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My feet are dangling off the edge

I promise

Me and Ashley arrived at his house at 8 . He got out and grabbed my bags.

" welcome home" he said walking into the house.

I looked around. It wasnt huge but it was nice. We walked in and he smiled.

" so this is it , not much but hey it's nice" he said and I smiled. He walked up the stairs me following behind him. He opened up a door and walked into a white room with a bed, dresser , and a night stand with a tv on.

" so here's your room, we can get paint tomorrow, and you can put whatever you want on the walls also were going to get you new stuff"he said putting my bags and turning to me.

I smiled and clung to him in a hug. He leaned him head on mine and put a hand on my hair.

" thank-thank you so much" I said into his chest.

" anything for you, I'll protect you from now on" he said and let go holding my shoulders and smiling.

" I'm going downstairs, put your stuff away and then we can talk okay?" He asked and I smiled nodding. He kissed my hair and walked out the door.

I smiled and put my bag on the be sitting down.

" finally" I mumbled.

I put the little clothes I had out and put them in the dresser. I changed Into sport shorts and a Harley Davidson shirt.

I walked out and down the stairs hearing the tv. I saw Ashley watching the tv and he turned smiling and patting the spot next to him.

I sat down and he turned to me.

" so I want to know about you" he said

" um. Like what?" I asked

" everything" he said and I laughed

" ask questions and ill answers " I said and he nodded.

" favorite color?"

" black , purple and red" he smiled

" um, any allergies?"

" nope"

After talking for a hour about similar questions he turned the tv off and turned completely to me.

" I want to get serious now okay?" He asked and I nodded.

" how are you at school? Not work wise but, you know.." He said and I sighed I knew what he was hinting at.

" yes ash, I get bullied, I have no friends" I said and he looked at me.

" Do you self harm?" He asked and I nodded tears spilling.

" 2 years now.." I mumbled and saw him in shock.

"I'll finish for you" I said knowing he couldn't ask anymore questions.

" since 8th grade I've been self harming and since last year I've had an eating disorder, I get bullied and beat up beyond control and when I got home my family would just torment me, my 'father' "

I put air quotes around father.

" he used to beat me, my mother, didn't give me the time of day unless she was yelling at me for who I was, I had a sister my age who was a snotty bitch and was my main bully at school. Music has been my only escape , and it's helped me so much especially you guys" I said and I saw tears spill from his face.

" I've attempted suicide 3 times and I finally was going to make sure it worked this time because I had noone until jinxx found me" I said

" so that's me" I said looking at him. Tears fell down his face and he pulled me into a hug.

" I'm so sorry I'm so fucking sorry, if I wasn't a idiot and didn't turn around you wouldn't have been threw that, you'd be safe and not broken I'm so sorry I wasn't there for you" he said into my neck.

" ash. It's okay" I said and he squeezed tighter.

" no , no it's not, but listen I swear on my life I will never , never let anything happen to you, your mine and I'm never letting you go again hear me? You have me forever" he said and I cried Into his shoulder.

" thank you so much" I said and he released me wiping my tears.

" and I'm going to help you with everything okay? Your self harm, please talk to me , don't do it anymore I know it'll be hard but you need to try, and your eating disorder? Ill help you, okay? Well take it slow , as for the bullying you'll go to a different school. I'm going to take good care of you, I promise , I'm helping you." He said and tears fell down my face faster.

" Ashley , you have no idea how much this means to me" I said and he smiled.

" probably as much as it does to me, you'll have me from now and the other guys, I can tell they already care for you, expecially jinxx" he said and I smiled.

" shit it's midnight, we should get some sleep, tomorrow well go shopping sound good?" He asked standing up and helping me up. I nodded.

We walked up the stairs and he stopped outside my door giving me another hug.

" I promise , you'll be safe here, I love you little sister" he said and my heart warmed sending a smile on y face

" I love you too big brother"

He let go and kissed my cheek. I walked in my room smiling.

Maybe my life was worth living.


Sorry it takes so long for updates I have 5 stories ATM but I promise I will always update within 4 days


I'm really enjoying this. So here's on vote for continue.

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@Crimson Recovery

This is is the author of this story but my account got locked out, I am continuing this story on Wattpad currently if you guys are still into reading!

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Blackveiljess2 Blackveiljess2

Guuuuurl you said a week :(

Weeeeeeee!!!!!! Please continue, sorry I'm quite weird.