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My feet are dangling off the edge

Ill never let you down

The doorbell rang making me snap my gaze from the tv and stand up from the warm couch.

Andy and Matt left an hour ago and Jess was sleeping so I got up quickly so it wouldn't wake her up.

I walked out of the living room and immediately down the hall to the door. I pulled it open revealing cc standing there.

" hey man" I said letting him walk in the door"

Hey" he said closing the door and walking towards the living room like he lived here.

I chuckled before shutting the door and following behind him.

B"how's Jess?" He asked sitting in the brown chair and I sighed sitting across from him on the couch.

" she's doing okay, not really better but I haven't checked on her in awhile, she went to bed a few hours ago before Andy left. "

He nodded sadly tucking a strand of hair behind his ear.

" I still can't believe that bitch did that to her, I knew he was bad news"

I nodded rubbing my hands together my gaze going back to the Tv.

" I know but , I didn't want to not let her do it, I don't want to be a mean brother I want to be fun and fair"

I heard him sigh

" I know ash but sometimes you have to put your foot down if you want what's best for her , what if Andy wasnt there? She could be dead right now ,you don't know."

I let the words soak in, He's right. I know I need to be more strict but I don't know how to.

" I think you should be a little more strict, not very but you know, know who's she with, meet them first, know where she is, have her check up once in awhile."

I nodded

" I know , I agree i'm just kinda new at this" He chuckled a little

"Hey so are we but all of us are trying to help, we will help, you know maybe the girls will be better at some things but hey you know we all will try"

I chuckled

" think of it this way I think all of us combined make one semi normal big brother"

I laughed again nodding

" you got that right"

He nodded and looked at me rubbing his hands together.

" does she self harm anymore?"

I froze thinking about it, I had no fucking clue , I never asked or checked up on her about that. I'm such a idiot!

"I -I hve no idea"

He sighed

" you need to check up on that you know,"

I nodded again rubbing my head and starring down.

" ash?"

" I just, it's so much and I'm afraid i'm going to fuck it up, sometimes I think she's better off with my parents but I don't want her to."

He let out a breathy sigh before talking again.

" you're not going to fuck it up, you're learning, just when she gets better ask her, if she didn't that's great but I he did then don't flip out just talk and let her know you're always there for her. Also you need to check up on it once a week, I know it's a lot but do you really think she would be good at your parents?"

" no"

"Exactly, listen she's going to be okay"

I smiled a little feeling better. I know I'd figure it out.

I let out a breath before looking at him.

" want a drink?"

He nodded standing up

" yeah but first I'm going to take a leak okay?"

I chuckled standing up and nodding.

"sure but go upstairs, the downstairs is still a little rough from Jessica today"

He laughed before nodding and exiting the room towards the stairs.

I silently walked out of the room and into the kitchen towards the fridge I opened up the white fridge and got out two beers just as I heard a loud laugh from up stars.

" hey ash! You should see this"

My eyes widened and I quickly walked out of the kitchen and to the stairs where cc was at the top chuckling.

He waved his hand at me and I raised my eyebrow walking up and he wordlessly walked away to the bathroom me trailing behind him.

He stopped at the closed door and chuckled again.

" look" he whispered and instantly pushed open the white door.

I instantly smiled and chuckled.
Jess was passed out leaning against the tub a towel in her hand and her head hung back. The toilet seat was up and soft snores were escaping her lips.

" poor thing " I said and he chuckled a little nodding.

" want me to wake her up?"

I shook my head moving past him and into the tiny bathroom.

" nah ill just bring her to her room."

I flushed the toilet before throwing the towel into the sink and bending down slightly putting my arm under her legs and picking her up slowly.

I gathered her in my arms and she stirred a little

I smiled before turning towards the door where cc was smiling .

I walked out of the room past cc who shut the light off and closed the door following me down the hallway.

b I got to her door and shifted her so I could open the door making her stir a little and open her eyes.

" huh?" She mumbled her voice scratchy and full of sleep.

" shh it's okay I'm just bringing you into your room okay?"

She nodded before leaning into my chest again numbly as I walked into her dark purple room cc following behind me.

He walked in front of me and pushed the covers back slightly so I could set her down.

When I set her down she opened her eyes again before looking at me confused.

" what are you doing?"

We both chuckled making her look to cc who was next to me.

" you were passed out in the bathroom" cc said and she groaned before bringing the covers up to her shoulders and hiding her face in the covers a little.

