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I Have A Sister? [[Black Veil Brides Story]]

Chapter 7

(Azlyn’s POV)

We got back to the bus and he finally put me down. “Thank you.” I said, walking to the couch and sitting down. “You’re very welcome.” he said, sitting down next to me. “Azzyy!” someone said. I turned my head and saw CC, I smiled and hugged him tight. “You look tired?” he asked, looking at my face and examining it. I nodded and my eyes started to droop. CC chuckled and led me to my (well, Andy and mines) bedroom in the back. He tucked me in and kissed my forehead. “Night Azlyn.” he said before closing the door. “Night CC..” I mumbled. That’s when sleep over took me.


I cracked opened my eyes and sat up, looking around me. I was in the bedroom, in the bus still. I looked next to me and saw Andy, fast asleep. I smiled and then carefully got out of bed, not wanting Andy to wake yet, and left the room. Ashley was in the living room channel surfing. I flopped down next to him. “Morning Ashley.” I said. He looked at me and smiled, ”Morning kiddo.” I smiled and laid my head on his shoulder. “Batman still asleep?” he asked. I nodded into his shoulder. He nodded and kept looking for a station to watch. “I swear, we get no good shows on this TV…” he said, putting the remote down.
I laughed and lifted my head from his shoulder. “Do you have Xbox?” I asked. He nodded, looking at me weird. “Do you have Call of Duty, Black Ops..?” I asked. A smile grew on his face and he handed me a controller and earpiece. I put the earpiece over my head and he turned the Xbox on.
“What game is this?” I asked, adjusting the earpiece and microphone. “Call of Duty, it’s Jake’s. He plays this a lot on the bus.” he replied. I nodded and we began playing Call of Duty.

“DIE MOTHERFUCKER.” I yelled, focusing on the game way intensely. “Damn, for 13 you have some strong language…” Ashley said, laughing at the end. I nodded and kept playing the game. “You’re just like Jake when he plays, he gets so intense and into the game.” he told me. I nodded again.
“You aren’t listening to me, are you?” he asked. I shook my head no and kept playing. “Haha, I’m just kidding. And I really like Call of Duty.” I said.
I’ve killed about…9 people? That’s pretty good, I’m a ninja! >:D
Andy and Jake came out from the back. “What’s going on out here?“ Andy asked in a sleepy voice. “Is Azlyn playing Call of Duty..??” Jake asked. I simply nodded and kept playing.
“CC better watch out…I’m gonna steal his best friend soon..” he said. I just laughed. Why fight over me though? I’m not really worth it, in my opinion of course. Weeelll, they’re probably really lonely so I’ll let it slide.


I finished playing the game after an hour or so, my eyes got really tired and my back hurt a lot from leaning forward to focus on the game. I laid down on the couch and Andy sat next to me and starting petting my hair. “We have another show tonight.” he told me. I nodded and turned to my side. “Am I staying with you, Andy?” I asked. “Only if you want.” he said.
I nodded and smiled, “I really wanna stay with you.” He smiled and leaned down and kissed my head. “Tour is just 3 more weeks, once it’s over you can come over and stay at my place. Maybe I can even have mom and dad fly over or something.” he told me, petting my head again.
“Why do you think mom and dad gave me up?” I asked, looking up at him. He thought for a moment then shrugged. “I don’t know…I’ll have to ask them later.” I nodded and let him pet my hair again.

I love having a brother, not the Juliet’s brother who hated me too, but an actual brother that’s related to me. I love how this feels.
I never want to leave or go anywhere else.
I’m staying with Andy, no matter what.


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