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I Have A Sister? [[Black Veil Brides Story]]

Chapter 6

(Azlyn's POV)

"Azlyn, wait!!" Andy yelled from behind me. I didn't dare to turn around, he would bring me back to the bus with Juliet in there...
"Please, Azlyn, stop!!" Andy yelled, getting closer to me. "I have to keep running...." I thought to myself. So, I kept running. Andy was still behind me, I'm surprised that he didn't get tired yet, I already was but I forced myself to keep going. I ran to a park and quickly, but carefully, climbed up a tree. Andy went to the tree I climbed and looked up. "Azlyn..?" he said, looking up at me. He probably couldn't see me due to it being night time. I kept quiet. He sighed and walked away after 5 minutes. I guess he gave up. I'll just go back in few hours and hopefully they'll all be asleep, and Juliet will be gone.
*** I listened to music non-stop for a good 3 hours and it's 1:00am so I hope they're all asleep..
I carefully climbed down, not slipping, and started walking back towards the bus. That's when I pair of hands grabbed me and threw me over their shoulder. I screamed and kicked. "Owww, Azy. It's only me!" the person said.
Andy?? He waited 3 hours for me to come down?!
"Andy?? What the hell?!" I said, hitting his back. He chuckled and put me down. "I waited for you, I didn't want you to leave or get hurt." he told me as we walked back to the bus. "Juliet was only there to tell me about everything that's been going on. She wants your forgiveness, Azlyn." he said. I laughed,"You're kidding right? After all she's done to me for the past 7 years, she thinks i'll forgive her?" Andy sighed. "She's really sorry.." "Have she ever told you that she's been in plays? She's a very good actress, she can lie easily." I said.
He nodded,"I know but she seems like she's telling the truth." I mentally faceplamed. Did he even hear what I just said?? I sighed and we kept walking to the bus.


Sorry for the short update.
I've been really busy.

- Alexis c:


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