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My feet are dangling off the edge

I'll burn your name into my throat.

" you sure you don't mind spending the night here alone ?" Ashley asked Into my neck and I shook my head releasing the hug.

Him , cc , lauren , jake and ella were going away for the night to celebrate being voted the drummer and bassist of the year leaving me alone, not that I minded much though, I guess matt good was in town so he was staying with andy and Juliet. They offered to stay with me but I said no, I would be fine.

" I'll be fine ash, i'll probably have Aaron and Anthony over or hang out with will"

He made a face when I said will's name, he didn't like him that much, thought he was too demanding and weird ,which he could be at times but I wanted a band so he was letting to push his feelings for will aside unlike Anthony and Aaron who were constantly nagging me about it.

" okay, I'll have my phone with me but if you need anything call Andy or Juliet okay? " I nodded and he kissed my forehead again before opening the door.

" be good, wear protection, you know the drill , I love you"

I laughed and shook my head waving as the door shut closed. I sighed out walking towards the warm red living room while Tokyo and killer followed me. I fell into the couch right as my phone rang.

I slipped my black iPhone out of my pocket and placed in to my ear as I patted tokyos head who jumped on my lap.

" hello?"

" Jess!! Come party with us we're having a party at my house"

I mentally groaned in my head as wills voice called down the phone.

" sorry will I have plans"

I chewed on my lips as I heard laughter in the background

" suit yourself!call me if you change your mind!"

I shook my head as he immediately hung up and took the phone from my ear and scrolled through my contacts before putting it to my ear again. After three rings the phone picked up

" yeah?" Anthony's voice cut in the phone Dry and emotionless.

He's been like this ever since I started talking with will, we haven't seen each other in a few weeks and he was avoiding me.

"Hey you doing anything?" I asked

" no"

I smiled a little

" great! Come over? Ash is away , we could watch movies"

There was a pause

" I don't know," I

froze and sat up rubbing a hand through my hair letting out a sigh.

" come on , you haven't hung with me in 2 weeks"

" I'm aware" he snapped back. I

felt my anger boil as I sat up in the couch starring at the brown rug

. " okay what the fuck is up with you?"

" nothing , why don't you just go play rock star with will" he snapped back I groaned, I knew this was coming.

" this again? Why can't you just be happy for me?"

" I told you, I don't like him, he's no good, but you don't listen you're too dumb to listen to anything I say, so no I'm not going to be happy for you."

I froze again feeling my heart thud a little.

"You're a dick"

" yeah? If I'm such a dick then why are you dating me? "

I remained silent, this isn't the Anthony I fell in love with.

" you know what? I can't do this anymore" he said sighing into the phone

"do what? You do nothing!"

I heard him groan

" Jess ,Im sorry but i think its better if we just stay friends"

I felt tears fall down my cheeks before I hung up the phone and rubbed my face.

My heart felt like it was on fire. He just threw me away All because I hang with someone else? Why was he such a dick.

I shook my head before taking my phone out again and quickly dialing number that I know I'll regret soon but right now I didnt care

The line rang three time and the tears fell slowly down my face as the rug blurred in my vision.

' stop crying' I whispered just as the line picked up

" hey! Change your mind?"

I felt my stomach lurch but at the same time I couldn't stop the words coming from my mouth as I wiped the tears from my warm face.

" yeah , can you pick me up?"

" be there in ten!" Wills voice shouted before The line hung up and I breathed out leaning in the couch.

Tonight I planned on forgetting him

. ----

I rubbed my hands against the red plastic cup as I slowly sipped on my drink.

I looked around me at the room full of kids only recognizing Nathan, Tyler , will and nick who were my band members.

It was around 10 and I've been here for 2 hours in the corner sipping on drinks. I was starting to feel weird but it wasnt enough, it would never be enough.

" hey! What are you doing all by yourself" will slurred as he stumbled over to me basically falling on top of me.

" I don't know" I stumbled out nervously and I saw him look at me

" why don't we go up stairs and talk sound good babe?" He slurred rubbing my arm the area he touched sending shivers up my spine.

Before I had time to react he put his empty cup down and grabbed my hand leading me up the stair case. Music thudded through my head as we passed tons of kids on the way to the stairs Alarms went off in my head as he opened his bedroom door and immediately closed it.

I stared at dark blue walls of his room as he led me to his grey covered bed. He smirked at me and rubbed my cheek sitting closely next to me.

