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I Have A Sister? [[Black Veil Brides Story]]

Chapter 5

(Azlyn’s POV)

“Azzzlynnn.” someone whispered into my ear. I swung my arm around, hoping to hit the person, but I failed. “Trying to hit me? Wrong mistake.” the voice said. Suddenly, I wake picked up and throw over someone’s shoulder. I opened my eyes, CC. “CC. I wanna sleeeep.” I whined. He chuckled and put me down onto the couch. “It’s 12:30 in the afternoon, no more sleepy time.” he told me, ruffling my hair. I groaned and put one of the couch pillows on my face. “What do you want to eat?” he asked. “I dunno.” I said into the pillow. “Wanna go out and get something? There’s nothing in here, looks like Jinxx has to go shopping again.” CC said, laughing a little. I laughed and sat up.
“I’m gonna go get ready.” I said, getting up and going to the bathroom. I stare at myself in the mirror. Words swirled around my head. Fat Ugly Emo Worthless Stupid I pulled out my razor and added 3 more to my thighs then 3 to my wrist. I cleaned up, putting bandaids on my cuts and getting dressed in black skinny jeans, a Misfits shirt, and a lot of bracelets. I straightened and teased my hair a bit, put my makeup on, and stepped out. Walking in skinny jeans with cuts hurts like a mother…
“Hey, you ready?” CC asked, standing up. I nodded and we walked outside. “Nice shirt.” CC smiled. “Thanks.” I said, smiling back and sticking my hands in my pockets. “Soo, that’s a lot of bracelets I see…” he said, examining my wrists. “What? Can’t a girl like bracelets?” I said with a laugh. Is he catching onto me?? I calmed down and just kept walking.
“Where to?” I asked. “Hmm…how about McDonald’s?” he suggested. I hate McDonald’s… “Yeah, sounds good.” I smiled. He smiled back and we walked to McDonald’s. I ordered a double cheeseburger with fries and a drink. CC got a Big Mac, that thing was damn huge! And he devoured it within seconds! WTF. I can barely even eat fast but CC…dang. I finished my food and took a sip of my drink. “I’m gonna use the bathroom before we leave.” I said, getting out of my seat.
CC nodded and I went to the bathroom. I locked myself in a stall and threw anything in my stomach up. I flushed the toilet and got out a piece of gum, I carry a pack with me everywhere, and stuck it in my mouth. I washed my hands then walked out, CC was standing right outside the door. “You ok? I heard someone throwing up a storm .” “It was the girl in the stall next to me.” I said real quickly. CC looked at me weird. “Something you need to tell me?” he asked, crossing his arms.
“N-No, let’s go back to the bus. Andy might get worried.” I said “Andy’s out with Ashley getting more warpaint, so no worries. But I feel like you’re hiding something from me, Azlyn. You can tell me anything” CC said. I sighed, “Can we go to a park or something?” He nodded and we walked to the park near McDonald’s. “Ok, can you please tell me what’s going on?” CC asked, sitting down on the grass. I sat next to him and bit my lip.
“It’s ok, Azlyn.” CC said, rubbing my back. I sighed and started to take off all the bracelets I had on both wrists. CC gasped and tears started to fill his eyes. “Y-You did this?” he asked. I nodded and looked at my wrists. Tons of cuts, some overlapping each other all the way up to my elbow and going past by 3 cuts. He lightly felt my cuts, I winced a little. He started to cry. I hugged him tight. “Please, s-stop.” he asked, his voice cracking. “I’ll try.” I sighed. “And please tell me that wasn’t you throwing up in the bathroom.” he pleaded. I looked down and tried not to look at him.
“Azlyn, you need to stop this,” he pointed to my wrists,” and throwing up.” I sighed, “But I’m fat…” CC looked at me in disbelief. “You’re kidding right? You’re not just skinny, you’re too skinny.” I said, poking at my stomach. “That’s not what everyone else says…” I mumbled.
“Who says that you aren’t?” he asked. “Juliet.” I said, tearing up. “Juliet..? You know her?” he asked. “She’s my step-sister. Her parents adopted me and abused me and stuff.” I started to cry.

CC hugged me and rubbed my back. “Andy knows, right?” he asked. “He knows nothing except for Juliet being my sister and my cutting..”
“You have to tell him, Azlyn.” he said. I shook my head no. “I’ll tell him if you don’t.” he said firmly. “Y-You wouldn’t.” I said, my eyes widened. “Oh, with how bad this is getting, I would.” he said.
“CC, you can’t!” I started freaking out. “Azlyn, I care about you and I don’t want you getting even more hurt. Either you tell him or I will.” he said. I sighed in defeat and nodded, “I’ll tell him…” He hugged me tight and didn’t let go. “Thank you, Azlyn.” I smiled and hugged back.
“I find it funny that your spending more time with me and not Andy.” I said. “Well, Andy is a busy guy.” he told me. I nodded and stood up. “Swings?” I suggested. He nodded and got up. I started running towards the swings, even though it hurt my thighs a lot, I made it and hopped on. I started pumping my legs back and forth, letting the wind blow through my hair as CC got on the swing next to me. “You like the swings, don’t you?” CC asked. I nodded and kept swinging.


After playing around at the park, we decided to go back to the bus. One the way there, I pulled out a pack of smoke and got a cigarette, I offered one to CC. He looked at me weirdly, ”You smoke?” I nodded and put the pack away. “How old are you?” he asked. “13, turning 14 in two days.” I smiled, bringing the cigarette up to my lips and lighting it. “Ok then. Can I have one?” he asked. I nodded and threw him my pack. I blew out some smoke. “How long have you been smoking?” he asked after lighting his cigarette and throwing the pack back over to me. “Almost 2 years, I taught myself.” I said. He nodded and we got to the bus. He opened the door for me,"Why thank you." "You're welcome." he smiled.

Oh, guess who was in there with Andy?

I bolted out of there as quick as I could, I didn't care where I was going. I just ran.


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