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*****This was taken from my old account I lost, not stolen*****

Not sure what to say here... Ok firstly...ive never written a fic before, but I love writing so I'm gonna give it a go and see what happens, if I suck tell me, I'll take any criticism on board, if you have any ideas for the fic or a future fic I could make let me know in a message or the comments, even if you have a character idea I'd love to hear it :3

Anyway some stuff about me...

I love BVB (obviously haha), ATL and Pierce the Veil the most out of all the bands I love, I have been to two concerts in my life, Hot Chelle Rae had the honours of popping my concert cherry, and All Time Low gave me the best experience of my life. I am depressed and have (and still do) self harmed, I try really hard to stay strong though and can go long periods without doing it now :3 music and animals are my life, I wouldn't be here without them, I have a few animals, they are my babies. There's my childhood dog Rene (full name pronounced ree-nee-bay-bee), my cat Violet ( who is currently missing), my bunny Chloe (he's a boy haha), my puppy Sammy, my baby, Crookshanks the kitten, and the newest addition, little Scout, the black and white kitten of cuteness :3

If anyone ever feels like they need to talk to somebody, message me, I will ALWAYS be happy to talk to you no matter what it is, anyways I love this site, happy reading guys :3


Suffer In Silence

Suffer In Silence

R Romance Drama Teen

*I DID NOT STEAL THIS MY ACCOUNT WAS DELETED SO I'M RE-UPLOADING IT* Koda is a quiet girl, for some reason she is a bully magnet, even her family hates her. Depressed and desperately lonely, what happens when she meets a certain blue eyed boy.. Will she finally make friends? Will they care abou


10.0 65 Votes
Diary of an Outcast

Diary of an Outcast

PG-13 Drama Teen

Long story short my name is Andrew Dennis Biersack and I have decided to start a diary.


- 1 Vote
Don't tell me that this love is a lie

Don't tell me that this love is a lie

R Romance Fantasy Teen

*this is my first one off, it will be my first time writing sm*t too so it might not be any good* Andy is 18 and the lead singer of Black Veil Brides, a rock band hitting the big time, they have a lot of haters because of the way they look and the music they make but its what makes them special and


Completed ✓
10.0 6 Votes