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Fate Will Find a Way

Countdown T-Minus 4 Days - the Necklace

My boss at work was noticing the signs of my paranoia on stage and he pulled me aside after my preformance.
"Elena, you're not fit for stripping this week. You have made a lot of money through what ever you're going through right now but I can't risk people asking what's up with my strippers or if your cracked out and it's already illegal enough that you're 16. For the whole week, I'll give you an extra $2000 dollars. You've been working hard and I want you to focus on your music. I am for sure coming to the show on Friday and I'll do anything to help and if this is it, then I'll do it."
"Thank you, thank you so much. I've just been having these weird dreams that have been fucking with my head lately."
He handed me the $2000 dollars and said "Elena, kick back and relax this week. Call me if you need anything, I'll see you at the show" hugged me, and walked away.
I went back into the dressing room to change my clothes, this time I had brought my clothes with me now that we had re modeled the dressing room.
I looked in the mirror and took a good look at myself. I hadn't noticed the dark circles under my eyes until today, wasn't I getting enough sleep? Or was the dreams having a bigger affect on my health more than usual?


Monday morning, and I was so tired already. I couldn't go run my arrends before practice because I was just too tired. I might as well do them after practice.
I decided to come stay at my house alone until the show because Ivan began to worry about me and was pressing me too much. I couldn't be around it. Tonight we were having dinner together though, I could let him treat me to that.
I slipped into my sweat pants and slid under my covers to take a nap but was worried I would see Andy again. I hoped and prayed I wouldn't. I would even be happy if it was one of the other members of the band instead of Andy, that would make me a little less stressed.
I dosed off, and started dreaming.


I woke up on a side walk and judging by the weather and palm trees, I knew I was in L.A. and in a dream.
I stood up and looked down at myself and was wearing leather pants, calf high chain and buckle leather boots, and a ripped up white TLW tank top exposing a black tube bra and a vest. I ripped the vest off and looked at the back to see a new design for The Lone Wolves. Hopefully I'd remember it when I woke up. I felt my hair and it was teased up with a bandana. I felt my phone in my pocket and pulled it out to see my face and I was wearing my usual wolf make up. I was wearing a stage outfit most likely but why would I be wearing it walking around in L.A.?
I decided to start walking what I thought was south and looked at all of the beautiful houses as I passed them by. Something in my gut was pulling me in this direction until I was stopped by my gut in front of a two story modern home with some type of wealthy car. Before I could really tell what was going on, I was knocking on the door, what was wrong with me.
I heard screaming of a male and female settle down and a girl run out the door past me and the male walked toward the door while it stood open.
As he walked closer, I couldn't see him but I was scared out of my mind frozen in place as if my feet were glued to his patio.
"Elena! You came!" Andy yelled and pulled me into a bear hug, I was shocked and confused.
He lead me inside, pulling me by my hand, and sat me down on the couch.
"How was getting here?"
" I woke up on the sidewalk in clothes I didn't even know I owned..."
"BAHAHAHAHA!!! You're funny Elena, but seriously."
"I'm dead serious."
"I know, I know. I'm just fuckin' with ya. But I'm glad you made it to my dream."
"Even though our spots are switched, right? So the real you is at my house in Seattle and I'm in your position."
"Isn't all of this making him stressed out too?"
"Yup, you're not the only one."
I still don't believe all of this but I'm going along with it all anyways.
"Who was that girl?"
"That's my soon to be ex girlfriend Juliet Simms."
I knew he had a girlfriend! How could I forget her name? I had been listening to Black Veil Brides since I was fourteen. They were my idols.
"Soon to be?"
"The dreams are tampering with our relationship. I've been telling her about it and she is getting extremely jealous and upset that we haven't been affectonate."
"Wait... does that mean that you witness Ivan Bubali our drummer run out of my place?"
"Did you tell him about the dreams?"
"Then no. You might mention something about it since I'm talking about Juliet but I don't know."
"Does the other Andy know that I know about what's going on right now?"
"Like I said, our roles are being switched but slight word change,"
I really hope I'm not the cause of their break up, that would be horrible...
"What am I here for exactly?"
"Today or all together?"
"Just today."
"Just this..."
He pulled out a necklace out of his pocket, it was the on leather wings necklace that was produced almost three years ago. How was he able to obtain it now?
"Turn around."
I turned around and he fastened it on me. I wanted to ask if I was going to still wear it when I woke up but refrained, I didn't want to get my hopes up.
"Now, before you wake up since you will soon. I at least want to do this.
"Wait-" he got on top of me and planted his lips on mine, even grinded on me during the kiss. He went wild and so did I. I placed my hands on his chest and he placed his hands over mine has our tongues danced together.
He then stroked my face and said.
"Have a nice rest of your day, thanks for stopping by." He smiled.


I woke up and stretched. Then remembered the necklace. I placed my hand over my chest. It hovered over my chest as I took a deep breath in from what just happened last in the dream and to prepare myself in the necklace was on my neck. I placed my hand on my chest after two minutes of preparing my psychological self, and felt metal. I raced to my bathroom to look in the mirror and there it was, the on leather wings necklace around my neck. I didn't think it was possible because I didn't even own the necklace but I always wanted it. I kept it on, and decided to get some clothes and make up on to go run my arrends. But before I left, I sketched the design of the TLW design that was on my vest and tucked it into my band folder and left.


Shoutout to SavedByCarolyn! :) I know how much she wanted the next chapter to come out and here it is! I hope you didn't die in the process DX


Update soon! This is amazing!!!

Update soon! This is amazing!!!

Update soon! Its an amazing!

Bvb67! Bvb67!
@xxxBlood Aww well thank you :') I actually might be making it into a real novel at some point depending on how many chapters I make and how the story continues.
theBlackKiba theBlackKiba
Please wrote more


xxxBlood xxxBlood