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All Your Hate

An Unforgettable Night - Part 1

I hailed a cab, and, finding one quite quickly, told him directions to the place that I wanted to go to. I had told Alexa my plan for tonight and she would be covering for me while I was gone, in case Andy wondered where I had gone.

20 minutes later, we pulled up at the street that Andy and I had walked down a couple of hours ago. I thanked the taxi driver who sped off, then walked down the street towards the tattoo parlour at the end of the road.

"Scarlette, right?" I heard a voice say. I looked and saw the tattoo artist from earlier today looking at me with a smile on his face.

"Yeah, that's me," I grinned.

"You saw his tattoo, I'm guessing," he asked, referring to Andy's newest addition to his sleeve of tattoos.

"Yeah, it was amazingly done. Thank you," I said.

"No problem. So, what can I do for you tonight?" he asked.

"I'd like to get another one tonight. For someone special," I smiled. Comprehension dawned on his features.

"Alright, have you got anything in mind?" he asked, arranging his tools.

About an hour later, I emerged from the shop, with a bandage wrapped around my ring finger and my stomach. I was so happy with how the tattoos had turned out, and after thanking the artist over and over again, I left the parlour, a huge smile on my face.

Checking my phone, I realized that the concert had ended a couple of minutes ago. I had to get back to the venue, which would take about 20 minutes. I got into a taxi who drove me there, and I saw the others just stepping out of the venue when my taxi pulled up.

"Scarlette, where were you?" Andy asked me, looking confused.

"Oh, something came up. But no worries, it's all sorted out now," I smiled, hiding my hand behind my back. Unfortunately, that bandage would be more difficult to hide. Well, unless Andy had any special plans for us for tonight.

"We're gonna go to that club downtown, you guys coming?" asked Ashley, walking up to me.

"Yeah sure, I could use a few drinks," I smiled. We all piled into the van and drove off to the club that Ashley had spotted earlier on.

"Oh my god I'm so excited for this, it's supposed to be one of the best clubs in the UK!" exclaimed CC, grinning widely.

"CC, how many Monsters did you drink before the show tonight?" I asked, frowning slightly.

"Only 3. But I also had a couple RedBulls, why?" he asked me, fiddling in his seat.

I laughed. CC would never fail to make me smile. "Nothing," I said, as I felt a nudge on my hip.

"What?" I asked, turning to Andy who was sitting right next to me. He ignored me, pretending not to hear.

I turned and felt a nudge again. I looked at him, but he was still staring right ahead. I nudged him back, and this soon turned into a full on nudge-war, ending in us bursting into fits of laughter, almost crying on the floor. Everyone else was looking at us like we were from another planet, but we were too hyped up to even notice.

"You know, it's really hard to believe that you two hated each other not that long ago," Jinxx said, laughing.

"Yeah, I don't know why though. You two were literally manufactued for each other," Sammi said, smiling. I turned to Andy, and he smiled.

"Yeah, I'd agree. We were pretty vicious though," he said, laughing. "Well I mean, it was more Scarlette. I never knew why she despised me that much in the first place," he said.

"That's so not true, you weren't exactly a gentleman when we first met. You poured your slushie all over me!" I said, indignant.

"Okay, but who's the one that spewed coffee all over me within 10 seconds of having me in the same room as them?"

"That wasn't exactly intentional, I was just... surprised?" I said, not convincingly enough though. By then, we had reached the club, I could hear the pounding bass a mile away.

Climbing out of the van, we looked at the building. It was definitely a lot bigger than a lot of the clubs I had been to, and I couldn't wait to go inside.

It was packed full of people, the bar was at one end and the large dancefloor was full of people dancing to the loud music that played from the speakers all around the room. There were booths as well, where people were drinking and talking to each other, just enjoying the night.

We all headed straight to the bar, and ordered ourselves some shots.

"In celebration of a fantastic tour," Ashley raised his glass, we all did the same and then took the shot, the liquid burning my throat.

