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My feet are dangling off the edge

Excuse me?

After a few minutes I heard footsteps and I looked up to see black veil brides walking in. I froze and they smiled at me.

" hey I'm jake" jake said shaking my Hand smiling.

" I know, I'm Jess" he smiled and the rest greated me . They all looked at me as if trying to solve a puzzle.

When Ashley greeted me he hugged me and I felt something. Not love but a connection.

We pulled away and cc whispered something to jake.

" huh?" I asked and they looked back to me

" nothing it's just..." Jake started off but Ashley cut him off

" let's sit down, " he said and I nodded siting on a chair they all sat on the couch Sammi was on jinxx's lap.

" so you were taken from your family " cc asked and I nodded

" you were 4 when u were taken?" Ashley asked and I nodded again

" and you had a brother." He asked

" yes" I said

They all starred at me.

" do you remember the day?" Andy asked

" I was at the park with my brother then, all I remember is being with my new family , they told me my family died in a crash"

"And you have a locket?" Andy asked and I nodded handing it to him. He reacted the same way jinxx did and passed it around to everybody. When it reached Ashley he starred blankly at it for a few minutes

" shit.." Cc said

" jinx you were right.." Jake said

" I always am" jinxx said

" okay what's going on?" I asked and they looked at me. I was still standing up and so was Ashley.

" ash why don't you take this one" Sammi said and Ashley nodded he turned to me. A tear in his eye. What was happening?

" I don't know how to say this.." He started off. He took his wallet out and opened it looking inside.

" when I was 14 I had a little sister She was my everything I always protected her until one day at the park .. She was on the swings and I turned my back to talk to a girl.. When I turned back.. She was gone.." Tears came down his face and I looked at him.

"I've blamed myself ever since that day, I knew she was stolen but the police insisted she was dead" he said

I stared at him, wow , just like me.

" this is the one thing I have left of her" he said and looked at his wallet again before turning it to me.i took it and looked at it.

My eyes widened and I froze.

In the clear pocket was the picture, the same picture in my locket.

I looked at him. Holy shit.

" oh my god .." I muttered tears coming to my eyes.

Tears came to his. While The others were watching smiling .

" come here.." He said opening his arms

I took a shaky step forward and he grabbed me hugging me tight while I cried Into his chest.

" I thought you were dead all these years they told me you died" I said and I felt tears on my shoulders

" never, I've been looking for you, I am so stupid for letting you out of my sight" he said

" it's not your fault all that matters is your here now" I said and he let go looking at me rubbing my shoulders.

" no I wasn't there to protect you like I should have been, Christ you were going to kill yourself today" he said looking at me .

I looked down in shame. Jinxx told him. He lifted my chin and looked at me with red eyes.

" hey. I'm so sorry for not being there protect you" he said

" don't be"

" no, i am , and I'm here now and ill make it up" he said and hugged me again. I was shaking, 12 years, I finally found my brother.

" I still can't believe I saved your little sister" jinxx said from the couch and I smiled releasing the hug and looking over at him.

"Thank you again" I said and he smiled getting up and hugging me too.

He sat down and I sat on the other couch next to Ashley.

" so do you want to meet your real parents?" Ashley said wiping his tears.

" do they still want me?" I asked and he looked at me like I had 3 heads.

" Jess they've been wanting you for ever, mom misses you everyday, and you'll be the perfect surprise." He rubbed my cheek with his hand and I smiled alittle. I couldn't believe this was happening

" you'll stay with me and Friday they are coming down ill surprise them"

" are you sure you want to deal with? I'm a lot of work apparently" I mumbled

" I lost you once and I'm never losing you again hear me?" He said sternly and I nodded

He hugged me again.

" aww such a precious moment" cc said and I laughed

" shut it Christian" Ashley said releasing me.

He wiped his eyes and stared at me

" I just cant believe it"

Neither could I. This whole times y brother was closer than I thought.

" me neither, this whole time the bass player of my favorite band has been my brother and I don't even know" I said

" favorite band huh?" Andy asked smirking and I laughed.

" yes sir" I said

" I like her even more now" cc said and jinxx slapped his head.

"so how did they treat you?"ashley asked and I looked at him

" not terrible but not good. My um dad or fake dad, he used to hit me and my fake mom used to verbally abuse me" I said and he clenched his fist

" but it's ok now" I said and he smiled slightly.

" no it's not" he said angrily

" ash, there's nothing you can do" jake said and he sighed relaxing a bit.

" just turned 16 right? 5 days ago Octover 5h" he said and I looked at him

" how did you-"

" I remembered" he said smiling. I hugged him again. I felt warm inside

" in Hungry"Andy said and I laughed

." I'll go get pizza" jake said standing up . I sat back in the couch and Ashley put his arm around me. I smiled and leaned into while they talked

I had my brother back. My brother was Ashley purdy. Shit. I smiled to myself. Maybe my life wasnt so bad.


Hey! Sorry if chapters are delayed on any of my stories it's hard to keep up with 3, ill update though


I'm really enjoying this. So here's on vote for continue.

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This is is the author of this story but my account got locked out, I am continuing this story on Wattpad currently if you guys are still into reading!

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Guuuuurl you said a week :(

Weeeeeeee!!!!!! Please continue, sorry I'm quite weird.