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My feet are dangling off the edge

what happens next

I woke up and looked over to my clock seeing it was 11. I laid back down and closed my eyes again .Wait , 11 on a school day. Now that i think of it the walls were really unfamiliar.
Where the fuck was I?

My eyes shot open and I jumped up causing myself to fall on the floor and groan.
I looked over and saw my bags and the memories from yesterday flooded back. Footsteps boomed up the stairs and Ashley opened the door looking at me on the ground and let out a small chuckle.

" you okay?" He asked lifting me up and I nodded

" yeah kinda forgot where I was for a second" I said and he laughed harder shaking his head.

" get dressed freak" he said and I stuck my tongue out as he walked out the door closing it.

I put on a pierce the veil shirt, skinny jeans and applied eyeliner before I walked out of my room and down the stairs. I walked to the living room and Ashley stood up.

" ready?" He asked and I nodded

" great lets go"he said grabbing his keys and heading to the door. I followed behind him and got in the car. It was silent except the hum of the radio.

" so the guys really like you" Ashley said braking the silence and I smiled


He nodded

" expecially jinxx, I have a feeling he's going to be really protective of you like me, because you know since he.."

" yeah I know" I mumbled and he sighed rubbing my shoulder.

" I'm just happy he found you" he said and I smiled as he pulled into the mall.
We got in the car after hours of shopping , getting paint and cloths considering I barley had any. He quickly checked his phone and put it in the console before pulling out.

" I'm going to drop you with jinxx and sammi for a little , i have to do something ,okay ?" He asked and I nodded.

"Yeah that's fine" he smiled and pulled into a street.

" okay , they'll bring you home later" he said pulling into their house. He kissed my cheek and I got out of the car.

I started walking up the steps when he beeped and scared me making me jump. I turned around and saw him laughing.

I flipped him off just as the door opened revealing Sammi. She laughed and grabbed my hand bringing me in.

" hey!" She said hugging me. I laughed hugging back

" hey" i said and she lead me into the living room where jinxx was .

" hey, how'd shopping go ?" He asked and I sighed sitting on the couch. Next to him. Sammi sat on the other side.

" good, long, I don't like shopping"I mumbled and Sammi gasped.

" you are not a girl" she said and I laughed.

" I mean my body would say otherwise.. If you would like proof..." I said touching my shirt and jinxx laughed.

" no I think we're good" he said

sammi chuckled

" still every girl likes to shop" Sammi said

" except me"

She shook her head just as her phone went off.

" it's my band ill be back" she said pecking jinxxs cheek and getting up leaving the room.

" so, are you excited for tomorrow?" Jinxx asked and I looked at him raising my eyebrow.

" what's tomorrow?"

he chuckled lightly

" tomorrow's Friday, your meeting your parents" he said and I froze nodding slowly.

" I .. Forgot" I said rubbing my face with my hands sighing.

" hey what's wrong" he asked moving closer and rubbing my shoulder.

" what If they don't like me, like what if they're disappointed in who I am, I'm a mess what if they don't want me to be theirs" I said tears spilling from my eyes.

Jinxx wrapped me In a Hug.

" hey, I know Ashley's parents, and I know that they miss their little girl, they'll except you there's nothing at all wrong with you, they won't care about anything except that they have you back, your amazing Jess, everybody has problems" he said wiping my eyes and I smiled weakly.

" I guess, I'm just really nervous" I said and he nodded

" I know you are but listen it'll be great, they are not like the others they love you and will love you more when they see you" he said and I smiled wider.

" thank you" I said and he gave me another hug.

" anything for you, you have us here for you now, need anything come to me, ash ,sammi, and the others, your apart of the family now, Remember that."

I smiled, finally I have people. But I couldn't help but worry . I'm a mess, everyone leaves , no one could like someone like me enough to stay long.
Ashley's pov.
I just finished painting Jessica's room a dark purple 2 hours ago and I was in the room smiling at them when my phone rang.

It was my mom. I sat on the bed and answered it.

" hey mom"

" hey Ashley, " she said with an unusual tone.

" mom everything okay?" I asked and she sighed

" yeah everything's fine, just you know, the date" she said and then I remembered , it was the day we lost Jess.

" I know mom, I miss her too.." I said,I just wanted to tell her! But I couldn't I needed it to be a surprise

" i know its just tough, sorry so we'll be in tomorrow at 12, okay?" She asked

" yup ill be there to pick you up" I said

" okay I love you sweety"

" I love you too mom"

She hung up and I sighed smiling,if only she knew what I did. She's going to flip when she finds out , it's going to be the best day of both her and my dads life, I knew it was mine when I found her.

I looked at the walls and decided it was dry enough. I started putting up posters of her favorite bands I bought , and set up her room. I smiled at the finished product, she was going to be so happy.

I texted jinxx and told him to bring her home while I sat in the living room excited.

After about 20 minutes the door opened.

" hey ash!" Jess called and I smiled

" living room!" I called and she walked in smiling

" have fun?"

" yeah I did , I love Sammi and jinxx" she said and I smiled

" so mom called they're coming at 12, I'm having the guys come over and stay with you while I get them, so you won't be alone and , well they want to be here to see it too" I said and she chuckled


She seemed hesitant. Jinxx texted me telling me that she thought my parents would hate her. far from it.

"Jess I know they'll love you" I said and she stared at me

" how did you know that was what I was thinking?"

I shook my head

" I can tell." I stood up and gave her a hug.

" listen they except me for who I am and they'll except you"

" I know" she said and I immediately jumped from the hug dragging her to the stairs.

" ash what the fuck!" She said behind me my arm still tight on hers.

" I have a surprise" I said rushing up the stairs.

I dragged her to her room and opened the door revealing her room. Her mouth dropped open as she walked in.

" Ashley.. You didn't have to do all this , just painting the walls would be okay" she said looking at the posters and the stuff I got her when she wasn't looking.

" yes I did"

She turned back to me and gave me a huge hug.

" thank you much , I love you"

I smiled into her head

" I love you too little sister"

I loved this, my sister was back and now I couldn't wait for my family to be back together.


im sorry updates have been slow .I try hard but I always think it comes out terrible so it takes extra long to make them im going to try to update all my stories by tonight though, I went to warped and got to meet many people but mainly, andy:) I got to tell him many things and his smile ..oh my god



I'm really enjoying this. So here's on vote for continue.

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This is is the author of this story but my account got locked out, I am continuing this story on Wattpad currently if you guys are still into reading!

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Guuuuurl you said a week :(

Weeeeeeee!!!!!! Please continue, sorry I'm quite weird.