Before i could react he leaned over and latched his lips on my neck making me jump a little but he grabbed my arm Roughly. I finally pushed him a little off me as I felt my breath quicken, what did I get myself into?

He wiped his mouth and stood up.

" Im going to go get some drinks, you stay here got it?" He asked coldly and I nodded quickly as he slipped out the door.

Once it was closed I reached Into my pocket immediately grabbing my phone out. My hands started shaking as I struggled to unlock it.

" come on, calm down," I muttered letting out a breath.

Once it was unlocked I pressed Andy's contact and opened a new message.

I heard footsteps climbing the stairs and my heart pounded as I quickly managed to type out the sentence

' at wills, help'

Before shoving it I my pocket as the door opened revealing will with two red solo cups.

He wore a smirk as he padded over to me and sat on the bed

" drink it, all" he demanded handing me the brown liquid filled cup.

I held it in my hands and brought it to my lips as he stared at me.

Once it hit my tongue It took me everything not to puke it back up. I covered my mouth pushing the drink far from my mouth with my hand before he grabbed it.

" I said drink it all" His eyes were dark and I nodded before bringing it back to my lips shakily.

After I downed the cups the room started to blur and my thoughts became fuzzy, shit what did he give me?

I was pulled from my thoughts as he practically ripped my shirt of me and threw me back down onto the bed. He crawled on top of me and started harshly kissing my neck again.

" maybe you'll corporate now" he muttered sharply against my neck making me freeze in fear.

I squirmed under his touch desperately wanting to get him off me. Even in my foggy state I knew I didn't want what he did

" will, off" I said attempting to push him off me but he harshly grabbed my arms.

"no, you see, you're mine" he said the venom laced in his voice making my heart race harder.

Fucking hell Andy, please save me.

He gripped my cheek hard making my mouth open and immediately covered it with his letting his tongue venture in .

The taste of smoke and alcohol invaded my mouth and I squeezed my eyes shut placing my arms on his chest pushing hard but he pulled me closer. I squirmed again and bit his lip shoving him off a little.

His eyes hardened as he raised his hand and roughly smacked it across my cheek making my head snap to the side as i let out a cry.

" fucking slut, you're mine tonight ,do I need to say it again?"

He smacked me again and gripped my legs pulling me to him. He gripped my jaw so hard I'm sure it would leave a bruise.I whimpered feeling a tear fall down my cheek and he laughed coldly.

" what's wrong babe? Finally Realize how fucking useless you Are"

He gripped my pants and snapped the button of my jeans before climbing back on top of me. My heart pounded as my blurred thoughts raced fast.

" if you move one more time I swear to god ill kill you understand?"

I didn't say anything but let more tears fall. He snapped his hand On my cheek again.

" I said do you understand me?"

I nodded slowly as tears poured down my face and he smiled before leaning down again and latching his lips on mine as his hands slid down to pull my jeans down.

Anthony was right, they all were, how could I be so stupid?

My thoughts were interrupted as heavy footsteps thundered up the stairs and before I could register what was happening the door slammed open and will was ripped off of me.

"you don't fucking touch her like that!" A voice I didn't recognize snarled

I looked up and saw 2 figured holding will up against the door.

Andy and Matt.

" do you fucking understand me?" Andy snarled and will tried to squirm but Andy slammed his against the door making the room shake.

"Fucking pussy, don't you dare lay a finger On her again"

I scooted up the bed grabbing my chest as I watched through clouded eyes. Andy punched wills face before letting go and turning to me leaving will with Matt who didn't give will a chance to recover before he sent a blow to his face and pinned him harder to the wall.

Andy ran to the bed and kneeled on it in front of me.

I jumped back and he looked at me reaching his soft hand out to rub my cheek.

" hey, you 're okay now." he cooed

" it's okay sweetie I'm here , were going to go home okay? It's all going to be okay"

I nodded and He got off the bed and took his hoodie off .

" here put this on okay?"

I nodded before shakily taking it from his long, tattooed arm and slipping it over my cold body. I fixed my jeans slowly as i saw Matt drop will to the floor unconscious and turn to me.

" Matt go get the car ready, we'll be right behind you" Andy said tossing him the keys and he nodded quickly before walking out the door Andy turned to me and let out a breath

" let's get you home"

He grabbed my hand and helped me up but once I stood up I felt the world start spinning and I stumbled back before he caught me

" shit, here ill carry you okay?" I nodded and he hooked his hands under my knees scooping me up Bridal style and instantly made his way out of the door and quickly down the stairs.

