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You Want to Make a Memory?

Hello again, it's you and me;

An hour or so later — Gabriel tried not to keep track — the stage door finally opened. An earth-shattering cry of excitement thundered around him, as the first pair of leather-clad boots came into view. His breathing increased as his heart pounded painfully against his ribcage, trying to escape from confinement. More and more of the unidentified stranger appeared, but it was only when Gabe was convinced it wasn’t the man who stole his heart, it began to beat slower. Luckily it was only Jake, the band’s guitarist, with the other members, Ashley, Jinxx and Christian, following closely behind. There was still no sign of the man his heart was determined on seeing, but his head wanted to avoid at all costs.

Standing away from the crowd, Gabriel scans the local vicinity, searching, hunting for him. Due to the large number of guys dressed overly in leather and make-up, it was hard to determine fans from the band. Occasionally the noise of the crowd would increase, or the backstage door would creak, keeping him thoroughly jittering on edge. His eyes fall to his friend parading himself around like he owns the place. Gabe feels like he should be embarrassed by Everly’s behaviour, but he is fully accustomed to it now. Gabe wishes he could be as carefree as his friend, not caring about what people think, doing what he wants, when he wants, with whoever he wants. Continuing to stand back from the action, he wishes the time away as Everly is busy cavorting around with the rest of the band.

Everly shamelessly flaunts himself, flirting with each member of the band individually. He laughs at what they say and gently sweeps his fingers past their arms, making use of simple contact to his advantage. He’s such a slut. They all bask in his admiration, but politely decline any offer he may make them, no matter how innocent. Everly knew exactly what their response would be, but he wanted to give it a go anyway. He likes giving them the attention as much as they like getting it. It makes Everly feel, special, like someone is interested in him. He enjoys listening to the people around whispering snide remarks, jealous of him. Everly Wright, the weirdo with long hair and tight black clothing nobody liked as a kid or even as a teenager. He knows far too well what it is like to be envious of everyone around him, even about simple things. For once in his life, someone is jealous of him. Selfishly, he wants to make it last for as long as he can.

After what feels like a lifetime, Everly feels like he could possibly be pushing his luck with the amount of time he has spent with the guys. Giggling at what Ashley just said, he turns to look over his shoulder at Gabriel, who is stood with a stern look on his face. Gabe jerks his head towards the car park, signalling he has had enough. Biting his lip, Everly realises his fun has to inevitably come to an end, especially since the rest of the crowd has since dissipated. He bids farewell to the musicians surrounding him, hugging them all goodbye individually, whilst still giggling like a schoolgirl. As he walks towards Gabe, he stops in his tracks, stunned by what he sees approaching from the distance. Not only is Gabe now under the stare of Everly, the band also turn to look in his direction.

A deep, crimson blush creeps up his neck, to stain his cheeks in embarrassment. Uncomfortable by their sudden interest, Gabe ducks his head, to hide behind his fringe self-consciously. This isn’t exactly the first time he has encountered them. He tries to forget the awkwardness of their first and only meeting. It wasn’t under the best circumstances. They know exactly who and what Gabriel is. If the people of today’s society knew what they had done, there is no doubt to what he would be classed as. The word slut comes to mind. There is many a time when he would be the one thinking badly of the person who had done what he did. Whether or not his thoughts are truly justified, that he is just another cheap floozy throwing himself at the first musician he can find, but he does know what that night meant to him.

It was a one-night stand; he can’t deny that very true fact. It was an entire night of nothing but lust, desire, and unadulterated pleasure. It was slow and deliberate; dirty, filthy and unrelenting; by the end he was seeing stars, physically exhausted by the amount of pleasure his body experienced. But above all else, it was honest. It wasn’t just a one-night stand. God, it was so much more! It is the only night in Gabriel’s short life that he cannot forget, even if he wanted too. Ingrained into his deepest memories, the touches, the feelings, the emotions; they have haunted every single moment of the last nine months. Gabe brings his mind back to reality, shaking off the memories, focusing back on the moment. Everly is still watching him.

Everly knows he should probably stop what is about to happen, or at least warn Gabe, but he just can’t. It doesn’t feel right to stop the inevitable. He hears voices conferring behind him agreeing with his thoughts, but for good measure, a hand rests on his lower back. In a low tone, Ashley whispers close to his ear, “Don’t.”

Looking up at Ashley, neither the expression on his face, or the conviction in his voice is harsh or threatening, so Everly decides to listen to him. They must be thinking the same thing: whatever is about to happen, needs to happen. There need not be any outside interference from either invested party. Everly nods his head, showing Ashley he understands, and agrees with him. Ashley smiles down at Everly, and the younger boy shyly bows his head, smiling back in return.

The close exchange in front of him has Gabriel thoroughly confused. Whilst trying to figure out what he is witnessing with the giddy smiles and shy giggling, Gabe isn’t paying attention to what else is happening around him. He isn’t aware of the man stood behind him and definitely doesn’t expect to find two arms to slip around his waist, holding him in a tight embrace. Surprised, and slightly scared by the sudden contact, a loud, startled cry escapes Gabriel lips. His heart instantly skips a beat when he hears the voice towering over him.

“I think this is love at first sight.”


me and my mum love that song its what drew me to your story
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