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My feet are dangling off the edge

How did you get in here?

" I'm coming!" Aaron shouted while doing another backflip on Anthony's trampoline.

Me and Anthony were sitting side by side at the edge while fack by emenem was playing. We laughed as he jumped around belting the repulsive lyrics.

It's been 2 weeks since I met them and we've gotten close, everyday we walk home together and hangout. Ive gotten very close to Anthony , I ended up telling them all about my past and he took it the hardest.

He's always calling me making sure in okay and if someone calls me names he freaks. I started to develop feelings for him the second day but I know he could never like me like that so I can only dream.Ashley found out somehow aparently he 'sensed it' whatever that means.

But besides that everything's been amazing.

" shove a jurbal in my ass through a tube!" Aaron belted along to the song.

I laughed as he did more back flips.

" this song is fucked up" I said and he stopped looking at me like I just murdered his puppy.

" no it's not!" He called and Anthony laughed beside me

. " yes it is" Anthony said and Aaron pouted bouncing up more

. " your just jelous you didn't write it" he said just as my phone went off.

" sure.." I muttered unlocking it. I opened the new message from Andy.

- hey, we ordered pizza, ash said that Aaron and Anthony can come eat too if they want but get home or you'll get nothing:).

I laughed locking it and stood up on the black trampoline

. " hey, my brother ordered pizza you guys in?" I asked and

Aaron shook his head jumping off and putting his shoes on.
" nah sorry, i have a lot of homework " Aaron grunted while tying his shoes. I laughed and turned to Anthony

. " how about you?" I asked and he smiled

" yeah sounds great" he smirked jumping off. He reached for my hand and I grabbed it.

My stomach lurched at the feeling of his warm hand in mine

. " thanks" I said as he helped me down. He smiled still holding our hands together.

Aaron let out a cough and he instantly let go of my hand his cheeks blushing.

" see you tomorrow..?" Aaron asked and I nodded. He walked over and gave me a hug. He slapped Anthony's head playfully and ran out of the yard.

I shook my head at his childlike ness and turned to Anthony.

" ready?" I asked and he nodded walking to the street

. I followed silently our shoulders brushed and I wished he would hold my hand again. I sighed putting my hands in my pockets as we walked own the street

. " you okay?" He asked and I nodded

" yeah just tired" I lied and he smiled weakly as we walked to my house.

I walked in the door and heard loud voices in the kitchen. I took my shoes off and walked in Anthony silently following behind me.

I walked in the kitchen and saw jinxx, jake, Andy, Ashley, cc , and Lauren sitting at the table eating pizza.

" hey Jess! Anthony" Ashley called eating a piece. " hey" Anthony said waving.

Andy reached out for a fist bump. I laughed and walked to the counter to one of the boxes. I took out a piece of cheese Anthony grabbed one also and I leaned on the counter

. " where's Aaron?" Cc asked "

he had homework " Anthony said leaning next to me

" lame" Jake called shoving a piece of pizza in his mouth. I shook my head

" where's the other girls?" I asked

" we'll Juliet's touring" Andy said

" and Ella and Sammi are in San Diego for the week doing god knows what" jinxx said and I nodded.

" so it's just me and you against all the guys!" Lauren called and I chuckled.

We talked for awhile utill the conversation died down. I looked over at Anthony andsmile at him. He smiled back and my heart thumped again.

" so are you two dating yet?" Ash asked and me and Anthony both choked on our pizza.

" ash.." I hissed growing red

. " oh come on, you like him, I'm sure he likes you. I figured you'd already be together by now."he said and I felt my heart twist. The others remained silent.

" I uh- I got to go" Anthony said putting his plate down

. " il see you tomorrow?" I asked and he nodded before quickly walking out.

I looked at Ashley feeling a tear fall down face

. " I fucking hate you" I growled walking past him and shoving him runnig to the stairs.

" wait Jess!" I heard Ashley shout after me and a chair scrape against the floor.

I ran up the stairs and into my room slamming against the door sliding to the ground. Tears poured down my face

. Why did he do that?! Now I lost a friend. I heard footsteps thunder up the stairs and down to my door. It wiggled and someone banged on it.

" Jess open up I'm sorry" Ashley called and I cried harder.

"just go the fuck away I hate you!" I screamed and it was quiet.

I instantly felt bad, I didn't hate him I just was upset. Well there's another thing I fucked up.

I sat against the door crying for about 10 more minutes when another knock came.

" I don't want to talk to you ash" I said

" we'll it's a good thing I'm not Ashley then" I heard jinxx call through the door.

