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My feet are dangling off the edge

You found me.

Light shined through my window causing me to open my eyes with a groan. I looked around my cold room rubbing my face before sitting up.

I let out a yawn turning my head towards the clock that read 1pm.

Shit I slept late.

It was The Saturday after thanksgiving meaning school started back up Monday the day Anthony was coming back.

The Guys all came over for thanksgiving with the girls and it was probably the best one ive ever had.

I stretched my body out and picked my phone off the side table unlocking it and going to my new message seeing that there was one from Ashley

- hey , I'm guessing you'll be Sleeping for awhile, I went out with some girls , there's money on the counter and the guys are around if you need anything. I won't be back late, love you.

I laughed shaking my head locking my phoneand standing up out of my warm bed.

Guess I'm alone today.

I went to my dresser and pulled out a pierce the veil shirt and black skinny jeans before making my way down the red hallway and into the bathroom.

Once I took a shower and got dressed I headed down the stairs checking the time. Almost two.

I walked into the living room and instantly got attacked by Tokyo and killer jumping at me trying to get my attention.

" hey buds, want a treat?"

They barked and ran to the kitchen. I followed behind them laughing and went to the treat bucket making them sit before I gave them each one.

" be good puppies ill be back" I said giving them each a pat on the head before I walked out of the kitchen and into the hallway.

I slipped on my black vans and put on one of Ashley's black hoodies that was hanging near the door.It was a little big but it was warm and smelled like Ashley making me feel safe.

I opened the door and stepped out instantly feeling the cold air numb my nose.

I loved this weather. I close the door and started walking down the street not knowing where I was going. I walked down our street and towards town smiling as I watched the scenes around me, music pumping through my ears as I did.

I felt calm, I felt happy.

I decided to start walking to the mall that was pretty close when my phone rang.

I answered it without looking figuring it was Ashley or someone.

" hello?"

" hey there"

I smiled at Anthony's voice

" what's up?" I asked kicking a rock down the street

" nothing , just sitting at my aunts house, bored, and I missed you so I decided to call."

" I miss you too" I smiled again

" what are you up to? Hanging with the Guys?"

" no , I'm walking to the mall actually"

" alone?" I laughed at the weariness in his voice.

"Yes alone, I'm a big girl"

"Mhhm just be careful, hey listen I have to go ill see you Monday and call you tomorrow okay?"

" okay, I love you"

" and I love you, bye" I smiled wider locking my phone and slipping it in my pocket just as I arrived at the mall.

It was crowded as I made my way to hot topic feeling a sense of peace once I entered it.

I always enjoyed this store, even just looking around it.

There was only one other person in the store, a girl who was behind the counter. She smiled at me and waved as I walked in directly to the back where the band tshirts were.

I took my time as I looked around for awhile untill the girl came over .

" hey need any help?" She asked walking to me.

She had to be about 18 with red hair and a nose ring.she had on skinny jeans and a black v-neck with a red flannel covering over it.I noticed her lanyard was bvb and instantly smiled.

" no I'm just looking, I like your lanyard by the way"

She smiled and looked down at it placing a hand on it.

" thank you I love them, saw them a few months ago"she said leaning against the counter.

" yeah they are great, really nice guys too." She stared at me.

" wait you met them?!" She exclaimed and I laughed again

" Ashley's my older brother" Her eyes widened and her mouth hung open.

" wait! Wait! Ash has a sister? I thought he was an only child.?" She asked and I sighed

" yeah it's a long story actually. "

" well give me the edited version"

I laughed and shifted my feet.

" basically when I was 4 I was kidnapped from my real family, the purdys and about a month ago the family that took me, kicked me out and jinxx found me. "

She stared at me for a moment her mouth wore a sad smile.

" shit. You have been through a lot" I shrugged

" yeah but all that maters is I found him" She smiled

" very true,by the way I'm Kristina," She held out her hand and I shook it.

" Jessica"

She smiled releasing my hand

" nice to meet you"

" as to you" I replied slipping my phone out and glancing at the time ,4:30.

" hey I should get going, it really was nice to meet you" I said turning to leave.

I felt her hand grab my arm.

" wait! "

I turned around and she began writing something down on a slip of paper on the counter

. " here that's my number, text me sometime, seems like you could use some friends am I right?" She asked handing It to me.

I laughed shyly taking the paper and slipping it in my pocket.

" that you are, I will, thank you"

" anytime, see ya!" She called before turning back to the counter I turned around also heading out of the store and making my way to the exit.

Wow another friend, a girl this time. She seemed really nice. It would be nice having a friend besides the guys , Aaron and Anthony.

My thoughts were cut off as I collided with someone and fell to the cold tile.

" shit" I cursed under my breath.

" hey watch where your going" a voice snapped that made my whole body freeze.

No , it couldn't be.

I cautiously looked up and my breath caught in my throat as I stared up at the person.

He looked down at me and his eyes instantly widened a grin appearing on his face.

