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Fate Will Find a Way

After The Show

The excitement on his face when he left the room made me speechless. I never thought that he truly had the same dreams. I giggled and covered my face, I can't believe my idol even knew who I was. I was excited, nervous to the point I was gonna puke, and just an unsure feeling. I couldn't believe what happened, happened.
One of Andy's body guards then came into the room.
"Ms. Lupus? Your fellow band members are looking for you, but Andy also wants you on side stage in about ten minutes to perform Lost It All."
"Oh so it's okay that I sing with him?"
"Yes, we can make it work, here's your monitor and ear piece. I retrieved it for you."
I took the devices out of his hands and clipped the monitor to my jeans in the back and stuck the earpiece in.
"Tell my bandmates where I'll be and that I'll talk to them after the performance."
"Yes ma'am."
He stepped out of the room and shut the door behind him. I got up from the couch and went to the four by one mirror that was just sitting across me to get a good look at what I'd be looking like for this performance.
The vest I made for the band was perfect, my hair, my wolf make up, my buckle boots, everything. I almost looked exactly like how I was dressed in the dream that I was walking down the street in L.A.
I then began to start my vocal warm ups, thinking about how the fans would react to us being on stage together since we shared many of the same fans surprisingly. I even saw a few fans that had the same face paint as Lennox, Phoenix, and I. It made me so happy that we were even worthy enough to have our face paint re created and worn by our fans.
I then walked out and make my way toward the small stage and kept hidden behind the wall that wrapped around to the very side of the stage just across from the stairs.
"This next song will be accompanied by one of my newest favorite musicians! I'm pretty sure you guys got to meet her before we did! I'D LIKE TO WELCOME ELENA LUPUS TO THE STAGE!"
The crowd began to scream much more than I thought they would and my heart began to race and the guard waved me on, Andy greeting me at the top of the stairs by taking my hand and leading me to center stage.
"THIS ONE'S CALLED LOST IT ALL!" He screamed into the microphone.
A part of me knew exactly what parts to sing without even communicating with Andy about it. We were in sync together as we sang, and I harmonized with ease. My heart raced, and I stared into the eyes of the fans who were just as mesmerized as I.
As the last verse began, Andy snaked his hand and arm around my waist and pulled me against his side as we belted out the lyrics that had saved my life over the last few months. He stroked my hip with his fingers and grasped it. Instantly I felt the sparks igniting yet again, and I pushed myself into his side more. Him hugging me tighter.
As I sang the last two lines to the song, a tear of happiness was shed down my cheek and Andy noticed. As soon as the song was over, he pulled me into a tight hug, and the fans went nuts.
He whispered into my ear, "I'll come find you as soon as the show is done and then I'm taking you out", I blushed and nodded at him and hurried off the stage, saying good-bye to the fans as I did.


I met up with the guys and told them about the performance with Andy and they shrilled with joy and happiness for me. I felt flattered.
"That's so awesome on so many levels! Your idol! Oh my lord! I'M SO PROUD OF YOU ELENA!"
"Thank Olli," I laughed.
"I was out on side stage watching while the guys were having fun drinking, I wanted to see how you and Andy would collaborate together on that song. I was impressed."
"Well I'm glad at least Rick saw the performance. By the way, where's Ivan," I had noticed he wasn't with the rest of us.
"He's in the back, he didn't want to join us but he wants you to meet him back there." Phoenix claimed.
And the nervousness kicked in. I gave my thanks again to the boys and headed to the back of the venue.
He walked towards me and threw his arms around me, he reeked of alcohol. Jack Daniels.
"You were s-so good! I heard f-from the back out here t-the performances with Andy. That was s'cool," he was flat out drunk.
Since I'm so young, I choose not to drink. I smoke weed yes but no alcohol. I don't want to stunt the development of my brain and become a fuck up like most of my family had done before I lost my parents and was forgotten by the alcoholics that they were.
"Haha well... thanks."
"C-come here baby," he violently grabbed my waist and pressed his body against mine and planted his lips on mine. I tasted the alcohol on his lips as he forcefully kissed me. Of course I kissed back but I wouldn't let it go past a few seconds.
I pulled away, "Ivan, I can't do this right now. You're drunk."
"Oh c-come on b-baby, you look so beautiful t-tonight."
"No," I was beginning to get upset.
He pushed me up against the wall of the building and slid his hands up my torso to my chest and planted his lips on my neck.
Yes, it did turn me on a bit but I didn't want this. I wanted him off and it was super inappropriate in a place like this, none of the less illegal.
"Ivan," I inhaled, "Get off of me now."
"N-no. I deserved t-this after the concert."
"I said no. "
"No, I said no," He chuckled and pinned me against the wall tighter.
"Ivan, this hurts. Cut it out."
"You're j-just saying that," I started to become panicky, my anxiety kicked in and he began grinding on me and I grew very uncomfortable.
"Ivan, you have five seconds to get off me before I do something," I inhaled again, "I'll regret."
"I can tell yo-you're enjoying this so j-just go with it."
The anxiety turned into rage and my adrenaline began to pump through my body. I bared my teeth and chomped down on his shoulder. He threw his head back in pain, releasing my hands and I shoved him back. He stumbled to the ground and blacked out. He didn't even hit his head and still passed out. That's why I hated alcohol.
I looked to my left to see Andy with his jaw just hanging there.
"I... I heard some noises coming from out here to see if everything's okay."
"How much did you see?"
"I came out when he said he deserved 'this'. Does he always do that?"
"This is the first time..."
"I recognize him...."
"I've seen Juliet too..."
He came over to me, not speaking a word and just looked into my eyes before pulling me in for a hug. I melted in and hugged him back.
"The dreams have stressed you out too, huh," He asked.
"Yes... I told him about them and I bet that's the reason why he got drunk."
"Does he know that it was me in the dreams?"
"No, but I have a feeling he figured out someway."
"Well, lets not focus on it and go get some food. I'm starving."
I smiled and began to follow him.