I remained silent wiping my face and standing up. I unlocked the door and went over to my bed. I heard the door open and then close.

I kept my eyes casted at the ground. The bed dipped and i looked up as jinxx put his arm around me.I remained silent.

"you know ash feels really bad" he said I didn't say Anything again and he squeezed me tighter.

" Andy cussed him out if it makes you feel better " he added and I chuckled wiping my face and sitting up looking at him

. " I'm not mad at him, I'm just embarrassed " I said and he nodded

" Anthony deffinatly won't talk to me anymore" I added and jinxx laughed bringing me closer.

" I wouldn't jump to conclusions like that" he said rubbing my shoulder

" come on! Ash told him I liked him than he left jinxx, he's never talking to me again" Jinxx laughed and stood up

. " listen , i see the way he looks at you, he likes you, he ran because he was embarrassed" jinxx said and I looked at him.

" trust me I'm a guy I know this" jinxx said and I shook my head Laughing

. " whatever" I muttered. He walked to me and kissed my head.

" it'll all be okay, I'm going back fo the others okay?" I sighed and nodded. He smiled and walked out the door.

I sat on my bed fiddling with the hole in my jeans letting out a sigh

. Maybe jinxx was right, but what if he isn't? Then I just lost an amazing friend. Possibly two.

I heard someone cough and I looked up seeing Ashley standing awkwardly in the doorway scratching the back of his neck

. " can I come in?" He asked and I nodded . He took a few steps in and closed the door before walking closer to the bed. He silently sat next to me

. " I'm sorry" I said breaking the silence and he looked at me raising his eyebrows.

" Your sorry? why? I'm the one who should apologize" he said and I hugged around his waist. He didn't hesitate to wrap his arms around me also kicking his legs up on the bed and holding me close.

" I'm sorry for yelling at you, I don't hate you, I love you, I just was upset" I said into his chest and I felt him squeeze me tighter.

" I know Jess, I was an ass, I don't know why I said it its just, I saw the way you were acting , starring at eachother I kinda figured you were together so it slipped out" I nodded into his chest as I felt him rub circled into my back

" it's okay, but I think he hates me" I said and he chuckled kissing the top of my head

. " I highly doubt that, do you see the way that boy looks at you? The same way you look at him, you love each other you just don't see it" he said and I laughed untangling myself from his arms looking up at him. He wore a small smile on his face.

" that's exactly what jinxx said!"

" we'll it's true" he said kissing my head

. " give him some time, he probably just needs to think, I probably overwhelmed him." I laughed

" you think?" He let out another soft chuckle and stood up

. " no I know I did and I'm sorry but listen" he took my hand and pulled me so I stood up

. " he'll come around okay?" He asked rubbing my cheek. I nodded and he brought me into a bone crushing hug. I breathed in his scent, bubblmint mixed with whiskey and cologne.

" I love you Jess," he said Into my neck and I smiled pulling away.

" I love you too ash" He kissed my cheek and walked to the door.

" I going downstairs you coming?" He asked and I shook my head

" nah I'm gana stay up here for a little" I said and he gave a sad smile walking out the door

. I fell on my bed and sighed.

What was going to happen now?


Anthony's pov:

I shut the door and grabbed my head breathing heavy. She likes me.

Shit she likes me And I probably just ruined everything by running out she probably thinks I don't think of her like that. The thing is that i do, I have since the day I met her in English. Her smile, how she gets so shy in school but is funny and outgoing outside of it, everything about her drives me nuts. Just hearing her past made me realize how much I care, and I screwed it up.

I had to do something. I looked down the Road and started running to Aaron's house, he would know what to do, I hope

. I made it to the grey two story house with the garden in the front. I ran up the driveway and to the front door nocking on it. Aaron's mom appeared a few seconds later smiling

. "hey Anthony , Aaron's upstairs" she smiled moving aside

" thanks" I huffed out before darting in and up the stairs.I ran down the hall to the last door which was Aaron's and swung it open.

He was sitting on his bed with the red and grey comforter with his history book out furiously writing with his headphones in

. " Aaron!" I called but he didn't look up.

" lose yourself to the music" he sang silently and I sighed looking at the desk next to me.

I took a half empty water bottle and chucked it at him.

" what the fuck?!He called looking up at me.

" Anthony? I thought you were at Jessica's" he asked taking his headphones off and sitting up.

" I was but I need your help" I said quickly and he looked at me motioning for me to go on.

