hour, I was going to meet the most important band in my life.

“That’s understandable.” He gave me a reassuring pat on the shoulder, before sitting on the backwards chair. Legs either side of the seat, and hand resting on back, he matched a pose similar to my own. We were currently stuck in the briefing room, which in my opinion, was incredibly dull. There was a white board at one end, and chairs at the other, and all the walls had been white washed, completely bare apart from a single poster. I guess this is so officers don’t get distracted when working.

“So, Jon said he’ll be here any minute to come pick you up. So I’ll go through a quick rundown for you. Is that okay?” For the fifth fucking time!

“Erm, I think I’ve got it, but if you insist.” And he did.

“Okay, a couple of key pointers. This guy is incredibly dangerous, so at all cost, if you end up near him, do not draw attention to yourself. Got it?”

“Yep.” Believe me, there’s no way I would want his attention, not after he…yeh. “Next, remember, although we’ve kept your first name, your last name is now Rowan. Try not to forget that.”

“Alexander Rowan. I got it.” I made sure to say it a few times in my head, so I didn’t slip up.

“Finally, and I know this will sound ridiculous, but try to enjoy yourself. I know this is such a sudden change, but if you let on that this isn’t the norm for you, people might get suspicious.” Okay…

“In all honestly Alex, I still think you should at least see a physiatrist, let them check you out. After all many people have suffered after being r…”

“Please don’t!” My voice was nothing more than a shy whisper.

“I’m fine. I just need a change anyway. As long as you can promise I’m safe from him, then I shall not worry. Please, just, don’t bring it up.”

“Very well. You show no signs of having any mental disorders or trauma, so I can’t force you to do anything.” Of course I show no signs of madness, if I did; they’d send me back to that awful place.

“Officer Carl, there’s a Jon here to pick up a Mr. Alexander Rowan.” A crackly voice came over the intercom.

“Brilliant. Tell him we’ll be down to meet him.” Standing up, I silently followed Officer Carl out of the room I had grown so used to, and into the busy police station.

Leant against the door frame stood Jon. I recognised him, due to the fact he had appeared in a couple of Bryan Starz interviews, which were the best interview out there. He was a slightly larger man, with thin blonde hair, and an arm covered in tattoos. Although he was smaller than Officer Carl, his figure made him even more intimidating. I had to trust him though, apart from the police, he’ll be the only person to know about my ‘situation’. Turning round, Jon eye’s seemed friendly, and I was reassured some.

“Hey Kiddo, you must be Alex. Nice to meet you.” He shook my hand with a very firm grip.

“Nice to meet you too.” I said, well, almost whispered. I couldn’t help it; I got incredibly self conscious around people I didn’t know.

“Right, well we need to get going, since we’re running on a tight schedule. Cya Carl.” Shaking the Officers hand, he then quickly turned around and began to walk out the building.

“You take care now, alight?” Shaking his hand, I gave Officer Carl a small smile. A sign that did appreciate all he’d done for me.

“Will do and thank you.”

“Oi Kid!” I heard Jon calling from outside.

“We need to go!” I chased after him and boy could he move fast.

Though I didn’t exactly enjoy being called ‘Kiddo’ or ‘Kid’, being 19 years old, I figured I would have to deal with it. After all, I probably was a kid compared to him. In fact, I’m pretty sure I will be the youngest person there.

“Okay, so there are three things I tell all newbie’s.” Jon announced as we got into the car. Buckling in, Jon then drove out of the car park and onto the main road before continuing.

“First of all, you need to be fast. We’re work on very tight schedules, which run late anyway. So time is very important.” I remained silent; being fast wouldn’t be a problem. I may not be strong, but I made up for that in speed.

“Second of all, common sense. We’re dealing with big and expensive equipment, so please when packing it down, don’t put something heavy on top of something fragile. Oh and also on that note, It’s best to remember that the instruments are like the bands children. Please be very careful when dealing with them.” Well, I wasn’t the brightest match in box, but I’m sure I won’t make any drastic mistakes…I hope.

“And finally, you’re getting a tattoo.”

“What!?!” I wasn’t afraid of needles or anything, but that was quite a bold statement to suddenly make, I hadn’t even had a tattoo before.

“It’s a tradition Andy and Ashley started a while back. You’ll be eating with us, spend most your days round us, and you specifically will be sleeping on the bus with me, the guys, and the other new roadie Kayla. Even though you’re not on stage, you’re now a part of the Black Veil Brides family.” I smiled slightly. I’ve never really felt like I belonged in a family before.

“That’s still doesn’t explain the tattoo though.”

“Oh sorry. The tradition is that Ashley tattoos all new family members.” Jon then changed gear, before flipping his hand round and lifted it up for me to see.

“It’s the one on my wrist.” Looking down, I recognised the symbol. It was the BVB logo, with bat wings coming from it.

“It looks awesome!” I turned my gaze back to the window, where I watched random farms, forests and signs fly past me. A strange feeling came over me, I couldn’t really explain it, but whatever it was, it made my stomach feel like it had butterflies fluttering in it, as a strange sense of excitement began to replace the nerves. Maybe it was true; maybe I really did just need a change.

“So, any idea where you want the tattoo Kiddo?” Jeez, I guess ‘Kiddo’ really was going to my nickname.

“Sure, I want it on my wrist on my left arm.” Like Jon’s.

“Really? You sure. After all this is your first tattoo right?” He sounded surprised.

“Yeh it will be.”

“Well, your wrist is one of the more painful places to get a tattoo, most people go shoulder or back for their first tattoo.” I can deal with pain. Believe me.

“I can handle with the pain I’m sure. I just think it’ll look nicer on my wrist, that’s why I want it.” Great, now I’ve had to lie again! Truth being, I didn’t want it on my shoulder, because someone may then notice the scars across my neck. The last thing I needed was questions about them.

Jon put on some Motley Crue, as the rest of the trip was travelled in comfortable silence. Looking out the window I wondered whether I would enjoy this life.

The life of Alexander Rowan.


Hey so I'm the first Author for the new story XD

Hope you enjoy it



Side Note: This story was Orginally pasted on Mibba, so if you wish to contact one of the other authors please let me know and I'll give you their profile name etc.


Update soon, I love it!
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