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Firstoff. I want to say sorry about my grammar. Im on my nook most of the time. So Kelley here! I'm turning 16 in August, raised in Ohio (Andy's from there!) and I am probably black veil brides biggest fan.

The star that burned so bright, faded the fastest ~ Andy biersack

Once in the army, always in the army

you can follow me on Instagram @_the_little_rebel_ or you can Facebook me at Kelley Cook (I have purple hair if u didn't know) haha.
i like batman

music is my dear life. I honestly could not live without music. I would probably go crazy by now. Haha.

I make ale up my own fan fiction story's, so if any facts or anything is wrong with the story, don't hate! It's a fan FICTION for crying out loud.

I co-author one story and two I have written up. So go ahead and check out my story's, and I promise you won't regret anything!

Stay strong, refuse to sink <3

if you need anything or anybody to talk to, I am really open, message me you phone numbers, or I can message mine, or you can just message. Haha.

I love getting snap chats from people on here so go on snap to! It's Cookie_Cook14

llve be you guys! Kelley out!


When Darkness Is All You See..

When Darkness Is All You See..

NC-17 Romance Horror Fantasy

Kelley had a normal life, or so she thought. She will quickly learn how dark her world will get. (Will contain lots of blood and gore! (; if you like monsters, or creatures and what not, this is your story!)


10.0 57 Votes
Cold Veins and Hollow Hearts

Cold Veins and Hollow Hearts

NC-17 Romance Horror Fantasy

When the dead start to come back to life, Kelley cook is faced to face with the living dead, an her new friends. Will there be love? Will there be lost? Will there be blood? Ofcourse!


10.0 12 Votes