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My feet are dangling off the edge

Where the fuck were you?!

" do you really have to go?" I asked into Anthony's chest and I felt him laugh.

He leaned down and kissed my cheek.

" for the 10th time yes, but it'll only be till Monday okay?" He asked and I sighed.

" but it's Tuesday.." I winded and he laughed again holding me closer. He was leaving for thanksgiving break , leaving me to deal with

the kids at school tomorrow or technically today ,by myself because aaron was leaving to visit his family too.

Mom and dad were coming down Thursday morning for thanksgiving diner and then staying till Friday morning , it would be us and the guys and girls considering their families were unable to come.

Anthony let me go and rubbed my cheek with his warm thumb.

" ill call you when we land and text you tomorrow during school okay?" He asked and I nodded kissing him.

" I love you" he said

I smiled and started shivering at the November breeze.

" I love you too but it's cold as hell so I'm going home before ash wakes up" He laughed and pecked my lips again before he went into his house

It was 3 am and I snuck out to say goodbye, I pray that Ashley didn't notice knowing he'd freak. I smiled and raced down the street to the house.

As I came to it I saw the living room light on. I cursed silently

I'm screwed.

I walked to the door and silently opened it walking in ,I took my shoes off and walked into the living room seeing Ashley pacing back and forth with his phone to his ear. He had on his plaid pajama bottoms and no Shirt ,his hair was sticking up and he looked a mess.

He looked at me and let out a breath stopping and grabbing his heart.

" thank Jesus, jinxx , she's right here, ill talk to you in the morning let the rest know"

He hung up the phone and ran to me grabbing me In a Tight hug.

" where the fuck where you?! I thought you left! I thought they found you and took you from me " he sobbed into me and I stood there shocked as I hugged back hearing him cry in to my hair.

" I'm so sorry ash, I was saying bye to Anthony I'm sorry I should have asked you" He squeezed me tighter shaking around me.

" I thought I lost you again, I thought you were gone " he said crying harder and I nuzzled into his chest shaking

" I'm fine , I'm sorry ash.." I choked Into him. He remained silent still crying.

" I'm fine, I'm sorry I'm so sorry" I said and he pulled away wiping his face and swiping his thumb under my eye taking away some of the tears.

" don't be sorry okay? Just don't do that again, you have no idea how fucking scared I was. I went to the bathroom and then went to check on you like I always do and you weren't there"

I smiled I never knew he checked on me.

" I searched the whole house before I called jinxx panicked, he was ready to go search, the whole band was, we were all worried sick"

I instantly felt bad, I didn't know they would care that much that I was gone.

" I'm so sorry ash, I didn't think you'd notice I didn't except to be so long"

He smiled a little and hugged me close to him sitting on the couch. I leaned against him and he stroked my hair.

"It's fine okay? Just leave a note at least, I never want to get that scared again, I'm not losing you again, I'd hate myself forever if I did" he said and I nodded Into his chest

. " you won't okay? I'm here no matter how hard you try you'll never get rid of me" I sleepily said into his chest and he smiled wrapping his arms tighter around me and leaning his head on mine.

" I love you Jess" he said groggily

" I love you too.." I mumbled before I drifted into a peaceful sleep feeling safe wrapped in my brothers arms.

--- ----

I woke up to the sun blinding me and birds chirping outside.

I groaned and tried to sit up but was stopped by Ashley'a arms still holding me in place. I smiled and rubbed my eyes looking around at the clock.

10 am, shit I overslept.

I turned in Ashley's arms and nudged him.

" ash" He groaned and squeezed me tighter.

" Ashley wake the fuck up!"

I nudged him harder and he jolted awake. He looked at me.

" what time is it?" He asked yawning and sitting up. I

got up from the couch and cracked my back

. " 10 I'm late " I said and He laughed

" well no sense in going now" he said and I looked at him. " you serious? Your not making me go in?" He shook his head getting up and kissing my head

" nope, you'll hang with me and the guys today, were all going to have thanksgiving diner tomorrow so we need to get shit ready "

I looked at him raising an eyebrow

" what about mom and dad" He stopped and looked at me smiling sadly.

" I forgot, they can't come they feel really bad they really wanted to but all the flights were booked, "

I smiled walking to him and kissing his cheek

" it's fine ash I dot mind having thanksgiving with just the guys and girls" He hugged me.

" good, I'm going to call then now and have them come over, by the way your still in trouble for last night"

I looked at him and raised my eyebrow knowing ash wouldn't really punish me.

" oh yeah? What are you gana do purdy boy?" I challenged He smirked and started tickling me.

I screamed an squirmed trying to get away.

" ash!" I yelled and he laughed continuing.

I ran out of his arms and out of the living room fast.

" hey get back here missy!" He shouted and I laughed running up the stairs as into my room quickly shutting the door and locking it.

I heard the door wiggle and Ashley laugh from the other side

" this isn't over !" He screamed and I laughed kicking the door.

I heard him kick it also then walk down the hall. I laughed and went to my nightstand picking up my phone.

I had messages from both Aaron and Anthony I opened Arron's first.

- hey! Just landed in Boston and it's fucking cold as your heart out here;) miss you!

I chuckled shaking my head and sent a reply before openig Anthony's

- hey babe, landed safe in Texas, I miss you have fun in school:) I smiled and sent a reply

- glad you got there safe:) the watch dog was waiting for me when I got home so we stayed up a little and I overslept so I'm not in school, have fun ill call you tonight:)

I smiled putting the phone down just as I heard loud voiced downstairs. I quickly got dressed in a fallout boy T-shirt and black skinny jeans.

I put on Anthony's vans sweatshirt and brushed my hair before walking out of my bedroom door.

I lingered at the top of stairs knowing I'd get mauled when I walked down, by the sounds of it they were all worried.

I took a breath in and slowly walked down. I walked into the living room and they all looked up.

Jinxx jumped off the couch and ran to me grabbing me tight almost nocking me over.

" I hate you so much, don't you ever do that to us again do you understand how scared we were?" he asked into my neck and I nodded against him.

He pulled away and kissed my cheek

" I'm sorry" I mumbled just as Andy grabbed me

" Jesus kid I never thought id get this attached to you" he said into me and I laughed.

He pulled away and cc and jake jumped up both fighting to hug me but ended up both piling on me

" I swear to god if you do that to us again" cc warned and I laughed hugging them back.

They got off me and I smiled looking at them

" what?" Ashley asked and I shook my head still smiling

" you don't know how much it means to me to know that you cared so much when you couldn't find me, I've never had anybody care for me like that"

I felt a tear fall down my face.

They all looked at eachother then back at me before Ashley ran to me squeezing me and rubbing shoulder.

Soon they all joined making it a big group hug I couldn't stop a few tears falling down my face.

" of course we care, your our family got it?" Andy asked and I nodded into the hug

" and family sticks together, your not leaving us anytime soon without a fight got it?" Jinxx asked and I laughed into them.

" I love you guys"

" we love you too Jess, we love you too" Jake said and they all let go.

I smiled and Ashley kissed my head. It may not be much, but these 5 boys were my family , the best family a kid could ask for.

And I couldn't as for any better.


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This is is the author of this story but my account got locked out, I am continuing this story on Wattpad currently if you guys are still into reading!

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