"Uh.. are we walking there?"
"Yup, I don't trust driving in Seattle, I don't want anyone to follow us or get a license plate number."
"Well they can see you out in the open, same for me and a LOT of people know me in Seattle. I live here haha!"
"Oh no way, what part?"
"Capitol Hill."
"Never been there."
"It's not really a popular place for big musicians to go to haha!"
"Where are we going to anyway?"
"There is this little Chinese restaurant that I love going to over in the china town district when I come here. I always call in advance to have them stay open later for us and the guys to go to. It's one of my favorite restaurants here."
"What is it called?"
"Tai Tung"
"NO WAY! That's my favorite restaurant of all time! I always sulk about how its never open when I want it after a show!"
"Oh wow, I didn't think you'd know of it," he chuckled.
"I live here, you should." I laughed.
"Oh ssshhhh," he shushed me and put his finger against my lip.
Again we looked into each others eyes. His subhuman blue eyes that always hypnotized me. They were so much more blue in person. He smiled and grabbed my hand and continued walking.
We walked the rest of the way in silence, occasionally looking over at each other and giggling for no reason. I think we were both flabbergasted at the fact that we were finally in each others presence.
"After you," he said as he gestured me into the restaurant.
"Why thank you," I smiled.
"Ah! Mr. Biersack, how are you?"
"I'm fine thank you, I need a table for two."
"No five?"
"Not tonight, the guys stayed back and I wanted to bring Elena."
"Greetings Elena, it's good to see you again," he bowed.
"Thank you, sir."
He sat us down and gave us two menus to browse over.
"So Andy, I have a question for you."
"Ask away!"
"How did we exactly get on the bill for the show tonight?"
"I wasn't in charge of choosing the bands but I did let the bookie choose some local bands. I had no idea that your band was from here though so when I first heard you guys played, it didn't register that the vest in the dream was the one you're wearing tonight and I didn't realize that you were the vocalist. I knew of your band but I had no idea that you sang in it."
"Fate maybe?"
"Defiantly fate."


Andy and I returned to the Studio and we found everyone on Andy's bus.
"Hey guys! Where's Ivan?"
"He passed out in the van. We're about to go pass out too. We smoked too much and I'm the only one who can talk normally." Lennox was the only one who was able to carry a normal conversation when high.
"Do we have everything we need to start touring in the morning?"
"Yeah, I made sure that the guys would grab stuff just in case before we left this morning. We'll get out of your hair, good night Elena."
"Night, Lennox."
And I was again left alone with CC, Ashley, Jake, Jinxx, and Andy.
"I don't know about you guys but I already smoked with Elena's band. Jake and Ashley did too and we're thinking about heading to bed. Jinxx, have you smoked yet?"
"No, I was on the phone with Sammi Doll for a while so I didn't get a chance to."
I looked over at Andy, "I have a blue dream and pineapple express hybrid in my bag if you and Jinxx want to smoke?"
Andy looked over at Jinxx "You want to?"
"Alright then, that settles it. We're off to bed. Night guys."
Andy, Jinxx, and I then sat in a circle as I pulled out my custom bong that I had gotten a few months back.
"Woah, is that what I think it is?"
"Yes Jinxx, it's a custom BvB bong."
"Did you order it that way?"
"Mmhmm, pretty inexpensive too. I made a deal with a person. I'm glad I can finally show you guys it haha! Never thought I would but it's the only piece I brought with me."
I loaded the bowl and gave greens to Andy, and boy did he have the biggest grin after taking his first hit.
"Oh man that tastes beautiful."
"It's my two absolute favorites. I was lucky to find it in a hybrid."
Jinxx let out his fat rip and said, "Oh dear, this is heaven."
My turn. I held my lucky tiger lighter over what was left and began to inhale and let the bong get milky. I removed my lips carefully to release any excess air in my lungs and planted them back down on the bong and successfully and completely cleared what was in the bong. I held it in and passed it to Andy.
He took his hit and let it out, me still holding it in. Then to Jinxx, and back to me before I let out a huge cloud of smoke into their bus.
"Ho-ly shit. You've got some lungs there Elena," Jinxx was extremely surprised.
"Gotta be honest, that was pretty sexy."
"Oh stop it Andy," I toked again and passed it to Andy.
That night I decided to sleep on their extra bunk on their bus and it was beyond comfortable. That night I only dreamed of Andy and I just sitting in the other room talking about random shit that we would in person, it was nice that we could still spend time together even when we were sleeping. But this is only the beginning.


Update soon! This is amazing!!!

Update soon! This is amazing!!!

Update soon! Its an amazing!

Bvb67! Bvb67!
@xxxBlood Aww well thank you :') I actually might be making it into a real novel at some point depending on how many chapters I make and how the story continues.
theBlackKiba theBlackKiba
Please wrote more


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