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Hearts Of The Used


Alexander Rowan not exactly his name, but close enough that he's able to remember the change. A shy, quiet boy, who's secretly been a big fan of Black Veil Brides, ever since he first watched the Knives And Pens music video. Alex has another secret though. He's seen things he shouldn't have seen. He's watched events that have sent him into emotional turmoil. Now his life is in danger, and no one even knows it.

Kayla Anderson, a girl who's scarred by the past. Having to spend years living on her own, earning a small amount of money here and there, she needed a more stable job. So now she's working for the band that saved her life. But, can they also heal the scars of the past?

When two new roadies join the Black Veil Brides family, no one could of guessed what impact it would have. Andy now stuck between to choices, the girl he was supposed to love, or the new boy that had stolen his heart. Sex god, Ashley Purdy, who would NEVER fall in love, now doing anything to make a young girl smile. But can he really give up the whores and the booze to achieve that?

Join the rebels, on a tour of love, life and never giving in.

Welcome to the Church Of The Wild Ones.



Update soon, I love it!
Beau Beau