" you feeling better?" I asked sitting on her bed.

I put my arm around her shoulder and she shook her head moving towards me and leaning into me a little.

" no"

I reached my other hand out touching her forehead. It was burning.

Why wasn't she getting any better

" shit you're warm" I said and she groaned again

" are you feeling worse?" Cc asked from the side of the bed and she nodded weakly against me.

" yeah, my head feels like I got ran over by a fricken truck and my body feels so weak,can I have aspirin?"

I looked to cc to see if he knew and he shook his head.

"No because obviously whatever the drug was is really taking an affect on you, adding another wont help"

She groaned louder

" I don't feel good"

" I know sweety, I know" I said slowly rubbing her back as she remained quiet.

After a few seconds the door bell rang making her grab her head and we both chuckled as I stood up.

" I'll stay " cc added then looked to Jess

" that okay?"

She nodded closing her eyes again and he smiled before moving in the bed next to her just as the door bell rang again making me quickly leave the room and hop down the stairs to the door.

I flung it open and instantly clenched my jaw.

"what do you want?"

Anthony's eyes grew sad as he tried to look past me.

" can I talk to Jess?"

" no, absolutely not" I growled and he shook his head going to walk in but I stood in the way

" you heard me" I growled

" just let me talk to her!"

" she doesn't want to talk to you, plus she's too sick" I spat at him and he raised an eyebrow

" she didn't say she was sick yesterday"

My blood boiled ,of course she wasn't sick yesterday when she talked to him. He's the one who did this to her.

" well maybe, if you weren't an asshole and dumped the kid she wouldn't have went to a party , then maybe she would've gotten drugged trying to forget your sorry ass!" I spat venom laced in every word making his eyes grow wide as he froze studying me.

" what?"

" you heard me! Because of you she went with that jackass and he fucking drugged her and almost raped her"

" this is not my fault!" He exclaimed and I shook my head balling my fists

" really? Because all she wanted was you last night! But no you were an asshole so she chose to go with that fucking prick , because she wanted to forget you! "

He was silent again.

I studied his face my eyes hardened as I stared at him.

Maybe I was overreacting but I was so angry I needed to blame someone and right now he was it.

" I fucking warned her, its not my fault she was too stupid to listen"

My jaw clenched and before I could react I shoved him off the step making him land in the grass looking up at me shocked.

" you're such a fucking asshole! You don't talk about my sister like that you hear me?! I don't want to see you near her again either" I yelled walking towards him.

He stood up and stepped to me

"yeah? I'm not scared of you" he said looking me in the eyes.

I was so much taller then he was though so it didn't scare me one bit.

I went to lunge at him again but suddenly was pulled back by my arms.

" just leave" I heard cc say trying to have a calm voice but I kept struggling against him.

"Now!" He exclaimed and Anthony finally made his way off the lawn quickly.

" ash" cc said and I instatnly relaxed against him and pulled free turning to him.

" he's such an asshole" I growled out and He laughed a little before nodding

" let's go back inside"

I nodded and followed him up the stone steps closing the door after me.

Cc started climbing the stairs again and I followed behind him letting out a few breaths to calm myself down.

We walked down the hall and into Jessica's room where she was sitting up in her black and purple bed.

" who was that?" She asked softly as I made my way to the bed.

I got in and sat next to her letting out a breath.

" it was Anthony" I said bringing her back into my chest and she groaned.

" I don't want to talk to him" she mumbled out making me and cc laugh a little as I rubbed her back softly.

" I know, you don't have to okay?"

She nodded numbly into my chest again and cc sat on the edge of the bed.

" you need anything?" He asked and she shook her head again moving her body closer to me.

" you still tired?" I asked and she nodded

" do you want to go back to sleep?"I asked and she shook her head

" no"

I laughed

" yes you do come on , we'll stay just go to bed" I said and she groaned before relaxing against me and slowing her breath.

I leaned down planting a kiss on her forehead before relaxing into the bed and rubbing her back again slowly.

I looked down at her and sighed before closing my eyes.

I really needed to protect her more, starting now I would do everything I needed to just to keep her safe.

I had to.


Hey guys! Sorry for the slow updates! Let me know how this is.


I'm really enjoying this. So here's on vote for continue.

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This is is the author of this story but my account got locked out, I am continuing this story on Wattpad currently if you guys are still into reading!

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