"I can't believe this tour is basically over," I said. "It hasn't felt like a year at all."

"That's because so much has happened," Andy said.

"Yeah, it'll definitely be a year I'll never forget," I said, reflecting over everything that had happened. Meeting Andy, hating him, ignoring him, despising him, fighting with him, falling for him, and now being in love with him. I also thought of Jack and how he had tried to ruin everything for me, but it hadn't worked out. Andy had always been there with me every tough step of the way, especially when we lost a child that would have been ours, together. I still wondered what life would be like if I hadn't been hit by that car, and then I realized that I really wasn't ready for a child. I didn't know about Andy, but I wasn't mature enough to handle something like that, I was only 21 after all.

"Whatcha thinking about?" asked Andy.

"What? Oh, nothing. Actually, no. Everything. Everything that's happened this past eleven months and how even though there have been terrible moments, this has really been the best year of my life. I finally have a proper family," I said, smiling.

"Aww, Scarlette!" Ash said over the loud music, causing everyone to pull me into the center of a group hug.

An hour later, I was still sat at the bar with a beer in my hand, enjoying watching all the ridiculous drunken people trying to dance and talk on the floor. I felt someone's presence coming towards me and saw a guy, about 25 ish, smiling at me.

"Hey," he said.

"Hi.." I replied, slowly.

"So, what's your name?" he asked.

"Scarlette." I said, shortly.

"Scarlette. What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl," he said, coming closer. I could now smell the alcohol in his breath.

"Uhm, yeah. Well thanks, but I'm gonna leave now," I said, getting up and trying to find the others. The unknown man grabbed my waist.

"Now come on, don't be boring. Let's say we have a little fun up in the rooms, huh?" he asked, gripping me tightly until I was very uncomfortable.

"No thanks, I don't think my boyfriend would appreciate it. And neither would I," I said, wriggling out of his grip.

"Who cares about him, he wouldn't need to know," the man slurred, trying to get me again.

"Oh but I do. And I suggest you step away from my girl, if you don't want any trouble," I heard the oh so familiar deep voice from behind me, already making me feel secure.

"Maybe we could share her," the disgusting man said, smirking, his hands reaching for my lower back.

"Oh hell no," Andy growled starting forward. I put one hand firmly on his chest.

"Andy, look at me," I said, calmly. His crystal blue eyes pierced into mine. I could see the anger melt when he looked at me.

"I don't wanna cause a scene, please?" I asked. He sighed and nodded.

"Come on, let's get away from this freak," he said, taking my hand. We turned away, but before we left, I turned back and went straight towards the guy.

"Oh hey, next time," I said, sweetly, "make sure you find the single girls in the club, because you could get yourself into a lot of trouble. Especially with ones that are a little more capable of taking care of themselves, such as someone like me," I smiled, bringing my knee up straight into his groin, making him collapse onto the floor in pain.

I heard loud cheers and laughing behind me, and saw the BVB crew and my band amused at what I had just done. I looked at Andy and he just smiled, opening his arms.

I walked towards him, breathing in his minty-cigarette smell. "That's my girl," he smirked, making me chuckle. "It's cool that I have a girlfriend who is capable of hurting guys, but... please don't ever do that to me?" he asked.

"Oh Andy," I laughed. "Only if you give me reason to," I winked.

"I never will, Scar. Come outside with me for a while, why don't we take a walk to escape this place. I'm starting to get a headache," he said. I nodded, and we told the others before going out through the doors and walking to the large park that was on the other side of the road.


i know i haven't updated in ages so feel free to yell at me... i'm sorry hahah.
i hope you guys liked this, part 2 will be up sooner than next saturday ;)


I remember when you first wrote this fic and I hoped that it would never finish. This story is what got me Into reading fanfic. I hope you continue to write more! You're incredibly talented!

Molly_Mystic Molly_Mystic



omfg i just fangirled for two hours!!! loved it!!!

Oh my fucking god this was amazing

foreverawildone foreverawildone