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All Your Hate

A Signing and the Nightclub

*A few weeks later*

I woke up and felt Andy's arms wrapped tightly around me. These past few weeks on tour had been the best ever, especially because the person sending the texts seemed to have disappeared. I was in such a good mood today because we were going to do a signing today at Hot Topic with the guys and then we had a free night. Our band was doing really well and a lot of the BVB Army seemed to like us as well, so I was really happy. Andy suddenly stirred and he opened his eyes.

"Good morning Scar," he said, his already deep voice thick with sleep.

"Hey Andy," I said, getting out of bed. "We'd better get ready, we have to leave in a few minutes," I said as I quickly rushed to the bathroom. He gave me a weird look, because I was never alert and quick in the mornings, but agreed and went to his suitcase to find a change of clothes.

The truth was, I never would have gotten out of bed that quickly. But, after I woke up, I felt my phone vibrate on the bedside table - and I was praying that it wasn't who I thought it was. But no such luck.

From: Blocked Number

I haven't spoken to you for a while, I know. But don't worry, I haven't forgotten. I'm closer to you than you think. Just because you're in a different city almost every night doesn't make it any harder to trail you. See you soon, darling.

I gulped and looked at myself in the mirror. I fought the urge to throw my phone down, but then I knew Andy would ask why. I knew that this was getting really serious and I knew that I had to tell him, but the fact was that this person seemed really dangerous and I really didn't want anyone I cared about getting hurt. The mystery person who was sending me these texts hadn't done anything for a while, but it was still scaring me a little. I just had to tell someone, but who? Who could I tell? I would have to sort this out by myself, I guess.

15 minutes later, BVB and The Outcasts were piled into a car which drove us to one of the biggest Hot Topics in the US. I was excited for today because it was our first big signing and we were finally able to meet some fans.

We arrived at the store and saw that two tables had been set up, one with Black Veil Brides merchandise and the other with ours. Our manager directed us to our table and made us sit down, and I heard the screams of fans outside. My phone vibrated and I checked the message, smiling when I realized it was from Andy.

From Andy: You excited babe? x

To Andy: Definitely, yes! First signing and we actually get to meet fans, this is actually so amazing.x

From Andy: I'm so proud of you guys<3 And hey, the fangirls are arriving. Don't get too jealous ;)

To Andy: Oh, there are gonna be fanboys as well, Biersack. And I'll try ;) x

From Andy: I know that there will be, Moore. And if anyone flirts with you they're gonna lose their arm.

To Andy: Calm down Andy, you know I love you <3

From Andy: Yeah, but Ashley is sexier than me, right?

I looked at my phone, confused. Then I heard a laugh and someone being slapped and I saw Andy grabbing his phone back from Ash, who had obviously sent me the last message. I rolled my eyes and laughed at Ashley, who was rubbing his arm where Andy had hit him, apparently quite hard. I looked at Andy and he smiled at me, mouthing I love you too back, and I smiled before the doors to the store opened and the fans piled in.

"Hi!" I heard someone say and I looked up, smiling at a girl who was around 14 years old.

"Hey, what's your name?" I asked her.

"Miranda! I'm a huge fan of you guys!" she chirped back. She was so preppy, and she loved our music! I liked this girl.

"That's awesome! Do you want me to sign something?" I asked, holding up a sharpie.

"Yeah, my poster and this CD please," she said, handing me our EP album and a poster of the four of us. I recognized it as the one that Dustin thought he looked incredibly hot in and smiled, writing a little message onto it. I handed it back to her and she beamed at me.

"Thank you so much Scarlette! And by the way, I think you and Andy are the perfect couple," she said. I'm pretty sure Andy heard because he looked over and smiled happily.

"I think so too. Thank you Miranda, and enjoy the rest of your day!" I said, as she moved on to Alexa who was sitting right beside me.

The rest of the day passed by like that and we must have met at least 500 fans! It was so cool, and I loved every minute of it. This was the life I wanted, I thought. I was so glad that I had run off and not listened to my parents, even though I missed them a lot.

"Scarlette!" I suddenly heard. I stopped dreaming and realized that the store was now empty and it was only Andy waiting there, the rest of the guys had gone to the car to go back to our hotel.

"Oh! Sorry, I was just thinking," I said.

"About?" he asked, curious.

"Well, I really loved today. And I was thinking, that even though I miss my parents like crazy... this is the life I want. I just wish they supported me," I said, sighing.

"Hey Scar, you have another family now. You have us. The whole of Black Veil Brides. And we support you 500%. And my parents support you as well, just letting you know," he said and smirked.

"Wait, what?" I asked.

"Yeah, I got them to listen to your songs, and they liked them! So now you have parents that are supporting you," he said smiling.

"That's sweet Andy. You know, I really want to meet them someday," I said thoughtfully.

"You will! We're going to be in Ohio soon and they said that they wanted to meet you too."

"That's awesome," I said, standing up and taking his hand. "But now we gotta go."

We got to the car. On the way back to the hotel, Alexa suggested that we go to a club that she had heard of earlier. We all agreed because we hadn't been to one in a while. So, I kicked a grumbling Andy out of our hote room and let Alexa and Sammi in. We took an hour to get ready and by that time, Jinxx, Ashley, and Andy were pounding on the door telling us to hurry up. I rolled my eyes and opened the door.

