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You Want to Make a Memory?

If you go now, I'll understand;

Standing outside, in a crowd full of complete strangers, wearing nothing but a thin t-shirt, in the middle of what feels like an arctic winter, is not the way Gabriel Young expected to be spending his evening. When he reluctantly agreed to go to this concert, it was under the conditions that he’d arrive at doors, and leave as soon as it was over. He wanted to spend as little time as humanly possible at the venue — in the presence of… him. It made him feel physically sick with nerves and anticipation to be within the same 100-mile radius. At any moment he could turn around, and he’d be there; Gabriel was very uneasy.

If he was being honest with himself, which he tried to be — if you can’t be honest with yourself, who can you be honest with — Gabriel knew this would happen. He knew Everly, his best friend, would get swept up in the moment. He almost counted on it. There was a part of him, no matter how deeply buried inside, that wanted to meet him again. He wanted to know if the rock star remembered him, or at least the night they spent together all those months ago. But the part of him that didn’t want that certain meeting to happen was an even stronger force. He just wanted to leave now, he was cold and tired, and he still had to drive the 45 minutes it is back to his and Everly’s apartment. But of course, another thing you could always count on, Everly having other plans.

Please, Gabe, can we stay a bit longer?” Everly begged his best friend, tugging on his arm almost like a young child with its mother.

“But Ev, you promised we’d leave once it was over!”

Gabriel really did not want to be there, and Everly knew that, but it didn’t stop his shoulders dropping and his eyes diverting away. He understood how Gabe was feeling, he really did. He was the one to pick him up when Gabe hit rock bottom. But he was disappointed that he couldn’t at least stick around to meet the restof the band. He just wanted to tell them how much their music meant to him, it had help him so much over the last few years. Gabe looked at his disheartened friend, and felt horrible. He was being selfish. He too remembered how Everly was there for him, and he did at least owe this to his friend. With a deep sigh, he relented.

“Fine, we’ll stay, but as soon as you’ve met them, we’re leaving.” Everly squealed in excitement, and launched himself into Gabe’s arms, chanting thank you after thank you. Uncomfortable with the sudden display of affection and attention it had drawn from the relatively large crowd that was still hanging around, Gabe gently pried Everly’s arms around from his neck. “Alright, I get it, now get off me.”

With one last squeeze, Everly finally let go of Gabe, and turned back towards the doors the band would expectantly leave at some point. When that will be is anyone’s guess. With the amount of people still gathered, it was going to be quite some time. Gabe was in for a very long night.


Word Count, 542.

A simple introduction to the original characters.
Chapters are short.
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me and my mum love that song its what drew me to your story
mimicchaos mimicchaos