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My feet are dangling off the edge

Tearing at the sheets to save my soul

I walked down the street sticking my hands in my pockets as music blasted through my ear.

I looked around the street that all of the sudden got weirdly dark. I shrugged it off and walked up the steps and unlocked the door of Ashley's house.

" ash?!"

I didn't get a reply so I walked into the living room . I screamed at the sight of Brian sitting in the chair.

" I told you I would get you"

The whole room plunged into darkness and all I could hear was a voice

" Jess"

"Jess wake up

I shot up in my bed opening my eyes looking around my room as I caught my breath.

" hey, hey it's okay"

I looked up and saw Ashley sitting next to me wiping hair out of my face.

I let out a breath and sat up in my bed a little rubbing my damp face. My body was still numbed with fear as I shook slightly.

" you okay?"

I nodded into my hands and felt the bed shift more as ash wrapped himself around me.

" it was just a dream everything's going to be okay"

I smiled as he kissed my head and looked up at the clock. 6:30

" I need to get ready"I said into his chest.

" are you sure you want to go? Because you can stay home sick"

I smiled looking up at him but shook my head and kissed his cheek.

" I'll be fine ash"

He sighed and stood up out of my bed readjusting his outlaw shirt and fixing his messed up bed head.

" okay.. Ill be down stairs get dressed"

He walked slowly out of the room and I let out a breath rubbing my damp face again before throwing my black and red covers off my Body and standing up out of bed.

I walked to the mirror and stared into it noticing the dark circles that hung under my eyes from lack of sleep.

I've had nightmares both nights since that day and it's really wearing me out. I'm too paranoid to even want to go anywhere by myself, I can't. He will get me, I know it.

I shook my head stepping away from my mirror and headed towards my closet on the other side of the room.

" It won't happen" I kept muttering to myself as I pulled out a my chemical romance hoodie and a cartel short sleeved shirt.

I closed the white door and went to my bed throwing the shirt and sweater on it before taking my pajamas off and replacing them with a pair of black skinny jeans from the floor and the shirt.

I pulled on the sweater and combed out my hair quickly grabbing my bag, headphones and phone before leaving my safe, warm room and entering the dim red hallway.

I could hear bowls clinging and dogs scurrying around downstairs as I walked down the warm carpeted steps and headed to the kitchen where the noises were coming from . I walked in and saw the puppies with their heads in their bowls hungrily eating the food while Ashley sipped his coffee leaning against the counter watching them with an amused smirk on his face.

I laughed and put my bag on the table walking to where Ashley was and grabbed a cup before going to the coffee pot and pouring some in. I leaned next to Ashley against the counter and he wrapped his arm lightly around me

. " puppies are hungry" I commented an he laughed a little before taking another sip of his brown steaming liquid

" they sure are, they're pigs"

Tokyo lifted his head up and looked at him before going back to his food causing more laughter from both of us. I finished my coffee and put it in the sink behind me before glancing at the clock causing a sigh to escape my mouth.

" I have to go"

I walked to the table and picked up my bag slinging it on both arms letting it slump against my back. He nodded and put his coffee down walking towards me.

" want me to drive you?"

" ash you know I walk with Anthony and Aaron."

He let out a sigh crushing me in a hug.

" just be safe, if you need me to get you at any time I will, or one of the others will got it?"

I nodded in to his chest and he pulled away giving me a peck on the cheek.

" I love you"

I smiled

" I love you too ash, ill see you after school"

I leaned down and gave each dog a pat on the head on my way out of the kitchen and walked through the hallway to the door.

I left the house and zipped up my sweatshirt a little before walking down the street towards Anthony's house whole music pumped through my ears taking away some of the nerves.

As I got close I felt a hand clamp on my shoulder causing me to jump forward ripping the earbuds out of my ears as my heart violently thudding against my chest.

" hey, it's just me "

I let out of breath grabbing my heart as I saw Aaron giving me a lopsided grin.

" you okay? You like freaked out"

I shook my head and hugged him

" I'm fine you just caught me off guard that's all" I said nervously as he let go. I didn't want to tell either of them , not now at least, I still didn't tell them how bad he treated me , all they know is I got kicked out and jinxx found me, they don't need to know the rest.

He gave me a small smile before nodding and readjusting his straps as we continued walking to Anthony's house. This is going to be rough , I just wish I could stop being so paranoid

. ---


I snapped my head up looking around at Aaron and Anthony both starring at me from different sides at the lunch table.

