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Fate Will Find a Way

The Lone Wolves - The Band

*Ivan's perspective*
"Ivan! Where's Elena?" the four guys asked at the same time.
I walked over and sat on the black ripped up recliner and dropped my head in my hands.
"She's not herself. She isn't even hanging out with me. And missing our group hang outs. I don't know whats wrong and it's killing me."
"Her and I usually text each other every night but I haven't heard from her in forever other than practices." Rick pointed out.
Olli then began to say "She also isn't acting herself at practice. It's concerning me and me being close to her age, I still can't figure it out on what might be causing her to act this way." Phoenix did make a good point but they still don't know about where she really works. I should say something now because it might be just that.
"Could it be her work? I don't think it could get that busy though." Lennox made a good point but it was time to be truthful to them.
"Elena hasn't been entirely truthful with you guys and I'm the only one that knows this but, she hasn't been working at where you would think she is. Even though she's 16 and it's techincally illegal, Elena has been working at a lesbian strip club to make ends meet. That's why she gets those random spurts of big money. She didn't want to say anything to you guys because she feared judgment."
"She works at a strip club. That isn't a problem."
"Yeah, if she's getting money to survive I don't see a problem either."
"If she didn't have anywhere else to go for work I don't blame her, she's trying to make ends meet and then going out of her way to make us happy. I lay no judgement towards her."
"I know I don't talk much but I support her one hundred percent and not in a perverted way because my Mom had to do the same thing for me and my brother growing up." Rick spoke up.
"I would think it would be that but Elena usually tells me everything that's stressing her out at work, even if it's a client that 'takes advantage' of her so to speak. She always does."
"Woah wait, she sells herself?" Olli looked shocked.
"That's where she gets the random spurts of big bucks and uses it towards band stuff."
"I don't judge." Lennox and Rick blurted out at the same time and laughed about it.
"Ivan, maybe since I'm the youngest, should I go to her house tomorrow and see what's up?"
"Yeah Phoenix, maybe since you're closer in age maybe she'll confide in you since she won't with me..."
"You guys still want to go see the movie tonight?"
Everybody was just sitting in a circle with concern glued to their faces about Elena, I didn't think we'd get our minds off of her to have a good time since she was family to them and my lover.
'I don't think so. I might go try and see her tonight before Phoenix goes over tomorrow. You guys alright with that?"
"Go for it, I hate to see her this way and especially three days before the show. "
"We all agree."
"Alright then, I better dip. I gotta go pick up a few things before I go see Elena."