" so we were eating when Ashley kind of announced out loud that Jess likes me" I said and he smiled

" that's great! You told her you like her back right?" He asked and I shook my head

. " no I ran out"

He laughed and shook his head

" your an idiot"

" I know! But I need your help what do I do ?!" I asked rubbing my face

" hey calm down" he said standing up and placing a hand on my shoulder

" I'll tell you what you do, you go and kiss her" Aaron said and I looked at him like he was crazy.

" bu-"

" no, go , right now and kiss her"

" I'm not Doing it in front of her brother and the others, besides shes probably in her room and Id feel too awkward nocking on the door" I said and he got a evil grin.

" I got a plan lets go" he said reaching on his desk and throwing on his vans sweat shirt and DC SnapBack. He slipped on his nikes and shut his light off walking out the door. I followed crossing my fingers, lets hope his plan is good. We walked down the stairs ad he walked past the kitchen to the back door.

" I'll be back soon mom!" He called not waiting for an answere. He walked out and into his shed.

I stood watching as he came out with a ladder. Oh lord.

" let's go" he said smiling walking towards her house

. " oh god" I said following him as we cut behind two houses until we got to her house.

It was creepily silent as Aaron pushed ahead holding his creepy grin. He walked to underneath her window and set the ladder up.

" climb" he instructed and I looked at him

. " your nuts" I said and he laughed

" I know now climb!" He hissed and I sighed going to the ladder , Aaron grabbed it and steadied it as I climbed the rungs my heart beating faster than ever. Lets hope this works, or that I don't fall.


Jessica's pov:

I was laying on my bed when I heard a nock on my window

. What the fuck?

I heard it again and lifted my head looking to the window right of my bed. I saw Anthony's head and he nocked again

. What the fuck is going on?

I sat up quickly as went to the window opening it.

" what the fuck are you doing?" I asked

He quickly jumped inside and grabbed my face with both hands crashing his lips on to mine

His lips were like sipping lemonade on a hot day, in refreshed me and gave me a chill up my spine

I put my hands around his neck and he put his on my waist deepening the kiss. It felt like the whole world stopped as I melted into the kiss. I was in such a trance that I didn't hear the door open.

"Hey je- shit never mind" we both jumped apart and saw Ashley standing there with a confused look on his face.m

" I'm just- I'm gana go" he said quickly shutting the door. We laughed and looked at eachother again

. " I'm sorry for running out earlier it was just I don't know, I didn't know you felt that way" he said and I stayed silent.

" I should have told you right there and then but I got scared so I'm gana tell you now". He continued and I looked at him. He grabbed my waist and pulled me to him.

" since the day I met you I knew you were special, since that day I couldn't keep my mind off you, your perfect in everyway and everytime I see you my heart melts" he said I felt my heart melt as his words flooded my brain.

" Jess, i know I've only known you a couple weeks but you're special, you're the most amazing person I've met so please, be mine?" he asked My mouth hung open and I nodded

" of course" He smiled and kissed me again when I heard cheering coming from the window.

I broke from the kiss and looked at him as he laughed covering his face

. " Aaron?" I asked and he nodded laughing again

. " he's the one who Helped me get up here" he said just as Aaron's head popped through the window. We heard a loud crash and Aaron hung on to the window.

"Fack! Ladder fell! Pull me in!" He yelled I laughed and went over helping him in.

He calopsed on the ground and smirked

" sweet Jesus that was close" he huffed and I laughed

. " thank you" Anthony said lacing his hands around my waist from behind

. " very welcome," Aaron said lifting himself off the floor. We smiled and Anthony looked at the clock.

" shit it's 8 I need to get home" he said and Aaron nodded

" we'll I suggest you use the door this times" I said and they smiled walking to my door. I followed them down the stairs and we walked in the living room to find Everyone smirking.

" so, one quick question" ashley asked and we nodded

"How exactly did you guys getin here?" Ashley asked and I looked to them as they laughed

" window" Aaron shrugged

" we used a ladder" Anthony added and they nodded.

" is that what that huge crash was?" Cc asked and they both laughed harder.

" indeed" Anthony said

" we'll that's different" jake said

" we'll we need to go, we'll get the ladder later bye" Aaron said giving me a hug.

Anthony kissed my lips and smiled walking away. I turned around and they all were smiling .

" told you!!" Jinxx called and I sighed flipping him off

" you should listen to us more often" Ashley added i rolled my eyes sitting next to jake on the couch

. " besides the point, Jessica has a boyfriend!" Andy called and I glared.

" fuck off"

He smiled and stood up jumping on me tickling me.

" fucking hell! No! Stop" I called and I heard the others laugh as we rolled off the couch and on the ground as I started to wrestle him.


Hey! Let me know how it is, I feel like it sucks:( sorry


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