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Fate Will Find a Way

Youth and Whiskey

I began to open my eyes in the dim lit room and sense something below my head. I was laying up against Andy. I couldn't complain. My head began to pound and I knew I had gone over my limit. I drank sometimes but never often. This is the most I've drank in a long time and it was definitely getting to my head. One thing I was sure about, I love whiskey. Had it for the first time when I was fourteen but it was a tiny sip. But having multiple shots, damn. I loved it. But regretted it in the end run. I smiled to myself anyways.
Andy noticed my random smile and brought is messy head of hair next to my ear, "Good morning."
"Well, Good morning to you too," I softly giggled.
"How do you feel?"
"Oh I'm feeling it.
He giggled, and then ever so softly, kissed my forehead. It made me feel so warm inside. A feeling I've never really experienced. I did feel something with Ivan, but not something as strong as this.
It was two weeks into our tour, and so much shit went down. And because of this shit, I've been staying on the BvB bus more than my own.
The reason being, I'm avoiding Ivan. Ever since the night in Seattle, I've been extremely uncomfortable and angry with him. And the way he looks at me just scares the living shit out of me and all he ever does when he talks to me is argue because he's so shit faced. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he finally caught on about the dreams. It was pretty obvious I was spending a lot of my time with BvB, and thus being I'm actually spending most of my time with Andy. And I loved every minute of it.
In the last two weeks, we'd been slowly opening up to each other. Getting to know each other and seeing what each other are like in person. I felt it was going great. Our energies synced nicely and we got along. Over time, we never even felt like leaving each others sides. I loved being around him, and he loved being around me. Whether it's just sitting around, watching movies, going to get food, chilling with fans, spending time with the guys, or visiting with my band members, he was always with me.
He even got to know with Lennox, Phoenix, Rick, and Olli. They all approved of him and got along with him and that made me happy. My "family" approved and that was one thing that mattered the most. Except for Ivan of course, but they were on my side from what they've told me.
"Yes, Andy?"
"I'm going to go smoke a cigarette with Ash. I'll be back."
"Kay, I'll be right here. I can't move, in too much pain."
He laughed, "I'm sorry, hun."


I met Ash outside with two coffees and a pack of my favorite Marb Reds, un-opened.
"Here, you'll need this."
"Thanks. Morning cigarettes though."
"I feel it. So refreshing with a nice latte."
"You're telling me."
"So, did you have fun last night?"
"Oh yeah, I downed the rest of that whiskey so quick. I can't even remember what happened past eleven."
"You passed the fuck out man, it was so funny. You were just like 'Alright guys, goin' to bed,' and grabbed a banana off the counter and fell on the floor. The moment you hit that floor, you were out. We cracked up so much after that. You missed out on a lot."
"Aw maaann.... So how are you and Elena?"
"Dude, I can't even put her into words. She's just so.... I.... I can't find the right words. She's perfect I guess."
"Well she is a hot piece of ass."
"Hey, you watch your mouth. I'm younger than you and she's only sixteen."
"Yeah but she looks twenty."
"Have you got any action with her/"
"I don't plan to rush things, I don't want to ruin something so precious with her. I couldn't do that to her especially after all the shit she's been through."
"I feel it man."
"But I haven't even kissed her yet."
"Yup. Only in the dreams."
"Well change that!"
"I'm working on it! I want it to be special, to mean something. For her to know how much I care for her."
"Dude, I'm sure she's anticipating it. Waiting for it. You need to kiss her!"
"Says the womanizer."
"Oh shut up!"
We then heard a loud bang from over where The Lone Wolves van was parked.
"What was that?
"I don't know, probably just rough housing. I don't want to get involved.


"Ivan, would you PLEASE settle down!"
"I can't, Lennox! I'm overly worked up, two weeks now!"
"Well drinking isn't going to help! I'm trying to tell you, you have a problem man! You need to cut back on the alcohol!"
"It's the only way I can get my mind off of things! I can't cope! I don't know what to do, I just lost someone I genuinely cared about!"
"Well did you even think WHY it happened!?"
I kicked the spare tire on the back of the van and it popped off. Even the holder was bent out of place. I was angry and frustrated. I just wanted her back."
"Dude! Are you fucking kidding me! That's coming out of your wallet, we are NOT paying for that!"
I clenched my hair and began pacing again, "Okay smart guy, tell me!"
"She hates drinkers! You're drinking out of control! Her family fell apart because of that and you know that! I wouldn't blame her for wanting to stay the hell away from you, I almost don't even want to be around you anymore and neither do any of the guys because you can't get your shit straight!"
"....How could I forget. No, no no no no NO! What have I done! I've really fucked up now, ugh," I stormed off, I couldn't be around those people anymore. I needed to walk, to think, to figure things out. I couldn't take on all of this stress any longer.