I went to Tai Tung and ordered her favorite dishes hoping to make her feel better, bought her some new video games for her SNES at the Pink Gorilla, and a new leather vest for her to trick out for the show on Friday. Hopefully it would make her feel better because I worried about her so much. Was she avoiding me? But what for? I wasn't sure.
I strolled through Broadway getting close to Captiol HIll in my 1969 rusted black ford mustang blasting Shadows Die. I began to sing along with chorus. I wanted these Shadows to Die that were lurking around my Elena. I loved her so much and I worried about her all the time. I missed falling asleep with her in my arms, kissing her awake in the mornings, getting high together and then laughing together when we had "sexual difficulties" because I was too high. I missed her. I craved her.
I parked my car behind hers and scooped up my bags and headed towards her door. My heart raced and feared rejection, I was so worried about her. Right as I was about to knock on her door, I heard muffleled crying. Knocking was not needed at this point. I scrambeled for my keys, unlocked her door, and charged in. Not in the living room. I dropped my bags and rushed to her room.
There she was, sitting criss-cross on her bed staring down at her hands crying. I looked in her hands and noticed the on leather wings necklace that layed upon her fingers. I was confused.
"Elena?" I managed to get out.
She looked up, her eyes were swollen, red and puffy, and had the darkest circles I had ever seen. And on top of that, she was paler than usual.
"Ivan..." She dropped the necklace and jumped into my arms. I carried her back to the bed and layed down still holding her tight to me. She cried and cried into my shoulder. I hated seeing her this way, and a tear even rolled down my cheek and I hugged her tighter against my chest. She let me lightly grab her chin to meet with my face and kiss her. Instantly she started kissing me back and I could tell she wanted it more than anything. Maybe being away from her was what caused her to be this way? I didn't think so.
I kept kissing her, kissing her cheek, nose, neck, chest, grabbing her side and pressing her up against me more, and she went along with it. As soon as her sobs calmed down, she was ready to talk.
"I missed you Ivan, I missed this. It's been so long since I've been so stressed out and crabby. I pushed you away and that didn't help anything but make it worse. I'm sorry I did that to you..."
"What are you stressed out about though? That's what has me confused.
"I dont think I can tell you...."
"Babe, you have told every single little detail and huge events about your life. Everything. Why wouldn't you be able to tell me this?"
"It will ruin everything... I just know it."
"Ruin everything? Now you really have me concerned."
"You won't believe me..."
"You already have me worried and stressed about you. Almost as stressed as you."
"You wouldn't be happy..."
"Wait... are you.... are you cheating on me?"
"I guess in a sense it would be... but it's not real yet it feels so real.."
"What are you talking about?"
"In dreams."
"Those are just dreams though, is that what's stressing you out?"
"Yes.... do you see this necklace? It's the On Leather Wings necklace... they stopped producing it years ago... I woke up with it fastened around my neck. I wasn't wearing it when I took my nap I shit you not. In the dream this 'guy' fastened it around my neck. When I woke up, it was around my neck. I had never seen it before in person."
"Elena, that's physically not possible. It just a fucking dream." I was getting irritated, dreams didn't work that way.
"Just a fucking dream? DO YOU THINK THIS IS A FUCKING JOKE?!" She got up and grabbed a pile of papers. "I've been perfecting this sketch for hours since I woke up. This was on a vest that I was wearing in the dream. A design for the Lone Wolves. I was in stage gear I never have seen in my life and this was the design. I loved it and want to make it a design more than anything. Doesn't that fuckin say something?"
"Okay you saw a design in the dream, a given idea right there. But that doesn't prove anything."
"The guy even told me that it was happening to him but the roles were switched! It's incredibly real and has been happening every time I fall asleep for God knows how long! This isn't fake! That's why I'm so stressed out and crabby! It never ENDS!"
"But you have no proof!"
"IT COULD BE ANYONE'S NECKLACE! You might have found it at one of our old parties from a different guest!"
"Then why in the living hell would I find it in my sleep and put it on huh?!"
She had a valent point...
"The only other possibly explaination, Ivan, is if someone came into my house and put it on me and left but you're the only other person who has a damn house key!"
"Elena, you really need to see someone." It hurt me to say this but she has defiantly lost her marbles.
"....are you fucking kidding me?"
"This whole situation is out of my reach. Are you really even getting sleep?"
"I'M OVER SLEEPING FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! I have these dark circles from stress!"
"I don't believe you." I could tell this hurt her.
"Then what else could it be Ivan? WHAT ELSE COULD IT BE?!"
"Well by the looks of it you're acting like a lot of typical teenagers your age!" What did I just do...
Her eyes grew wide and her mouth hung open, she then closed her eyes and took a deep breath in. When she opened her eyes, I swear on my life her eyes entirely changed, being more amber than ever. And angry. Even her voice changed, she did not sound like herself. Very monotone but full of anger.
"Get the fuck out of my house right now."
"Fine, enjoy the fucking food. Talk to me when you aren't falling apart." Even I wasn't myself. I've never acted this way before and something overcame me, I didn't know what it was.
I marched outside and slamed her front door along with mine. I reved up my engine and blew off. Before I did so, I texted Phoenix to let him know not to go over.
As I drove farther away, I began to feel myself again. And I began to cry. What did I just do? I had never acted that way before. I felt horrible, I just wanted my Elena back. I didn't know who this guy was but as I got farther and farther away. I honestly didn't give a fuck. She was still mine and he was a figment of her imagination. I decided to give her two days to mellow out before I do decide to talk to her again. I don't want to completely fuck up the concert. This was our big shot, and I didn't want her dreams to fall apart because of me or those God damn dreams.


