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Fate Will Find a Way

Friday Night

Ivan and I haven't been talking since the blow up. I can't blame him, the whole thing does sound far-fetched yet it is happening. I've still been dreaming of Andy the two times I've slept since the blow out. The first dream consisted of me yelling at him about the necklace trying to get answers that he couldn't give and didn't know. The second being him apologizing for the last few dreams and letting me cry in his arms. This dream form of him knew how much stress I was being put through by these dreams and felt so bad that he decided to leave the dream before I could finish talking to him.
He kissed me on the forehead and said "Good luck tomorrow, I have faith in you," and walked into the black abyss and I began to float back into my body.
I sat up in bed and looked to the right of me, feeling something metal in my right hand. Of course the on leather wings necklace was placed in my hand for good luck even though it was all the way in my bathroom in the locked bottom drawer of my claw foot jewelry box that stood at four foot five. Oh well, my life wasn't making any logical sense anyways, how more impossible can it get?
I fastened the necklace around my neck and headed towards the bathroom to start packing my stage make up and hair products. I was so thankful I got the week off from the dumb ass stripping that I do. Waking up at twelve instead of five is so refreshing.

-----3 hours later-----

I was in the venue dressing room beginning to get my stack of hair ready for the concert. My hair is similar to Andy's back to when he had it in 2011 but mine was much longer and I teased it to the other side with 3 native feathers hanging out just below my bangs, a gift from the Cherokee.
As I finished my 30 minute hair process, I began to hear a few men laughing next door in the other dressing room. Something about how big some chick's knockers were and something about a chihuahua penis. I laughed to myself as Olli walked in.
"You look great, Elena."
"Hi Olli. What's up?"
"Just coming in to get my stage make up on, you have it?"
"Yessir, in this black bag beside me. Where are the rest of the gang?"
"RIck is trying to get his leather pants on, Lennox is on the phone with his kid, Phoenix is just dropping his stuff off in the load room and Ivan... well... he also sent me in here to ask if he could talk to you outside"
"I'll be back." I dropped my stuff immediately.
As soon as I made eye contact with him, my heart stung. Craving his arms to be wrapped around me but my mind said no, he went too far.
"Elena... I have something to say..."
"I do too..."
"I'm so sorry, I had no right to say anything I did. That was extremely childish for me to say and I didn't mean to say the hurtful things I did."
"I blew things out of proportion. I was just so confused and those dreams... they're greatly affecting me more than they should. I apologize."
"No, you don't have to apologize for anything. I'm the cold bastard here. I should've believed you in the first place. Another thing, you have every right to scream, kick, and punch when I tell you this next thing. "
"Why would you say that?"
"I told the band about what happened and your choice of work.... I only did it because I wanted to get to the bottom of why it was happening and the boys fully support you and don't lay any judgement upon you. I hope you can forgive me for all of this..."
"Of course I'll forgive you," I walked closer and looked into his eyes before I hugged him tight.

----1 hour before show time----
"Does everyone got their make up on and their hair done?"
"Yes ma'am!" All of the boys said.
"Alright, I just gotta run out to my car and grab the new vest I made for the band."
"You made it that fast?!" Ivan was shocked.
"I didn't want to forget what the vest looked like so I sketched it, took some measurements, went to the fabric store and cracked out my sewing machine. You guys will love it."
Ivan began telling them about the design and where I saw it as I began my journey to my car.
As I walked out the back door, I heard an "Oh shit!" and scurrying of what seemed to be two males. I looked around and saw nothing but the big tour bus of the mystery band and the other cars. I retrieved my vest and slid it on before I could here two pairs of female feet run up to me.
"Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Are you Elena Lupus?!"
"Hahaha! Yes I am, girls."
"We are your biggest Seattle fans, we have all of your demos and EPs! We've been fans since the beginning, like literally your first show."
"Yeah! Sorry if we are invading on your personal space..."
"No no no, don't even apologize. I didn't know I had fans as awesome as you guys! What are your names?"
"Alicia and Rebecca"
"Nice to meet you both, I'm honored!"
"No, we should be honored!"
"Nice iPhone, I got one myself."
"We're actually recording right now teehee!"
I balled up my fists and brought my elbows down in an achieved manor "Yes! I'm video worthy!"
We all giggled together.
I spent about ten minutes with them completely forgetting about the boys inside. I said my good byes, took some pictures and signed their shirts and ran back inside to show them the vest.

