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Jinxx's Dark Side

"Andy, We Need To Talk To You About Something Very Important."

Andy's P.O.V. :

"What's death like?" DJ looked at me, I really didn't know how to respond. I thought for a minute before answering.

"Death isn't fun you know. It's like a big pitch black hole that has no end to it." Andy paused then started again.

"Every part of my life past before my eye's." Andy looked at me and whiped a tear away.

DJ softly laughed and took my hand, we stared out the window for at least 15 minutes before Ashley came in.

"Hey Andy, how you feeling buddy?" Ashley Smiled and wisper softly.

I smiled weakly and Ashley turned to DJ.

"DJ, come on, Andy's parents want to see him." DJ nodded and kissed my cheek and left. My parents walked in and embraced me in hugs.

"ANDY, ARE YOU OKAY?!" My Mom asked stormingly.

"Yes, I'm okay Mom." I replied.

"Thank Heavens" My Mom said sitting down on my hospital bed.

"Andy, Do you remember anything?" My Dad asked.

"Umm, sorta, I remember a few things. But not a lot. Last thing I remember is talking to Jinxx in my room. Then I blacked out. I can't remember anything else. And Cheryl and DJ keep telling me that no one has seen Jinxx since then. I don't know." I replied scratching my head.

"Andy, we need to talk to you about something very important." My Mom and Dad said at the exact same time, it was weird like they practiced it before.

"Yeah? What is it?" I said my voiced cracked in fear. Panicing my mind went threw all the bad options, my parents were always there for me, supporting me threw all my decitions. Oh my God . . . What if they're getting a divorce?

"We want you to quit Black Veil Brides." My Dad said mototoned.

My hole body froze. What? This was worse then a divorce!

"No.... No. No. No!" I stuttered. I shot them a glare. "You know this is what I devoted my whole life to! Dad-" I directed my deadly glare at him. "You were the one who paid for 'Knives And Pens' .-"Get out! I never want to see you guys again! Leave! I hate you!" My mothers -or should I say old mothers- face sunk. And she nodded and left the room. My dad -or should I say old dad- put his hand on my head, I threw it off and looked away from him. He to shuffled out of the room.

Quit? The band? What came over them? They know this is my pride and joy. Why? I thought they loved me.

After re-thinking those thoughts, I finally fell into a restless sleep, that re-played what just happened over and over again in my mind.


Written by:

Jake's girlx


@Jake's girlx

ok thanks

Demon spawn Demon spawn

@Demon spawn In a few days. *Writers block*

Jake's girlx Jake's girlx

@Demon spawn In a few days. *Writers block*

Jake's girlx Jake's girlx

@Jake's girlx

when is the next chapter coming

Demon spawn Demon spawn

@Demon spawn

I can't say :D

Jake's girlx Jake's girlx