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The Love Thats Lost

They can't stop us from our freedom

*Kellin's POV*
When Vic and I heard screaming and yelling coming from the Children of the Damned bus we got worried.We hadnt introduced ourselfs yet but we were on our way to considering we had to her The Black Veil Brides gush about how awesome and weird the lead singer Kat was. We were walking to the bus when we stoped because we heard some one screaming, we couldnt make out what was being said though. Then it got quiet, we bust through the tour bus door to find Kat laying on the floor crying, no cuts or anything just pure tears. I ran down to see if she was okay and i saw she was drifting into a sleep or she was passing out. Vic stareted yelling for her band memebers to come on the bus while i pulled her on my lap trying to wake her up. With no previel we did the only thing we thought of, we took her to the medic on sight for things like injuries or dihydration. When we got her there everyone in her band pluse BVB were there with us waiting for Kat to wake up. We decided to introduce ourselfs. "hey im Kellin from sleeping with sirens." i said as i turned toward everyone.
"Im vic from Pierce the Veil." Vic said.
"Hey were the rest of Children of the damned. Mike,cam, dan or danny, and ash."They each waved ther hand for who they were.
"cool, uhm we heard screaming so we ran in, we are not creeps." I said explaing what had happend.
"It's fine,if some one didn't find her before us she would have been passed out for hours before one of us found her." Mike said.
"Yeah we were with the guy's here for most of the time,well till we heard you calling for Children of the Damned." Cam added. She moved towards Kat looking at her pail complection.

*Cam's POV*
What had happend to Kat? I wounder if it was another call from her grandmother, she always got upset after she called. Kat tried so hard to please people, but she neverd excepted that you can't please every one. I stared at her pail face outlined by her black and blue hair. I wounder if i could ever tell her how in love with her i am. Yeah she knew i was bi but she never really knew who my intrestes were. I was the whore of the group but none of which were actually my type. Kat was something different she always made me smile when she would make her comments about my eyes.


Yay I'm a kitten ^_^ <3
knivesandmirrors knivesandmirrors

don't cry!!
Kat Bvbsavedme Kat Bvbsavedme

when she fell she passed out, it was in her thoughts that all of it happend
Kat Bvbsavedme Kat Bvbsavedme
This song gave me chills. And I think I might cry now.
knivesandmirrors knivesandmirrors
At how she goes from breaking her ribs to writing a suicide letter. And why the chapters posted twice..
ErinElizabeth ErinElizabeth