"We're ready, are you guys happy now?" I said and looked at Andy.

"Scarlette, you look... amazing," he said, his eyes wide. I blushed.

"Thank you Andy, so do you," I winked and grabbed my purse which had money and my phone in it. Everyone was finally ready so we headed to the club.

As the car pulled up to it, I could already tell that this place was for VIP's only. The two bouncers who guarded the doors let us in immediately, because they knew who we were. That was weird, getting recognized. As soon as we got in, we sat down at a booth and ordered some drinks.

Andy and I spent the whole time together, mostly just enjoying the alchohol. By 2am, we were completely wasted and had no idea what we were doing.

"Oh my god Scarlette, you look so sexy right now," I heard Andy slur, grabbing my waist and pulling me closer.

"Andy, so do you," I said giggling. He smirked and pulled me close, crashing his lips onto mine. It turned into a heated make out session and I could already tell where this was going, even in my hazy mind.

"Let's go," he said as we stumbled out of the club doors and to the car that would take us back to the hotel. We reached and went to the elevator in the lobby. It opened and we went in. Andy pushed me against the wall and started kissing my neck, as I moaned slightly. The elevator dinged and we broke apart, and saw an old lady walking in, frowning at us. I laughed and we stumbled out of the elevator, heading to our room. We kept our lips glued onto each other as Andy skillfully managed to unlock the door without looking.

I jumped up and wrapped my legs around his waist and he held my legs to keep me up. Kissing me more, I ran my hands through his hair.

"Hey Andy, I love you more than I love chocolate! And that's a lot," I said, in between kisses.

He giggled. "Yeah, I love you more than I love beer. And that's a lot. A lot a lot," he said, and I laughed at him. He threw me onto the bed and took his shoes off, hovering over me. I flipped him over so that I was on top and he pulled down the zipper of my dress quickly and eagerly. I unbuttoned his shirt swiftly as well and threw it onto the floor, as he left a trail of kisses from my lips to my chest. He rested his forehead agaisnt mine.

"I love you so much baby," he slurred and I wrapped my arms around his neck.

"I love you more, Biersack," I said, and he laughed when I called him by his last name.

*The Next Morning*

I woke up with a pounding headache.

"Ugh, I'm never drinking again!" I exclaimed as I heard a deep chuckle to my right.

"Yeah, don't say things that you don't mean Scarlette," said Andy, rubbing his temples as well.

"I need water," I said, getting it from the table. I drank half the bottle and then gave it to Andy who finished it. Then I realized that I wasn't wearing my dress. In fact, I wasn't wearing anything.

"Andy..." I said as my eyes grew wide. "What exactly happened last night?" I said, and he thought for a moment.

"Well clearly we did, you know..." he trailed off. But then he gasped in realization. "Oh shit, did we use-"

"Yeah that's what I was just thinking," I said panicking a little.

"I'll look around," he said and I wrapped a blanket around myself. I headed for the bathroom to take a shower. When I came back out, I looked at him, a sickening feeling in my stomach. He must have seen my worried expression.

"Don't worry, I saw one in the trash," he said and immediately I calmed down.

"Jesus that freaked me out a little," I said laughing weakly.

"Hey, I want you to know something Scarlette. Even if we hadn't used a condom last night and, well, you know... I wouldn't leave. I'd be there for you," he said and my heart actually melted a little. Tears appeared in my eyes.

"Andy... you have no idea how amazing you are," I said, as he wiped away the tears with his thumb. He just smiled and kissed me on the cheek before going to the shower himself.

I sat down on the bed and played on my phone while waiting for the others to get up. Sammi knocked on the door and I opened it.

"Hey babe," she said, all chirpy.

"I see you didn't drink last night," I said, my head still throbbing a little.

"Nah, not as much as you guys. You couldn't even walk in a straight line, it was hilarious!" she said. I rolled my eyes at her and she laughed.

"Well anyway, I just came to say goodbye. I have a photoshoot project to do and I'm leaving in 20 minutes. It was really last minute but I'll be back in about 3 weeks."

"Aw Sammi, you're leaving me?" I pouted, sad that she was going for now. She had become my other best friend.

"Yeah, I'll miss you! But I'll be back, don't worry," she winked and gave me a hug. Andy walked out of the bathroom.

"Oh hey Sammi," he said.

"Hey Andy. Just came to say bye, I've got a project to work on and I'm leaving right now," she said.

"Oh, that's cool. See you back here soon!" he said, and she smiled and left the room.

"So, what are we doing today?" he asked.

"We are driving to North Carolina," I said, as he sat down on the bed.

"Awesome. We're leaving now I guess?"

"Yeah," I said, zipping up my suitcase.

"Come on, let me take that for you," he said.

"Nope, Biersack. I'll handle it by myself," I said, as he pouted.

"Okay fine then," he said, pretending to be offended.

"Sorry, but I gotta use these muscles," I said, pretending to flex my arms.

"What muscles?" he asked and I glared at him before punching his arm.

"Oh, those," he squeaked and I laughed, giving him a peck on the cheek before opening the door and going to the lobby.


another update! yayy!


I remember when you first wrote this fic and I hoped that it would never finish. This story is what got me Into reading fanfic. I hope you continue to write more! You're incredibly talented!

Molly_Mystic Molly_Mystic



omfg i just fangirled for two hours!!! loved it!!!

Oh my fucking god this was amazing

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