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A Saviour Will Be There

Chapter 7

~Sammy's POV~
I Woke up to Andy snacking me "Get your Lazy ass out of bed and start packing Warped Tour is tomorrow" he Chuckled. At that I jumped up out of bed and Grabbed my BVB Bag and Packed My BVB ,Falling in Reverse And Sleeping with Sirens Shirts also my Black Skinny jeans and Some Ripped Jean. When I was done I got dressed and Did my make up and my Hair. After I was ready I went to go downstairs and the bathroom door was slightly open I looked in to see if any one was In there . Andy was in there in his boxers I smirked and ran downstairs
~Andy's POV~
I was the bathroom after my shower I was getting dressed and I heard a snigger . Then running After I was dressed I went downstairs ."Hey Mr Hottie" Sammy laughed . I tackled her smug ass . "Haha Pay Back" I said . Jake came down and Saw me on Sammy "ANDY WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK" He screamed "I only tackled her Jesus Jake don't be so so touchy" I chuckled
I got off Sammy. "Bro Stop being a Dick im 18 im old enough to have sex" Sammy said. "YES BUT NOT WITH ANDY" He Shouted . "Im going to bed" Sammy screamed. "I need some rest I have to rest my voice" I said .Jake gave me a Serious face I got what he was saying "Don't even try it Andy" He said "I wont Damn Jake" I said as I rolled my eyes.


Hey Guys I've been "Busy" With Stuff So I haven't been updating a lot but here is The Next update and Don't hate please Im not good at Writing fanfics.


I understand Update when you can no pressure take your time!!!


later im abit Busy

update please!!!!!

I know I can update it as im the co-owner but I cant interfear l update soon

amy marie purdy amy marie purdy

Update!!!! Ermehger....I need help....lmao addicted to fan fic

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