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I don't know who I love

I need to tell you something

Right now me and Ashley are walking on the beach holding hands and then I remembered something
Me:Ashley I need to talk to you
Ashley:What's wrong babe?
Me:Remember that day when I was so quiet?
He nodded
Me:Well after I sang Andy got me and he raped me
I don't know if he's mad or not because we both are wearing sun glasses
But I felt him hold my hand tighter
Ashley:Why the fuck he would do that?!
Me:And he didn't use condom and I'm scared that I'm preggers,But you didn't use one did you?
He looked down and shook his head
Tears fell down my cheeks
Me:Ashley what if i am and I don't know whose it is?!
Ashley pulled me into his arms and I cried
Ashley:No matter whose the father if you are,I'll take care of him or her like if they where my mind,That's a promise
I smiled and he kissed me
I kissed back and I wrapped my arms around his neck
after 5 seconds we pulled away
Me:Well I have to check in 2 weeks because if I check right now it won't show
Ashley:Want me to take you home?
Me:Not yet
he nodded and put his arm around me and we kept on walking
My phone rang
Andy:Hey Its Andy
Me:What do you want?
Ashley:Who is it?
Me:Its Andy
Ashley:Put it in Speaker
I nodded and put Andy on speaker
Me:What do you need Andy?
Andy:I want to talk to you,Angel I left Juliet for you
Me:What? why?
Andy:Because I love you Angel
Me:Andy you're a great guy but I love Ashley,and you and me barely know eachother,We should just be friends
Andy:Angel please give me a chance
Me:I'm sorry Andy But I'm with Ashley
I looked at him and took the phone away
Ashley:Andy I'll let you take Angel on a date tomorrow
Andy:Why would you let me take her on a date?
Ashley:Because you deserve a chance
Andy:Thank you Ashley
he hung up the phone
I was shocked
Ashley:Its not easy for me to let him take you out but you need to know who he is
Me:I guess
Ashley:Just know that I love you,okay?
I nodded and we kissed
Ashley:I'll take you home
Me:Good idea
he took me and we said bye and kissed
Andy called me again
Me:Yes Andy?
Andy:Can I come over today?
Me:Sure the key is under the mat
I hung up and decided to take a bubble bath
I lit some candles and I got in
~Andy's P.O.V~
I got to her house and I looked under the mat
The key was there and I opened the door
I looked everywhere but she's not here
I knock on her bathroom door
Angel:COME IN!
She screamed
I smiled and got in
She was talking a bubble bath and I saw a bunch of tattoos that I haven't seen before
Angel:I'm guessing you're wondering about my leg tattoos?
Me:Yea I haven't seen them
Angel:You've seen me naked
Me:But I was drunk,so I don't really remember
Angel:Well I have leg tattoos because I like them and also because I used to self harm on my legs so I got them to cover up
Me:So you self harmed on your foot?
Angel:No I got them because I like them
we both laughed
They looked amazing
Angel:The only tattoo I have that's not on my legs is the one on my back
She leaned forward and you can see letters
Me:What does it mean?
Angel:It means the crazy life,I'm mexican and everyone in my family has this tattoo
Me:That's cool
We kept on talking and then she told me to leave the bathroom because she was going to get out
I got a text from Juliet
Juliet:Andy can you please come over?
Juliet:Right now
Me:Okay I'll be there
~Angel's P.O.V~
I got out and put on my pajamas and Andy had to use the bathroom
He got a text message
It was from Juliet
Juliet:Okay I'll be waiting for you,love<3
I got mad
He wants a date and yet he still loves Juliet
I sighed and put his phone back
he came out
Andy:Well I gotta go My parents need me
Me:Okay bye Andy
he kissed my cheek and left
Me:What a fucking lair


I need your guys help,Should Angel be preggers or not?
Please let me know


no not pregnent
bvbforlife bvbforlife
this is a really awesome story please update.. need to know what goin to happen next =D
Please update. I need to know what happens next!:D
update! im dying to find out what happens next :)
Lost_it-All Lost_it-All
BVBsweetdreems BVBsweetdreems