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The Love Thats Lost

I wont let you be the death of me

*Kat's POV*
After I had introduced myself and my band to BVB i decided to go on the bus and chill before our first show. We were going to cover Asking Alexandria death of me and i was so ready to kill it! The i heard my phone ring and i answered, the last person i thought would ever call me actual called me. My grandmother. "Hello?" i said into the phone.
"Hi jasmine." she said into the phone cheerfully.
"It's Kat. and hi." i said trying not to sound rude.
"Oh well your dad said your fisrt show is today and i want to tell you that i know you love what you do but god does not agree with this santanitc music you sing and listen to." she said.
"Its not santanic and i dont care about god cause you know i am atheiest." i could taste the venome dripping off my words. The last time i spoke to her she gave me the same talk. I was getting tired of hearing it.
"Now Jasmine-" i cut her off.
"Kat. My name is Kat." i gritted my teath trying to hold back all my yelling and still trying respect the fact this is my grandmother.
"No your name is Jasmine, you were born with that name. But you should know that we will not support this path because it is not something god likes." she said trying to change my mind about going on stage tonight.
"You know what i dont care. I dont believe in god so you can take this bible crap and take it with you when you leave my life. I will go on Kia Fort Main Stage and kill it!" i say awaiting her next comment.
"Okay but when the rapture comes and you haven't turned to god you will not go to heaven. God will not forgive your sins at the last moment." i didnt hear a word after that i hung up. I looked around on the bus to make sure no one would hear me when i did this.
"STUPID MUTHERFUKERS ALWAYS TELLING ME WHAT I AM DOING WRONG RATHER THEN WHAT I AM DOING RIGHT! FUCK EVERYTHING I DONT DESERVE TO FUCKING LIVE AND WALK ON THIS EARTH!" i screamed at the top of my lungs before collapsing on the floor and be flooded with tears and hatred all at once. No one in my family agreed with my path to stardom but no one really voiced it like my grandmother did. She would call me just to bring up god, knowing i am not christian. She would find a way to try and guilt me into trying to quiet but never could i quit this band, it is my heart and soul, nothing will make me end what i have worked so hard for. I started to feel very light headed. Everything started to hurt, especially my head, my head was pounding as if i had a hangover, but worst. I heard the bus door open and the sound of feet running towards my collapsed body. Next thing i hear is the sound of Kellin and Vic calling Ash, Mike, Dan, and Cam. The last thing i heard and felt was Kellin trying to wake me up and him pulling me onto his lap.


Yay I'm a kitten ^_^ <3
knivesandmirrors knivesandmirrors

don't cry!!
Kat Bvbsavedme Kat Bvbsavedme

when she fell she passed out, it was in her thoughts that all of it happend
Kat Bvbsavedme Kat Bvbsavedme
This song gave me chills. And I think I might cry now.
knivesandmirrors knivesandmirrors
At how she goes from breaking her ribs to writing a suicide letter. And why the chapters posted twice..
ErinElizabeth ErinElizabeth