" well well well, look who we have here"

I numbly stood up and backed away slightly, too scared to move

. " thought you could get away just by turning me in?" He snarled stepping to me again.

My heart sped up and before my brain could process it I was running away.

I felt like my heart weighed a thousand pounds as my feet moved out the door and down the pavement hearing a shout I couldn't make out behind me.

I turned my head and saw that he had ran after me but still was just making it out the exit.

My breath hitched and I sped up towards the house, not looking back again. I just had to keep running.

My whole body felt numb and shaky but I didn't dare stop, for all I knew he could be following me.

Once I saw my street I ran as hard as I could down it and to the house.

I pounded up the steps and stopped at the door . I patted my pockets nervously and shakily took my key out almost dropping it before I stuck it in the lock and ran in slamming the door and locking it behind me.

Tokyo and killer ran in but I didn't pay attention as I sprinted up the stairs and instantly into the first room I saw.

I slammed the door and looked around noticing it was Ashley's room.

My legs felt weak as I collapsed beside his bed. I shifted so I was pressed against the wall and brought my knees to my chest letting out a sob into my knees.

My whole body shook as sobs racked through me.The pang of fear was still pumping through me making my head spin and my body feel on fire.

I heard the dogs barking at the door obviously wanting to get in but I couldn't move. I was too terrified.

What if he followed me? Why was he there? How the hell did he get out of prison? What if he finds me?

I heard the front door slam and my body jumped cowering more into wall burying my head into my knees and sobbing harder.

He found me.

I heard the dogs run down the stairs barking and heard a voice but I couldn't make it out.

I heard the dogs on the stairs again and there was barking at the door as I heard heavy footsteps come near it . It was only a few seconds before the door shot open.

I couldn't stop the small whimper escape from my mouth as adrenaline shot through me. My body froze and I didn't look up as sobs racked my body still.

'It's him, he's coming to get me.'

Was all that was going through my mind.

" Jess?"

I felt a hand on my back and I tensed flinching away.

" d-don't hurt me" I sobbed out not looking up but hugging my knees tighter.

" hey, hey I'm not gana hurt you sweety it's me " a soothing voice whispered cautiously.

I looked up and saw Ashley leaning in front of me. I felt my chest loosen a little when I realized it was just him.

I instantly launched into his arms still shaking and crying. I felt his arms tighten around me.

" hey, what happened?" His voice was filled with worry.

"I-I was at the m- all and , h- he was t-here."

" who was there jess?" he asked and i cried harder.

" Brian"

He remained silent as i heard his breath hitch in his throat.

"I ran and he started to f-follow me, he's g-gana get me" I sobbed into his chest ad I felt his grip tighten around me.

" son of a bitch" he snarled and I sobbed into his shirt gripping him.

" shh it's okay, I'm going to make some calls okay?" He asked going to stand up but I clung to his shirt.

" n- no don't , don't leave me. He's going to get me" He stopped and held me again.

" hey, hey look at Me" He lifted my head and tried to wipe the tears away but they kept falling.

" I'm here okay? I'm not leaving, he's not goig to hurt you again okay? I'm going to keep you safe understand?" He asked and I nodded trying to stop crying but failed.

" I'm just going downstairs so I can call the police okay? You can come down also okay sweetie?" He asked and I nodded into his chest.

He stood up and grabbed my hand lifting me up also. My knees still shook and he wrapped his strong arm around me keeping me up.

" why don't you go change first though okay? "

I nodded hesitantly and he walked to my room stopping at the door.

" I'll be right down stairs okay? Come down after"

I nodded and he kissed my cheek before disappearing down the hall.

I walked into my room and dropped my phone numbly onto my bed before quickly getting dressed into sport shorts and a loose fitting misfits shirt.

My body shook and my breathing was still jagged as I made my way quickly down the stairs looking for Ashley.

I felt vulnerable and just wanted to hide.

I found him in the living room nodding down the phone.

" okay thank you, you too"

He hun up the phone and locked it looking over at me patting the couch.

I instantly ran to him and sat down curling into him, gripping around his waist and burying my head in his stomach. I felt his arms go around my shaking body pulling me closer.

" They said he got bailed out but they're going to make sure he doesn't bother us again okay?" He asked and I nodded

He reached on the back of the couch and pulled the zebra blanket off it pulling it around me and instantly making me feel safer

" just relax okay? Your safe, everything's going to be okay"

I nodded numbly Into his chest shifting closer and letting my eyelids droop.

I was exhausted from running so hard and the numb feeling made me just want to sleep.

I slowed my breathing and let my body relax against my brother feeling his warm hand rub my shoulder slowly.

" everything's going to be okay" was all I heard before sleep took over my numb body.


Sorry it's taken so long! Please let me know how this is! As it helps me .


I'm really enjoying this. So here's on vote for continue.

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This is is the author of this story but my account got locked out, I am continuing this story on Wattpad currently if you guys are still into reading!

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Guuuuurl you said a week :(

Weeeeeeee!!!!!! Please continue, sorry I'm quite weird.