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As you fade into the night.

Resurrect the sun

"So her ribs aren't that healed yet, her arm is though and she has a pretty bad concussion, we'll know more once we get the blood work back but she probably won't be able to leave for at least a week" the doctor said towards Ashley and cc who smiled and nodded in return making me smile weekly from the bed.

" well I can tell you guys have some catching up to do, can I expect the other men In leather to be showing up as well?" The doctor asked making cc and Ashley laugh.

"Of course, they'll probably be up within the next hour " cc said an the doctor smiled

"Great, call if you need me, ill be seeing you later" the doctor said before he walked out the door letting it slowly click shut.

Ashley imeditatly walked back over to the chair and sat down reaching out for my hand

" how are you feeling?" He asked softly and I shrugged as he gripped my hand in his warm soft one rubbing it with the pad of his thumb.

" I don't know"

Cc chuckled sitting in the chair next to Ashley kicking his feet up on the bed.

" you don't know?" Cc asked raising an eyebrow as Ashley reached out and nocked his feet off causing me To giggle slightly and flip him cc off.

" I'm tired and my body's weak and I hurt everywhere and I just can't describe it, so no I don't know" I said making Ashley squeeze my hand tighter and give it a kiss.

"Sorry princess" cc mocked out sarcastically throwing his feet back up on my bed making me shake my head in amusement

"Forgive him, he's been so silent all these months but now that you're back he's just dishing out the cc " Ashley said making cc shrug and nod just as the door opened.

we all grew silent and I moved my gaze to the door as Andy's long tattooed form came walking in behind Juliet walking in not paying attention.

"Hey guys any-"

Juliet cut off mid sentence once she saw me making Ashley and cc smile as Andy also looked in my direction freezing.

Andy and Juliet stood still their eyes locked with mine as if I was an extinct animal doing a trick.

"Hiya" I said softly making Andy's eyes widen more and he stumbled to my bed quickly still in a trance.

"What? When?! How! Why the fuck did you not tell us?!" He stumbled out as he made it to the white bed standing next to me and taking my other hand that wasn't in Ashley's.

"Relax she just woke up a little bit ago, plus we wanted quality time" cc said as Andy smiled and rubbed my hand

"Selfish bastards" he muttered still smiling down at me

I chuckled and he leaned down kissing my forehead gently

"Jesus Christ I can't Belive you're awake" he said as Juliet walked next to him smiling.

" neither can I, god you scared the shit out of us all love" she said leaning down to kiss my cheek also.

"Sorry" I said and they shook their heads

"Don't be , it wasnt any of your fault okay?" Juliet asked again and I nodded making her smile

" so do the others know?" She asked towards Ashley and he shook his head

" no ill do that now actually"

"Get them here fast.. I want jinxx" I all but whined into my pillow making Juliet let out a small awe and pat my back as Ashley took out his phone

"How badly do you want them here?" He asked a small smile on his lips and I groaned as Andy and Juliet took seats on the other side of the bed

"Fast" I said and Ashley flashed me a smile tapping on his phone

"Fast it is my dear" he sang pressing his phone to his ear

"Hello?" He called into it and I could hear a small voice on the other end

"No, I'm not ready to switch but.. Man you really need to come down here I, the doctors just came in and, just there's some news that's better to say in person.. Just get down here fast before it's too late" he said into the phone dryly.

Cc chuckled a little along with Andy as Ashley kept a straight face listening

" okay thanks ill see you"

He hung up the phone and I glared at him as they all broke out laughing. Juliet shook her head along with me

" you're a bastard"

" hey, you told me to get him down here and I did, it's not my fault your cousin is so gullible"

" you could've said something like 'hey your cousins not dead' come give her a hug" I said and they all laughed

"Too easy babe"

I rolled my eyes again leaning Into the bed feeling my eyes droop a little I felt Ashley's hand slip into mine again making me smile and open my eyes looking into Ashley's.

"So what's going to happen next?" I asked and I saw them all look at each other

" I really don't know.. But it's not important right now, what's important is you're alive, and you're never leaving again got it?" Andy chimed in and I smiled nodding

It was silent for a few minutes before I broke it

" when do you think they'll come?"

" well knowing them they'll probably be here very soon,you know Sammi's going to kill you" Juliet said and I laughed a little just as we heard many footsteps rushing to the door

Everyone got big smiles on their faces as Ashley jumped up and walked to the edge of the bed just as the door slowly clicked open.

Clicks of combat boots were heard as I saw jinxx followed by Sammi, jake and Ella walk in not looking to the bed but straight to Ashley

" what's goin on ash?" Jinxx asked in the most depressed voice I've ever heard come from his mouth I took a better look at him.

His eyes were dark, hollow And he looked a mess , now that I think about it they all looked a mess.

" nothing much how about you?" Ashley asked the smirk almost clearly visible in his voice

" ash! I meant- "

"Hey, keep it down would ya? My ears are sensitive" I said making all of them turn their heads to me and freeze.