*Group text*

Ivan: Hey guys, It's Ivan, Phoenix, don't worry about going over to Elena's. The rest of you, Elena has been having dreams that's making her stressed out but that's all I can say, she wants me to keep the rest confidential.

Rick: Why can't we know?

Ivan: She only wants me to know.

Olli: Well that's not fair,

Phoenix: Well alright, Why can't we know?

Lennox: As oldest in the group, I deserve to know.

Ivan: Well too bad, Elena said that she doesn't want to mess the whole band up for Friday and that we should just focus on the music.

Rick: That makes sense, we could just talk about it after the show

Lennox: I dont think so, If we get accepted to go on a nation tour with the band, it could possibly make matters worse since we're all going to be on the bus.

Ivan: Lennox, you do have a good point. But I think it's up to her if she wants to say anything.

Olli: We still care about her immensily, I don't want anything to happen to her and I really hate seeing her fall apart.

Ivan: Well if she'll confied in you then give it a shot. I doubt she'll tell you though.

Olli: Why would you say that?

Ivan: ...I can't really tell you that.

Rick: Ivan, are you hiding something?

Ivan: Just keeping things confidential, her wishes.

Lennox: Alright. Olli, I'd still give it a shot.

Ivan: Go for it, I honestly don't care.

Rick: Can you at least tell us some things?

Ivan: Fine... she's been having dreams of a dude that visits her everytime she sleeps and she woke up with a necklace around her neck, the On Leather Wings BVB necklace, that hasn't been produced in years. The guy in her dreams put it on her in a dream the last time she fell asleep and woke up with it on and didn't even own the necklace. She thinks the dreams are more real than it is and that necklace was really put upon her.

Lennox: I'm 28 and I believe it o__o

Olli: My sister has had dreams like that too... she really wanted this game for her DS and magically woke up with the game in her hands... it was insane.

Phoenix:.... that how I obtained my scream.... I screamed in a dream on stage and woke up and the moment I tried the moment I got it after years of trying to figure out how to do it.

Ivan: Oh my God... I was so mean to her... what have I done....

Rick: You said it was a Black Veil Brides necklace right?

Ivan: Yeah?

Rick: I don't think any random guy would give a metal head girl that's a front man and lead singer of a band a necklace of her idols. Especially a necklace that hasn't been produced in years. Do you think it could be a member of Black Veil Brides?

Ivan: Holy shit Rick... you are a genious.

Lennox: O___O He has an extremely valid point...

Phoenix: Well Jinxx is married, Jake is engaged, Ashley is too much of a man whore so that's defiantly not possible. CC has a girlfriend but I know he's commited. Andy has a girlfriend but since he is also a lead singer and front man AND the most attractive, it would make more sense if it was him.

Ivan: You guys are fucking genious. But I hurt her so bad I wouldn't be surprised if she hates me now...

Olli: What did she say?

Ivan: That she needs to get help...

Lennox: Not a good move...

Rick: Just give her two days, I'll talk to her in the mean time. So will Olli. And maybe the rest of us if necessary...

Ivan: I better just leave her alone until she comes back to me...

Lennox: You two are the closest and have known each other the longest and I'd hate to see two best friends fall apart and crush the band, I send my blessings.

Ivan: Thanks again everyone, I wish you guys luck with her and wish me luck that she talks to me again..

Olli: Take care, Ivan :c

Rick: We love you bud <3

Lennox: Bless you my brother \m/

Phoenix: You know who to come to man :)


Sorry for abruptley stopping earlier .-. I had to leave and didn't want my family to see it xD Enjoy the last half on this chapter!


Update soon! This is amazing!!!

Update soon! This is amazing!!!

Update soon! Its an amazing!

Bvb67! Bvb67!
@xxxBlood Aww well thank you :') I actually might be making it into a real novel at some point depending on how many chapters I make and how the story continues.
theBlackKiba theBlackKiba
Please wrote more


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