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I Survived the Hate

I Survived the Hate

I Survived the Hate

Hola! I'm Madi, but people call me Maddles, and I'm 18. No one will make me mad unless they want something broken. Only my brother can make me mad, so that means he has alot of broken bones....I'M NOT VIOLENT! Some people think I am, but I'm really not. My mother hates what I do, wich is nothing, and my dad is the only one who understands it. I'm like an open book, only to my close friends. I also really like to confuse people. Oh, and I hate to choose just one BVB member, but Andy is my favorite. Ashley next, then Jinxx (Yes, Mister Married Man) then CC then Jake. See ya! XD


Rebel Yell

Rebel Yell

PG-13 Drama Adventure Teen

No description


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Lost It All  (On Hold)

Lost It All (On Hold)

PG-13 Romance Drama Teen

I did use some of my friends names, but I'm not trying to hate on them. Anyway, Madyline is sick of being bullied and she just wants the easy way out. Will one concert help with that?


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Promises  (On Hold)

Promises (On Hold)

PG-13 Romance Drama Fantasy



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