" hmm?"

" I asked if you were okay" Anthony said and I nodded

" yeah I'm fine"

Aaron raised his eyebrow as he finished his water.

" are you sure? You've been spacing out all day, you seem worried"

I silently cursed, was it that obvious?

" you know that if you ever have anything bothering you , you can tell us" Anthony said and I shook my head

" no I'm fine , I'm just tired"

Anthony raised his eyebrows a little but shook his head knowing not to take the subject any further before he sighed and kissed the side of my head.

" so still you want to come over tonight and watch a movie with me and Aaron tonight right ?"

I smiled and nodded

" Of course, as long as it's not insidious again"

They both laughed before They stood up with their trash, Anthony taking mine and started heading to The trash barrels.

I leaned down and picked up my backpack just as I felt someone next to me.

I lifted my head and expected to see Aaron or Anthony but was greeted instead with a kid in my grade that had black hair to about his shoulders.

I think his name was will but I don't remember.

" uh, hi" I muttered confused and startled by his sudden presence.

" hi, I'm will!" He said holding out his hand ,So it was will

I cautiously took his cold hand in mine and tried to get rid of the confused look that was most likley on my face.

" nice to meet you I'm je-"

" Jessica I know" he cut me off and I nodded awkwardly looking over and seeing Aaron and Anthony standing a little ways away giving me a weird look .

I shrugged and looked back at will.

" did you need something or..?"

he laughed

" yeah sorry, didn't mean to get off on a creepy start , we'll I heard you're pretty amazing on the drums am I right?"

I shifted on my feet and nodded

" yeah I guess"

He grinned again

" we'll I'm in a band, called DEAD, and we need a drummer would you be interested?"

Dead? Odd name, but I have been wanting a bad, I guess it couldn't hurt

" uh, yeah, I gue-"

His smile got bigger as he launched forward and attacked me in a hug.

" great! , here take my number and text me tonight? Well get started right away!" He handed me a slip of paper with a number scrawled On it just as the bell rang, and with that he was gone.

I slipped the paper in my pocket just as Anthony and Aaron came over to me.

" what was that about?" Anthony asked wrapping an arm around me as we made our way out of the cafeteria

" apparently I'm in his band now"

They looked at me


They shook their heads and Anthony's grip tightened on me. " I don't like that kids, he's bad news, into drugs and shit, I don't want you caught up in it." Anthony said just as we arrived in front of our English class.

" I agree, he's a douche" Aaron added I laughed as we walked all the way in the back setting our stuff on the table

" I'm Sure he's not that bad Anthony, and besides you know I would never smoke or anything, ill give the band a try, if it's bad I'll leave"

He sighed out

" it's your choice I'm just saying be careful"

I nodded taking out my binder and flipping for my homework just as Mr. Banks walked in silencing the room.


" ash I'm home!" I called as I shut the door and kicked my shoes off.

" living room!"

I walked in and saw him and cc on the couch playing COD . I laughed and hopped on the couch next to cc who paused the game.

" hey little one"

I shook my head

" hey cc, what a surprise to see you here" I said sarcastically, he was always over, I didn't mind it though, I loved the guys. He laughed and patted my head

" how was school?" Ashley asked leaning back in the couch

. " it was, weird , good I guess"

He laughed along with cc

" how so?"

" we'll I got in a band.."

" what?! That's amazing!" Ashley exclaimed and I laughed

" yeah I guess, just the way it happened was weird he like stalked me in the cafeteria and didn't exactly ask me, just kind of told me I was in it"

They laughed

" what's it called?" Cc asked

" dead, again, weird but i don't know "

" that's interesting" Ashley said laughing and I nodded also

" so where is Anthony an Arron? They're usually always here" Ashley asked

" they're at home but were watching a movie tonight so it evens out" He nodded and I stood up

. " I'm going to do some homework before I go over"

" okay that's fine" Ashley said before putting the games back on and immediately goig back into gamer mode with cc .

I laughed silently as I made my way up the stairs and into my room. I droppedy bag on the floor and flopped in my bed letting out a breath.

It's been one weird day.



I'm really enjoying this. So here's on vote for continue.

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This is is the author of this story but my account got locked out, I am continuing this story on Wattpad currently if you guys are still into reading!

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Guuuuurl you said a week :(

Weeeeeeee!!!!!! Please continue, sorry I'm quite weird.