"Oh Ellleennnnaaa."
I grunted into the pillow.
"Come oooonnnn. Get up or else I'll pick you up."
"I could care less."
I heard him run over to my side and he picked me up roughly. I giggled but my head was still throbbing at the same time.
"Why don't you take some advil or something? It would help."
"I was too lazy to get it," still dangling in his arms.
"Well, then let's just go back to the spare bed and actually get a little rest instead of sleeping on a couch."
"I'm down."
He smiled down at me and began carrying me towards the back of the bus to the room with the only bed. He plopped me down playfully but carefully so it wouldn't irritate my head. I was laying towards the bottom of the bed, knees hanging off the edge, and Andy stepped over to the dresser and grabbed me some advil.
"Thanks, " I said with a smile and happily took those pain relievers. Hopefully they would work. I placed the glass of water on the side table and went back to my same position.
Andy laughed and hovered above me, his hands beside my head to keep him in place.
I was captured in his eyes, his blue, crystal like eyes. I was hypnotized. I felt so safe when he looked at me this way. I felt cared for. Even loved in a sense. But it was much more intense than I've ever felt before. I'm sure he was feeling the same way.
"Have I ever told you how freaking beautiful you are?"
I blushed hard and covered my mouth, "Oh stop it you."
He laugh and touched my forehead with his and I moved my hand to laugh with him. Every time I was around him, I was stress free, relaxed, and happy. I could forget about everything and just focus on him and what we were currently doing. Or just chatting. His presence was just amazing for me, like an anti-depressant.
We locked eyes once again, but being closer to each others faces, it made the moment that much more intense. My chest tightened, and my abdomen was filled with that warm feeling again. I felt like a magnet that was being attracted to it's opposite, I wanted him close. Judging by his body language, I knew he was feeling the same.
He lifted his hand and tucked my hair behind my ear, not breaking eye contact, and placed his hand on my cheek. He then looked down at my lips for a mere second, and then back up to my eyes. It was amazing how only facial expression could show so many words or feelings. He wanted to kiss me. I wanted to kiss him. Oh did I want to kiss him. I returned the contact and stared up at him eagerly.
He guided my face towards his ever so slowly, building up tension in each second it took to be closer to his plump, soft lips. We closed our eyes, and our lips touched. My heart instantaneously began thumping one we made contact. His kiss was so tender, so thriving, I didn't want to stop. Our lips layered together softly and passionately and I placed my hand on his chest. He leaned down closer onto me, but not bearing his dead weight upon me.
We continued this passionate kiss for what seemed like forever, I didn't want it to end. He then got a hold of my bottom lip with his teeth, seductively biting my lip. It drove me nuts. And slowly slipped his tongue into my mouth and made contact with mine. Tongues swirling together in harmony, leaving and meeting again for that lip contact I oh so enjoyed.
He moved his hands underneath my lower back and pulled me closer, still kissing me. I swear he was trying to seduce me, but with the passion and love in his kiss, it was definitely not a seduction.
He pulled back and paused, kissed my nose, and locked eyes with me again. It felt like an entire five minutes we had sat there, staring into each others eyes.
"Would you like to take a nap in here, with me?"
"Yes, I would love that."
He picked me up bride style, heh heh, bride style, lifted the covers, and tucked me in on one side and ran around the bed to the other. He slipped under the covers and pulled me in close. I laid on my left side and he slipped his arm around my ribcage and pulled me up against him into a spooning form. I could care less. I was comfortable. His left arm, the full sleeved one, was under my head and I could smell his natural scents mixed with cigarette smoke. Oh did I love his smell. I placed my right arm over his on my ribcage and laced my fingers in with his and in no time, we were both fast asleep.


I'm so sorry, my dear readers! Junior year is kicking me in the ass and I haven't been able to do anything I usually do in my free time. Hopefully I can write more this month!


Update soon! This is amazing!!!

Update soon! This is amazing!!!

Update soon! Its an amazing!

Bvb67! Bvb67!
@xxxBlood Aww well thank you :') I actually might be making it into a real novel at some point depending on how many chapters I make and how the story continues.
theBlackKiba theBlackKiba
Please wrote more


xxxBlood xxxBlood