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The Love Thats Lost

Pulling a Andy

~Kitten's POV~ I woke up to people staring at me. I immediatly sat up and pulled my knees to my chest. Mike and Dan sat next to me and tryed to get me to talk. I shock my head no and pointed to my throught. "You can't" Mike exclamed. "no i think all the yelling and screaming made her want to try and not lose her voice. Am i right Kitty?" Cam said as she sat infront of me. I shock my head yes. "See. now it was your grandma was it not?" she continued. Again i shock my head. Cam always knew what was up even if i never told her. "Well kitty we need to see if you can sing. our show is in 10." Ash said. FUCK. I thought. I stood up grabbed my headphone and my phone and started to play 40 days by blessthefall. "Lets start with one, and count the day. Lets hope to god that time flys like they say, cause this istance cant distance my heart from your tonight, but im lying awake now and im holding your picture, its so cold here with out you. And i need you now cause its killing me, and i wish somehow you were here with me. when i fall asleep i feel you with me. till i fall asleep and you are with me." i turned it off and looked to notice Kellin Quinn and Vic Fuentes. They stood there and gwaked at my voice. "You can definatly sing!" Vic said. "Yeah, you got this!" Kellin agreed. "How olong have you been there?" i asked hopeing not long. "We found you crying on the floor and stayed to make sure you were okay." Kellin answered. "oh thanks." i moved towarss the fridge when our manager Jason came on. "Lets go we are almost on!" he grabed me and cam and ran towards stage. "We got this! WARPED TOUR 2013 BABY!! KIA FORT MAIN STAGE HERE WE COME!" mike yelled. I put my ear piece in and got ready to walk on. ~After 2 songs~ "Okay Los angeles!! You are amazing! Are you ready for a taste of Black Veil Brides! Well this is Revelation!" mike started the drums. I jumped around and stoped. "The glory of the nation dies. the symbole of this war has come. a warning ment to save our life from--" I felt my body start to flail. What is happenin


In the comments below please say what couples you want to see. (jinxx is with sammi,) ( jake is already with ella) I can make them gay or bi or keep them straight! Just please leave input.


Yay I'm a kitten ^_^ <3
knivesandmirrors knivesandmirrors

don't cry!!
Kat Bvbsavedme Kat Bvbsavedme

when she fell she passed out, it was in her thoughts that all of it happend
Kat Bvbsavedme Kat Bvbsavedme
This song gave me chills. And I think I might cry now.
knivesandmirrors knivesandmirrors
At how she goes from breaking her ribs to writing a suicide letter. And why the chapters posted twice..
ErinElizabeth ErinElizabeth