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My feet are dangling off the edge

Ill never let them take the light behind your eyes

I let out a small sigh as I stared down at Jessica who was still sleeping against my chest.

Its been about 2 hours and she was still sleeping while i held her watching whatever was on tv blankly.

I was still scared, I can't believe they were out and now he knew the area where we lived. What if he found us? What if he got her again.

No he's not taking her, she's mine, I'm not letting anyone hurt her anymore. No one.

I looked down at her again before slowly picking her head up and and standing slowly lowering her so that she was leaning against the couch.

I fixed the blanket and looked at her one last time before slowly padding out of living room and making my way into the kitchen.

I unlocked my phone and thought for a second. I needed to tell somebody. I needed to talk to somebody about this.

But Who do I call?

Not my parents, they'll come get her.

I scrolled up to the top and finally clicked on Andy's contact.

As it rang I leaned against the sink rubbing my face still feeling shaky.

" hello?"

I cleared my throat.

" hey, did I catch you at a bad time?"

" no not at all ,me and Juliet were just watching tv what's up?"

I let out a shaky breath trying to figure out what to say.

" ash everything alright?" Andy asked His voice becoming worried

" kind of, not really, I have no fucking idea"

" what's wrong? What happened? Oh my god who did you get pregnant?" I laughed a little before sighing out.

" nobody dickhead. uh, dude shit, andy, the people who took Jessica are out of jail."

There was a pause untill Andy spoke

" wait.. What, , wait, no, fuck no, how do you know this?" He stumbled through his words and I sighed.

" I came home to Jessica hiding in my room sobbing, she was a mess, apparently she went to the mall and on her way out she saw him, she said when she ran out he followed her but she didn't know how far , all I know is when I found her she was a mess and she's terrified man ,fucking terrified and so am I, what if he gets her, I called the police and they said they'd handle it but what if they don't ?I can't lose her I can't fucking lose her" I Rambled on feeling anxiety rise in my chest.

" wooh, calm down okay? Uh, wow. So you don't know if he followed her home"

" no, I mean she doesn't think he did but I haven't asked her really, I don't think he did and I know we're safe I'm just really worried about her, she's scared shitless"

" where is she?"

" right now she's passed out on the couch"

There was a pause

" I'm coming over , I'll let the others know and I'm sure they'll be here soon okay?" I smiled

" yeah thanks a lot man"

" no problem, just try to calm down, I'll bring pizza and well just relax okay? It'll be okay ill see you in about 20"

" you're the best "

"I try, bye ash"

i let out a laugh.

" bye Andy"

The line cut off and I let out a breath before walking into the living room and looking at the couch seeing that Jess had woken up and was hugging her knees starring off into space.

I heard a whimper leave her mouth and I instantly moved to the couch.

" hey." I whispered and her head shot up.

A few tears fell down her cheeks and my heart broke a little seeing her so scared.

I sat on the couch and put my arm around her so she was against my Chest.

" It's okay."

" n-no he's gana get me, I know it"

I shook my head and held her tighter

" no , he's not okay? "

She didnt say anything so I didn't either . I stayed silent as I held her against my chest feeling her warm breath hitting my kneck.

After about 20 minutes there was a loud nock at the door and she gripped on me tighter burying her head in my chest and letting out a whimper.

" hey it's okay, it's just the guys"

She shook her head and gripped me tighter.

I sat up despite her protests and she tugged the blanket around her hugging her knees.

I sighed out sadly and walked out of the room and to the door opening it to reveal all the guys , Juliet and Lauren. Andy had a box of pizza while the others wore sad smiles

" hey guys"

" hey she still sleeping?" Andy asked walking in and to the kitchen.

Me and the others followed after I closed the door.

" no she's not, she's awake and I'm pretty sure you gave her a heart attack when you knocked"

I chuckled a little and they did the same before I heard a whimper come from the living room.

Immediately jinxx walked out of the kitchen and we followed silently into the living room.

We got in just as he was making his way to the couch where she was hiding her face into her knees.

" shit.." I heard cc whisper .

I looked at him and nodded.

" hey, it's alright , it's just us okay? We aren't letting anybody get you, your safe understand?" I heard jinxx saying to her as he sat next to her.

She nodded her head that was now against his chest.

He held her there for a few minutes before she lifted her head up and looked around before wiping her face.

" I know, I'm sorry I'm just , I don't know. Im just kinda freaked out" she admitted sitting up a little.

" it's understandable but remeber you have us, and the girls , and Aaron and Anthony, you're going to be fine" jake said walking closer.

She looked up and smiled.

I could tell she was feeling a little safer with all pf them here.

"thank you"

" no problem, now I brought food, want some?" Andy offered and she laughed a little before standing up.

" yeah, I'm just going to take a shower, so save me some fat asses"

We laughed and she made her way to the stairs giving me a kiss on the cheek .

" thank you ash" she whispered and I smiled

" no problem" She slipped passed me and headed towards the stairs.

I sighed as she climbed the stairs and motioned for everybody to follow me into the kitchen.

We all walked in and sat down opening the box of pizza silently

" thank you guys" I finally said and they all looked up

. " for what ?" Cc asked and I sighed

" for coming over , I think having you guys here kind of gave her a sense of safety, "

" anytime, but one question" jinxx said and I nodded for him to continue.

" what is she going to do when we go on tour?" He asked and the realty hit me like a bus, we left in less than 2 weeks

. " shit... I have no idea..."

" why don't you just call your parents, maybe they can come down or something.." Cc offered and I shook my head.

" no, no if they know, they're going to take her from me, I don't want that. I want to prove that I can take care of her myself"

They all sighed

" then we're just going to hope everything goes okay then, I'm sure she'll be fine, Lauren and Juliet said they'd watch her right?" jake asked turning to the girls.

They both nodded smiling.

"She'll stay with me at my apartment if that makes you feel better" Juliet offered and I smiled

" and mine! We'll share her!"Lauren said and I smiled wider.

"That would be awesome"

" and don't worry, we'll bring her to school ad pick her up. She won't walk alone , we wont let anyone hurt our little jessy, got it?" Juliet asked I nodded feeling a little better.

" and ash?"

I turned my head to Juliet who was smiling and placing with Andy's hand which was entwined with hers.

" yeah?"

" she's going to be fine" she said placing her other hand on mine.

I smiled and squeezed her hand lightly before she let go.

" I know , thank you, I appreciate it.honestly thank you. I trust you guys , I'm just I don't know, I don't want to screw up this time"

They all looked at me sadly.

They knew how cut up I was about losing her the first time. I couldn't forgive myself, I still can't, and it'll absolutely kill me if it happens again.

" you won't Ashley" jinxx said and I stayed silent

" ash, you were a kid, you're older now. We all know how much you care for her. You're not going to screw it up" Lauren said and I let out a breath leaning back in the chair.

Oh god I hope they are right.


I'm really enjoying this. So here's on vote for continue.

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This is is the author of this story but my account got locked out, I am continuing this story on Wattpad currently if you guys are still into reading!

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Guuuuurl you said a week :(

Weeeeeeee!!!!!! Please continue, sorry I'm quite weird.