----5 minutes before show time----
"Lennox, I'm freaking out. Where do you think they'll be watching us from?" I was beginning to panic, I wanted everything to be perfect and I just wanted to impress them. Even though I didn't know who they were.
"Apparently they're going to be side stage but very hidden. You'll do fine, we all will. I know it. Just be yourself and let the music take you away like you always let it. I have faith in you," he pulled me in for one of his father like hugs and I melted into him.
"Thanks Lennox, your amazing. I love you man."
"I love you too, Elena, we all do," He smiled and looked back at the rest of the guys, smiling at me.
"You got this Elena, this is what you've been wanting all of your life. And ours too. The stage is yours, prove it to them. Show them that Studio 7 is your ground." Rick is known to be the quietest man in the band. But whenever he spoke his words of wisdom, he managed to get my water works goin'.
"God dammit Rick stop trying to make me cry!" We all laughed.
"THE LONE WOLVES TO STAGE IN 5.... 4.... 3...."


"I will sing these words! Chant these rituals! And lul the lullabies to the ones laid to rest! We are the united, the distant will hear our call! Howl with us and the moon shows and together we will find peace! We are the united! The packs are flooding in now, you have no time to escape! It's either here or now to be accepted by your true fate!" I sang the chorus loud and hard, brow sweating but still going strong. Eight songs done perfectly, the ninth coming to an end. The United was always my favorite to sing, and it seemed that the crowd loved it too.
"This is going to be our last song of the night, one you all should know. It's one of our personal favorites. But before we begin, I'd like to send a shout out to my two biggest Seattle fans, Rebecca and Alicia. Can you guys help me too?" I put my hand up to my ear and heard the fans go nuts. Rebecca and Alicia flipping the hell out in the front row.
We finished the song, and a smile was plastered onto my face. I thanked everyone and exited the stage dripping in sweat. I raced toward the bathroom to wipe off all of the sweat before we were supposed to meet the main band.
The five of us sat in the load room waiting for an escort to bring us to the room that this band was in and he finally showed up after five minutes. There was electrical tape over the parts of his shirt that had the bands name underneath. They really didn't want us to know until now.


