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There's a Fine Line Between Love and Hate

Chapter Seventeen

As soon as the girls walked away I turned to Jonas.
"So." I said.
"So..." He said giving me a weird look.
"Man let's just get straight to it. You like my daughter." I said. He looked at me with this super shocked expression and then he sighed and said "Yeah I guess. Please don't kill me!"
Just then CC shot up and screamed, "I knew it!!!!" While pointing at Jonas. He blushed a little and looked down.
"Dude, don't be embarrassed. We were all 15 once. We know what it's like." Jake said. Jonas nodded and said
"Well what the fuck should I do about it? She doesn't like me." He said, looking down once again.
"Dude. Man the fuck up! She so likes you. Its obvious." Ashley stated. Jonas looked down the hall and Raven turned around, smiled at him and gave him a little wave. Awe! She likes him too! My little girl is growing up!!!!!!!
"Man, you gotta go for it. Life's to short for being a scared ass bitch." Andy said giving him a pointed look. "Ok but still. What if she says no!"
"Then oh well. Take a risk." Andy said.
"Ok I will. But it's only been like 3 days. I'll wait a bit longer."
"Whatever floats your boat. I would go for it if I were." Ashley said leaning back.
"Dude that's cus' you're a fucking man whore." CC said with a small chuckle. We all laughed and then kept teasing Jonas for his little crush.
"Guys shut up they're coming back!!" Jake whisper yelled. The boys fell down and pretended like they were asleep and I turned to Jonas and said
"So how bout' that weather?"
After the girls were done recording, we headed over to Pizza Hut, because of Jake's request. Well, more like the fact that he was driving but still...
"PIZZA!!! JAKE HAS ARRIVED!!!" Jake screamed as he leaped out of the car. We all got out and walked inside. Raven and Jonas we lagging behind a bit and I smiled to myself. I don't really mind the fact that he likes her. Just the issue of, if he hurts her. I heard a little giggle and I turned around a bit. Raven jumped on Jonas' back and rested her chin on his shoulder. Andy came up to me and said "He's a good kid."
"I know. I just don't want her getting hurt again." I looked back again and they were both laughing and smiling. So cute. Andy nodded and we walked in.
Jake was ordering, Ashley was talking to some random girls, and Raven's band plus CC were laughing about something. Probably Raven and Jonas. We sat down at a big table and talked about how our new album is coming out, how excited they were because their career was finally taking off, and Lexi and CC whispering about Raven and Jonas.


18,40 views! 26 subscribers! 22 comments! I fucking love you guys. Thank you so much!! I know this one is super short but I'll update this afternoon or tonight!!


P.S. I just realized that she doesn't go to school... Let's just pretend that doesn't exsist.


Update maybe?

Update maybe?


Never_Give_In Never_Give_In

This is a really fantastic story cant wait for the next chapter xxx

ChelBvBarmy ChelBvBarmy


yay! i'm glad