I laid my head against his chest as tears fell down my cheeks as he walked out the door and into the cold air.

" it's okay, Jess I'm here , it's all okay" he repeated as he walked hurriedly to the car.

My head pounded and I groaned against his chest as He set me in the warm car and crawled in after me. The whole car blurred and my head pounded as I saw Matt look in the mirror.

" get to my house fast" Andy said before he turned to me.

" you okay?" I felt the car move and I shook my head but regretted it

" head.. Hurts , dizzy," I slurred and he wiped my face before lifting his arms letting me lay on his lap.

"Lay down"

I nodded and slowly lowed my self onto his warm lap instantly falling into darkness

. ----

My head pounded harshly and I groaned moving deeper into the warm blanket that I was on not wanting to open my eyes

. " hey I think she's waking up" I heard a voice say and I slowly opened my eyes instantly regretting it as the light harshly attacked my eyes.

I sat up and grabbed my head groaning as it pounded , my whole body ached and my cheek felt soar.

I felt like shit.

I looked around and saw Andy Juliet and Matt goodtsitting across from me.

" hey, you're awake, how you feeling?" Andy asked getting up and siting next to me.

" like shit" I choked out and I saw his eyes soften as he rubbed my back.

Juliet sat up and picked up 2 pills and a bottle of water

" take this sweetie" she said handing me the water and tablets.

I nodded and took the pills and water. Juliet sat next to Andy and I grabbed my head.

" what time is it?"

" about..4am" she replied

I groaned and leaned back in the couch against Andy's shoulder.

" I called Ashley and he said they're coming back as soon as they can, they'll be here about 8" Andy said and I nodded

"So want to explain what happened?"Andy asked and I groaned rubbing my head

" well after ash left anthony broke up with me.."

" no.." Juliet wined and I laughed a little before nodding.

" so, I called will and he picked me up, I spent a few hours sipping on alcohol until he brought me to his room, he started kissing my neck and when I pushed him away he went to get a drink which is when I texted you"

Andy nodded

" continue"

I shut my eyes thinking

" he came back and gave me a drink, it tasted terrible and instantly made me dizzy , it got fuzzy from there all but then he was on top of me until you came"

" he fuckig drugged you!" Andy snarled and I nodded

He looked at my face and gasped a little lifting my chin up.

"He hit you too?!"

I nodded and he shook his head grabbing me in a hug while Juliet and Matt sat silent.

"I'm so sorry, I should have came earlier"

I shook my head sitting up a little.

" no Andy, don't be sorry,I can't explain enough, thank you so much, if you didn't come, it wouldn't have ended bad, don't blame yourself , seriously thank you."

I turned towards Matt who was sitting on the coffee table across from us.

"thank you also, you don't even know me and you helped me"

He smiled and stood up

. " don't worry about it, you're ash's little sister, which makes me mine too and , no one touches my little sister like that" he said and I smiled as he leaned down kissing my head before extending his arm.

" I'm Matt by the way"

I laughed shaking it

" I know, I'm a huge From first to last , and D.R.U.G.S fan."

He smiled before sitting down on the couch next to me.

" well it's nice to meet you, I'm sorry it had to be like this though."

I laughed before grabbing my head in pain again.

" fuck" I cursed

" why don't you go back to sleep , well all try to sleep untill Ashley gets back okay?" Juliet asked and I nodded

" let's go, you can sleep in the quest bedroom, ill get you some shorts too okay?" Andy asked standing up I nodded and stood up also but immediately collapsed back on the couch too lightheaded to stand.

" can't I stay on the couch.." I whined and he shook his head as mat stood up and leaned down picking me up.

" that's where I'm sleeping kid" he said and I groaned leaning against his chest feeling surprisingly safe with him even though I just met him.

" you could sleep in the quest bed" I slurred and he shook his head placing me on the bed.

" nope, your not feeling good, I couldn't take the bed"

Andy walked in the handed me some black shorts.

" you know where to find me if you need me , get some rest kid, it's all okay now" he said before leaning down and kissing my cheek.

he stood up and I grabbed his arm

" thank you Andy, for everything"

He smiled

"Anything for you "

He walked out the door And Matt smiled before walking out after him gently closing the door behind him.

I took my phone from my pocket and took my jeans off replacing them with the shorts before falling back on the bed immediately letting sleep take over my soar body.

What a night


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