Jinxx's mouth pretty much fell open and Sammi looked like she was close to tears

" you fucking asshole! We thought she was dead!!" Jinxx yelled smacking Ashley who was all smiles

"Hey! I knew it would get you here fast" he protested making jinxx smack him again but this time with a smile on his lips as Sammi ran to my bed

" Jesus Christ I hate you so much" she all but squealed as she leaned over and gave me a squeeze making me smile

" I know"

" what did I say before you left ?! I told you to be careful and what do you do? You almost die" she said with a slight chuckle , I knew she knew it wasn't my fault though.

"I'm just glad you're okay though" she said softly rubbing my face just as Ella moved next to her throwing her a side and leaning down to hug me

" don't ever do that again" she said into my neck and I smiled weakily as she stood up

"I'll try not to"

Jake took her place next and leaned down kissing my cheek softly and squeezing my hand

" I'm glad yours okay kid, it's been weird without you"

I smiled up at him and without another word he stepped aside letting jinxx walk next to my bed a huge smile plastered across his face.

He had on his leather jacket with a black shirt under and skinny jeans.

I smiled as he shook his head ,a few tears falling down it, and bent down grabbing me in a hug. This time I sat up slightly him being the one i wanted most and clung to him feeling tears fall against my neck as he gripped me tighter

"I thought you were dead, I thought I lost you, I don't ever want to lose you and this made me realize it I can't and I never will , god I missed you so much and I love you so much" he all but sobbed into my neck and the room fell silent as they all smiled.

I closed my eyes and clung tighter towards him feeling safe

" I love you too jinxx I love you too"

He gripped me tighter shaking like a leaf against me and I smile moving closer hugging him tighter

" jinxx it's okay I'm right here"

He shook his head into me not stopping crying but I didn't care as I burried into his neck

"We're going to, well just give you guys some time okay? Well be in the cafeteria" Ashley said making jinxx break the hug slightly as jinxx nodded wiping his face

They all gave weak smiles as they exited the room and jinxx looked at me again

The sudden contact brought him to tears Immediatly again and he leaned down hugging me


" I'm sorry it's just you, I already lost your parents, I can't lose you, you mean so much to me Jess I can't even explain" he said against my neck.

"I know jinxx.." I whispered feeling my head pound

He was silent as he continued to cry into me as I clung hopelessly to him. After a few minutes I felt the tears stop and he stood upright wiping his face and sitting in the chair silently next to me and bringing it close He had a smile on his face despite his previous breakdown

" while you were in the coma I haven't been able to cope, you know mom she was sending pictures of me and you and just, Jessica I remeber holding you when you were born, you were my first fan, I've helped you with self harm and suicide and just you have no idea how much you mean to me, you're my cousin but you're also my sister, you've passed cousin zone" he said making me smile slightly

"You were my first friend and I know I was yours and god we'll always be friends and I know at some point we'll be seperated for good in the end but all I know is I don't want that day anytime soon okay?" He asked and I nodded again

"now about this bullying situation.. It's never going to get better is it?" He asked and I shook my head making him sigh a little, it never would, it would only get worse and we all knew it

" I have a deal for you okay? Just hear me out"

I was silent waiting for him I go on and he smiled

" I know you have no intention for college and obviously highschool a not helping so, if you want to, you can drop out" he said making my eyes widen.

" wait, yore serious?" I asked and he smiled

" I talked to John who by the way is very concerned about you also, and we both talked and, you're going to be our merch girl" I smiled once he said it wanting to give him a hug

"Jinxx! Wait you're joking!" I said and he smiled leaning to kiss my cheek

" is that a yes?" I nodded eagerly and he laughed

"Good, and this is forever until you get an actual career you like, it's your life now kid and this way, you'll never be it of my sight" he said making me laugh

I couldn't believe it,it's been my dream forever to travel the world, and now I was doing just that with my family

" god I love you jinxx" He smiled and stood up bending down for another hug

"And I love you little sister, way too much"


Hey guys! Who missed me.? I'm sorry I've had some writers block but now I'm dishing it out and more chapters for ALL my stories will come. Also check out my story "my feet are dangling off the edge",me and my twin will be coating that story with her story, we got some good stuff planned for all you!


I love this so much update soon plzzzz

Madison Madison


IzzieDeadnow IzzieDeadnow

This story is amazing! It made me smile, laugh and cry. This is one of the greatest stories I have ever read before. You have done amazing job! When I started reading this I couldn't stop cause I just had to keep reading cause I had to know what's gonna happen next.
At first I was sure she would end up with Andy but then after a while it was obvious that it would be ash and they are so super cute together in this story. I LOVE THIS AND CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER!!! :)

BubbleslovesBVB BubbleslovesBVB

All the feels!!!

IzzieDeadnow IzzieDeadnow

Yay she's awake!

musicminxx musicminxx