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Jinxx's Dark Side

"Get The Fat Ass."

I paiced my hotel room waiting. Planning. Sammi walked out of the bathroom, I had her imported from, whatever she was doing, I didn't even know.

"Jinxx, baby, calm down!" Sammi said in a sweet tone.

"Fuck off. You know I can't 'calm down' "- I did finger quotes over the words- "I tried to kill Andy it didn't work!" I sat on the bed. bouncing my knee up and down. Sammi sat beside me and wrapped her arms around me. Ugh I just want her to fuck off, I only purpossed so I would have a permident fuck-buddy.

"Jinxx baby. You sen Amy and Chris after him for a reason. They'll get him to quite, then it will be your name the crowd cheers." Sammi said. Oh, she's pretty and smart.

I smirked at her and she got on my lap. We started kissing furostiously, I licked the bottom of her mouth, begging for enterance. She let me in. As our tounges fought for domenince, I slid my hands up her back, and scratched down it, earning me a moan. She has always been into that kinky stuff.

I pulled away from the kiss and she looked at me and giggled. I started kissing down her neck. She let out soft little moans, I started to take her shirt off when there was a knock at the door. I shot my head in the direction of the door and threw Sammi off of me.

"Chris and Amy..." I breathed.

"Jinxx! Are you kidding me right now? We were kinda in the middle of something!" I shot Sammi a glare while I put my hand on the door knob.

"Grow up, will you? We fuck all the time." Sammi glared at me.

"You're an asshole." She crossed her arms, and I let in Andy' parents.

They shuffled in and sat on the couch huddled together, I could tell they were scared, they should be, for if they didn't get Andy to quit, bad things were coming.

"Hello." I said sitting in the chair across from them, Sammi came and sat on the arm of the chair, I had her dressed all seductive, I told her it might come to that. She was under the false illution this was out of love. Pitty.

"Hello. Jinxx. Sammi." Amy said. Chris stayed silent. I could tell he was trying to asert his dominace.

"So, we're guessing you came back with . . . Good news. 'Cause if you came back with bad, well, thats stupid." Samm said in a seductive town, she bent down infront of Chris, showing off far to much clevage. Trying to get him to break, he didn't he kept starring into space but Amy noticed. God this is turning me on!

"Actually. Andy said no. He said he hated us. That he never wanted to talk to us again." Amy bursted into tears then, crying into her hands. Sammi took one hand pulling Amy to her feet, before slapping Amy so hard she fell to the ground.

"Hey!" Chris boomed. I pointed a gun at him.

"I suggest you sit. Mr. Biersack." Chris did so, starring into space again. I directed my attention back to the show, not taking my gun of Chris.

Sammi pulled Amy up by her hair, she started yelling in Amy's face.

"Stop crying, bitch! Real women don't cry! Who am I kidding! You're not a real woman, you can't even control your own damn son!" Sammi soat letting go of Amy's hair.

Amy's head fell back to the floor with a thud, Sammi kicked Amy's legs out of the way so she could return to her spot on the chair. When she did I wrapped my arm around her waist pulling her into a deep kiss. It was one of the few kisses we shared that had real meaning.

"You are sick people you know that." Chris's eyes weren't in space anymore, they were trained in my eyes.

Sammi got up and struted to Chris, she sat on his lap facing him, his face was practicly in her tits. Sammi carresed Chris's cheek, before fourcefully kissing him. Chris kissed back eagerly enough, he started untieing her corset, which fell to the floor, uncovering her flawless body. He started placing kisses on her breastes, and she threw her head back, along with one hand pretneding to be enjoying it. HA, poor foolr, you could never get a girl like Sammi.

I handed her the rage with chloraporm on it. She put it behind her back. She got down on the ground, to look like she was going to remove his pants, he threw is head up to look at me.

"You like this he said." Sammi giggled causing him to look down at her, Sammi had her rage placed so that his face hit it, when he touched it she got back on his lap, fourcing it on his face. After about 40 seconds of fighting it, Chris was out like a light.

Sammi turned around to Amy, who watched the whole thing, and bent down beside her.

"You know whats happening, so you don't need all the foreplay." Sammi smiled sweetly and passed Amy out. She turned to me and ran to me. Kissing me hard, and passionate. Wow, two in one day.

Sammi left the kiss and walked over to the closet. She pulled out ropes,bandanas, and a 'Pierce The Veil' sweatshirt. She threw it on over her naked-ness and booty shorts, grabbed the supplice and walked back over to me. She handed me two pieces of rope and a bandana.

"Get the fat ass." She said bobing her head towards Chris already begining to tie up Amy.

"God I love it when you take control. It's so hot." Sammi laughed softly.

"Wait 'till I take control tonight." She replied seductivly.

Oh god. I felt myself getting a hard-on.

**AMY'S P.O.V**

I woke up from my sleep. I had a horrible dream where Sammi attacked me, and then Chris made out with her . . . With her breasts!

I opened my eyes and it was dark, the air was also stiffy. I tried to move my hands to rub my eyes, only to find them tied to together, then tied to my feet, fourcing me to be rounded in a ball. I tried to scream out but it got muffled. There was something shoved in my mouth. I heard Chris grunt in reply.

I tried to remember if what I dreamed was actually a dream, or if it was real.

"Oh Jinxx! Fu-Fuuuckkk!! Yeaaaa!!" I heard Sammi squeal and moan. It was gross, I heard Jinnx moaning and grunting with her.

Chris shuffled over to me, pressing himself against me, right now was not the time to neglacte him. Right now I needed him. Cheater or not. I still loved him.


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@Jake's girlx

ok thanks

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@Demon spawn In a few days. *Writers block*

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@Demon spawn In a few days. *Writers block*

Jake's girlx Jake's girlx

@Jake's girlx

when is the next chapter coming

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I can't say :D

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