Lennox was the first one to walk in, then Ivan, Rick, Olli, and Phoenix. I was too nervous to go in.
"Elena, come on! You'll never believe who this is!"
I took a deep breath in and stepped inside the door. As soon as I made eye contact with the four men sitting on the couch in the room, my jaw and knees dropped.
"Surprised?" Ashley spoke with a wide grin.
CC walked over and helped me back up.
"I didn't need help getting up..."
"But you just got helped by the drummer of bvb, that's gotta say somethin'?"
"Oh shut up" I giggled.
"So, you're a fan?" Jinxx asked.
"You have no idea, I've been listening to you guys for the last two years. You guys are my fucking idols!"
Lennox pulled my arm to whisper in my ear "The guys and I are fucking starving, we're gonna go get some food so you stay here and talk to the band and let us know weather or not we make it on their tour, okay?"
"Sounds like a plan" Oh my God there leaving me alone with them....
Lennox proceeded to tell them they were heading out and said their goodbyes and thank yous.
"I've been itching to ask you, Elena. How long have you been singing? you have an outstanding voice!" Jake asked.
"Oh thank you! Ever since I was four I've always enjoyed singing. So twelve years pretty much haha!"
"Gnarly man, it was great to watch you guys play! You were phenomenal!"
"Thanks Ash, that means a lot! By the way, where is Andy?"
"Oh he'll be in soon, he wanted to grab you a few things you and the band will need for the tour."
"Does that mean...."
"Yes pretty lady, Black Veil Brides Featuring special guest The Lone Wolves."
I froze in shock and excitement, I could hardly move. I get to tour with my idols and my favorite band. How could this get any better?!
"Ash, I think you broke her."
"I didn't mean to! I had to say it!"
"Okay at least don't spoil the best part, wait until Andy gets here please!"
"Oh fine!" Ashley pouted.
"Elena? Are you okay?" Jinxx asked.
"I... I don't know...."
"I know what will work," Jinxx stood up and walked towards me and pulled me into the best bear hug ever. I hugged him so tight, it did relieve the shock I was in. I can defiantly tell Jinxx is like the Lennox of the band.
"Very much yes, thank you" I laughed and he laughed too.
"Well boys, I'm gonna go find something to snack on I'll be back."
"Ash! We want food too! Can you bring us back something?"
"Fuck no! You can come with me though."
"Fiiine. Elena, you stay here because Andy will be back any minute."
"Uuhhh alright. That's cool"
They fled the room and shut the door behind him and I had sixty seconds to pull myself together. I was now literally freaking out because I honestly don't know weather or not Andy has been having these dreams and I don't know how he'll react. I clutched onto my on leather wings necklace that his dream form gave me and recited Exordium. I felt somewhat better but still extremely nervous.
Clunk, clunk, clunk, clunk. He was right behind the door and my heart began to race and my chest was locking up. I'm fucking screwed. He opened the door and had a box in one hand and his phone in the other and set the box over on the stool closing the door behind him not looking at me directly yet.
"Woah, where is everyone?"
"Well my band went to go get some Burger King and the rest of them went to go find some food with the venue and left me here to meet you." I barely managed to get out.
Andy still had his back to me and hadn't looked at me yet since he walked into the room. He stood there motionless and dropped his phone, crashing to the floor with a thud.
"Are... a-are you alright?" I managed to get out again.
"That voice... I know that voice now... I wasn't sure over the monitors and speakers but I know that voice..."
My throat shut. I tensed up and was even more nervous.
He slowly began to turn around, I took in everything has he spun. His ripped up Aeiden shirt that exposed parts of his chest, his tattoos, his hair, his side profile and the small black line on his cheek bone, and then his eyes met with mine. His eyes grew wide and he then went into shock as well.
He then began to look me up and down and then pausing at my necklace for a brief moment, then back to my eyes. We both stood there motionless caught in each others gaze.
After a few seconds, he began to walk towards me and stopping six inches away from my face. I gulped hard. I still couldn't manage to get any words out what so ever and it looked like he was having an extremely difficult time too.
He lifted his hand ever so carefully and placed two fingers on the necklace.
"You..... you got it. You received it. I.... I didn't think...."
"I... I didn't think.... you.... dreams?" That was all I could get out.
We stood there even more shocked that they were real, I didn't know what to do or say. He then slowly lifted his hands to my sides and placed them just above my hips and looked me up and down again.
"You're real. You're really real." A tear was both shed out of the same eye at the same time. We could finally escape the realities of the dreams to know it was actually real this whole time. I took in a deep breath and before I could exhale, he quickly moved his hands to my lower back and held me against him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him tight even though I was so short. He picked me up so that I could wrap my legs around his hips and easily hug him. He held me for so long, I held onto him happily. I felt so relieved. He drew back and set me back down only to hold my gaze again.
"Meet me back here after the show, please? We can talk more then because I have so much to tell you. OH! And will you sing Lost It All with me on stage tonight?"
"Yes yes I can. Why Lost It All?"
"In my end of the dreams, it was always playing in the backround when we hung out. I hoped it was in yours too..."
I thought about it for a second and realized that it did play in all of my dreams too. "Wait... it did. I remember now! Yes, of course I will!"
He picked me up and spun me around in a hug "Yes! I've been wanting this moment to happen for so long! I'll go let the stage managers know but I gotta go, we'll talk more later," he said with a smile.
"Sounds like a plan," I smiled back and he hugged me good bye before he raced off.


This was a much needed long chapter for you guys, I owe it to you for making all fourty of you to wait so long. I sincerely apologize. Even I'm excited for the next chapter after this! :)


Update soon! This is amazing!!!

Update soon! This is amazing!!!

Update soon! Its an amazing!

Bvb67! Bvb67!
@xxxBlood Aww well thank you :') I actually might be making it into a real novel at some point depending on how many chapters I make and how the story continues.
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Please wrote more


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